Quarantine Post #59: The Looney Tunes Show

I am working through my watchlist on HBOmax. I remember seeing a few episodes back when I had cable. Luckily, HBOmax has what I need. I knew it was a reboot but I didn’t know what I was in for. Let me tell you guys, this show is criminally underrated. Someone tweeted a scene the other day and it was a huge it. Some wanted to know who they needed to talk to in order to get more episodes. People don’t like change, and maybe those people shouldn’t waste their times. I conned my sister into doing a watch party and we are enjoying the show more than I initially thought. The casting and voice acting is top tier. That usually makes or breaks the show for me.

The series revolves around roommates Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck living in a suburb of Los Angeles with “colorful neighbors” including Lola Bunny, Tina Russo, Porky Pig, Foghorn Leghorn, Elmer Fudd, Sylvester, Tweety, Granny, Gossamer, Yosemite Sam, Taz, Speedy Gonzales, Marvin the Martian, Pete Puma and more. The series contains less slapstick, and instead was more adult-oriented and dialogue-driven about love triangles, employment and rooming. I could see this being a problem for people looking for the same old same old… My mother always told me that she never enjoyed Looney Tunes because she always thought it was for adults. Good Point Ma!

The Looney Tunes Show was a sitcom produced by Warner Bros. Animation that ran from May 3, 2011, through August 31, 2014, on Cartoon Network. The series consists of two seasons, each containing 26 episodes, and features characters from the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies theatrical cartoon shorts updated for the 21st century. So as I normally do I am going to pick a few episodes that I enjoy. Tell you what I like and things I had issues with. So if you haven’t seen this show… (Not sure why you kept reading…) Spoilers ahead. Let’s buckle up.

  • Beauty School (Season 1, Episode 22) – How Daffy got a girlfriend is beyond me. How he did so before some of the other characters on the show is double beyond me. On a date with Daffy at Tutty’s, Tina complains about her job while Daffy halfheartedly replies while eating his dinner. A waitress asks the couple if they would like dessert, but Daffy declines and asks for the check while Tina continues her griping. She then considers quitting her job and joining beauty school, (Been there, done that… I may blog that story one day.) and Daffy, who hasn’t paid very much attention to her, claims he supports her decision while holding her hand for a long moment. Tina gets the message and hands over her credit card, and when the waitress arrives again, Daffy changes his mind and decides to order dessert, which earns an angry glare from Tina. At Pizzarriba, a solo Porky orders two pizzas, two milkshakes, and two orders of calamari. Speedy thinks that Porky is having a date, but when Porky admits that the order is just for himself, he hands Porky an invitation for dance classes, claiming that women love men who dance. While driving around town with Lola, Bugs gets a call from Porky, who reveals that he signed up for Speedy’s dance classes. Porky says he needs a dance partner and wants him to be it. Dumbfounded, Bugs asks Porky if he would rather have a female partner, but Porky claims he does not know many females, then considers cancelling the lessons. Bugs reluctantly accepts, which lightens Porky’s spirits. (Poor Porky. I wanted great things for him) Tina arrives at Bugs’ house holding scissors and a wig head. Daffy is horrified, thinking that Tina killed her boss, but Tina notes that it is for her beauty schooling. Later, Tina practices giving a haircut while Daffy watches a war movie. After making a mistake while cutting a wig’s bangs, she tosses it on Daffy and tries another wig, but she makes another mistake and claims it is impossible. Daffy tries one and gets it right, and Tina asks him to do two more practice cuts. (Imagine my shock to see that Daffy, who throughout the show, doesn’t show interest or a skill in anything… is great at cutting and styling hair.) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPLu6_qSMkw) Later, Daffy dresses Bugs up like a woman so he can practice cutting hair, then, upon inspection, claims Bugs is an ugly woman. (Love the throwback to older Looney Tunes times.) Bugs then remembers Porky’s dance classes and goes speeding out the door while Daffy says that Tina needs the wig for her class. Meanwhile, Lola arrives at his house, where she sees the cross-dressed Bugs leaving the house and entering the car. She mistakes him for a different person, then wonders if Bugs is having an affair. (Drama! Also does Lola not recognize her man in a wig. I was cracking up. I am sorry.) As an incognito Bugs drives to Pizzarriba for the dance classes, Lola follows him, thinking he is a woman whom Bugs is dating behind her back. Porky questions his outfit, and Bugs admits that it’s because Daffy was practicing cutting hair on him. Porky remarks that Bugs looks like an ugly woman, but Bugs thinks he looks like a pretty woman while Speedy compliments him, thinking he is a beautiful woman. Meanwhile, Tina, after a day of beauty school, finds Daffy waiting for her in his parade float. He asks how they did with the wigs, and Tina says their grade was penalized because one of the wigs was missing, specifically the one Bugs wore to his dance class. Tina reveals that their homework now is to cut a perm, and Daffy assures her that he will find a way to make it perfect. An angry Lola knocks on Bugs’ door and demands an explanation for the “girl” she saw leaving his house, not knowing that it was really Bugs. Bugs says it was him and gives an explanation, but Lola does not believe it. She vows to be watching him like a hawk and, in doing so while walking to her car, tramples over Bugs’ flower bed, crashes into his mailbox, and trips over her own car. Later at Pizzarriba, Bugs and Porky dance, and Speedy commends Bugs for his gracefulness and beauty. Speedy begins to get very attached with Bugs, who he thinks is a girl, and eagerly waits for the next session to begin. (Speedy becomes that creepy dude that women are weary of… Insert Eyeroll.) At home, Bugs reads a magazine while Daffy practices a perm on the wig he is wearing. In the process, Daffy asks him how things are going, and Bugs notes that Speedy has a crush on him and is oblivious to the fact that his “crush” is really him in disguise. He then considers quitting the dance lessons, but Daffy encourages him to continue on as he perfects the perm. Later, just as Daffy drops off a wig for Tina, she reveals that she is the new junior assistant manager of Copy Place since the former junior assistant got fired for stealing ink and that she stopped attending beauty school. She then notes that he would make a good hair dresser, and Daffy considers this idea as Tina drives off. Daffy disguises himself as Tina and submits the wig he did his perm on. The instructor gives him an A+ grade and gives the students their final exam: cutting the hair of volunteer customer. (I am not sure that pretending to be her is what Tina meant. LOL. Oh well.) Meanwhile at Pizzarriba, Bugs is in a different dress and is being stared at by Speedy before he commences the lesson. Bugs dances violently with Porky as he tries to avoid Speedy, which works to no avail. Daffy is cutting Granny’s hair, and the instructor commends him and gives him a cosmetology license. The truth is discovered when the real Tina enters the salon to drop off her wig head, forcing Daffy to reveal his true identity. Back at Pizzarriba, Lola sees Speedy kissing up to Bugs, and Bugs finally reveals his true self. He explains that he signed up to be Porky’s dance partner, and Speedy claims that he really thinks that Bugs’ disguise was unattractive and that he was flirting to make him feel better. (It is the equivalent to… you’re not even that cute…) Retreating to his mouse hole, he cries while the camera pans to his shrine of Bugs’ female alter ego, showing that he hid his true feelings of what he thought was an attractive girl. (I came to learn that these episodes descended into madness very quickly. I was okay with it.)

  • Customer Service (Season 2, Episode 7) – Now while this show is hilarious… What Bugs goes through in this episode everyone can relate to… and that is not always a good thing. While Bugs watches a basketball game, Cecil arrives at TransVisitron Cable, his customer service job, where he prepares for his weekly prank: selecting one customer and shutting off his or her cable service. The customer turns out to be Bugs, who worries as his game cuts to static. As Bugs phones Cecil, unaware of whom he’s calling, the turtle replies to his complaint—using a voice transformer to mask his identity—and makes things difficult on the rabbit by “misinterpreting” the rabbit’s demands, thinking that he wants to terminate his cable service. As Bugs begins panicking, Cecil claims to have difficulty in understanding the rabbit and ends the call, asking himself how long it will be until he calls back. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS8ZzdDR_8Y) (I am going to say… this is part of the reason… I have cut the cable cord and switched to apps.. I hated calling the cable company…. and Satellite is the worst invention ever.) Less than 10 seconds later, Bugs redials, and Cecil replies—this time not disguising his voice, and even stating his name. Bugs, still not catching on, once again explains that his cable went out, and asks that Cecil restore the feed. Cecil claims that he can’t, despite it being his job to do so, (You can actually see on his screen where he can click yes or no to restore service.) then “offers” to have a technician visit Bugs’ House the following day. Bugs hesitantly accepts, thinking it’s his only option. Before hanging up, Cecil reminds Bugs that someone must be at the house at the time of the visit, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Even though that’s all day, Bugs reluctantly agrees, fed up. (At this point, you are either laughing with tears in your eyes or your blood is boiling.) Bugs then tells Daffy that customer service representatives are basically people payed to make you miserable, which Daffy takes literally. Meanwhile at Copy Place, Daffy types up a résumé (because he is determined to get a paid for making people miserable.) Lola comes in, needing to take a photocopy of her hand. As Tina simultaneously works with the two, a rude man comes up and starts demanding that she make him a hundred copies of his documents. (Like he just starts talking… while she is talking to someone else. Who raised you people?) Tina politely tells him to wait, but he continues to talk down to her. When she lashes out at him, Giovanni Jones, her boss, reprimands her for yelling at him despite her feeling that such action was justified by the man’s impatience. He then says that until she can learn to be a little more positive and upbeat, she’ll be suspended. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LElsqf79iEY) She remarks that it is easy for him to say since he doesn’t work with the public and sits in the office all day. (Listen… I am glad I stopped working face to face… and over the phone with customers…) The following day, Bugs continues to fall victim of Cecil by waiting for someone who will never visit as Lola and Tina go shopping. Tina hopes she will learn from Lola how not to get annoyed but Lola is just a moron. Just as Lola prepares to park, the girls are cut off by Sam, forcing them to park further from the building. While Tina vents her annoyance, Lola remains calm, seeing the longer distance as an opportunity to practice a new walk. As Bugs continues waiting—by now having waited for over three hours A store clerk sprays a sample of perfume on Tina, and Tina responds that no one likes things such as that be done without consent. (I always avoid the malls for this reason. DON’T JUST SPRAY THINGS ON ME.) Nearby, Lola proves the duck wrong when another clerk does just that to her, and the rabbit asks for more spraying to Tina’s confusion, most notably when Lola gets sprayed in the eyes and still doesn’t complain. Bugs leaves the living room to use the bathroom—an action a spying Cecil was hoping for. Pretending to be the technician to visit, Cecil puts a handout on the door handle and knocks on the door. An alerted Bugs darts out the front door as Cecil wanders off and lurks, only to see the handout that reads, “Sorry we missed you.” All patience lost, Bugs vows to get vengeance as Daffy visits TransVisitron Cable and submits his résumé to the manager, Ted, and Ted decides to let Daffy be the supervisor. Daffy asks if he can make people’s lives miserable… Ted jokingly claims this can be only done when preparing to fire people. Bugs phones TransVisitron Cable once again, this time reaching Daffy. After having to put up with some of his housemate’s incompetence, Bugs is forced to endure more when, after asking Daffy to re-enable the cable feed, Daffy claims he doesn’t know how. (Did this man not go through training? But I mean when have any of us not had that thought about a CSR?) Instead, he transfers Bugs’ call to Cecil, and Bugs continues pleading to have cable again. Cecil resets Bugs account, which leaves Bugs with only one channel. When Bugs brings this up, Cecil claims it’s the Bronze Package he now has (Bugs asks “How is one channel a package?” And I felt that deep down.), and when a now-furious Bugs asks for which package he needs to watch the basketball game, Cecil claims that such package would be the Gold Package. Bugs asks for the Gold Package, and Cecil puts the rabbit on hold while taking no action to improve Bugs’ cable service—and enjoying every bit of it. Returning from hold, Cecil claims that the requested upgrade could not take place and laughs evilly. Upon hanging up, Bugs declares war on Cecil. After hanging out with Lola for the day, Tina comes to a conclusion that her personality deems her unfit for customer service. Bugs gets his revenge in a hilarious way on Cecil before Daffy eventually fires him… (Daffy has fired everyone.) Bugs claims that Cecil can stop this by restoring his cable feed. Cecil complies with the demands. Taking advantage of this, Bugs asks for extra channels, such as the one Speedy is addicted to, and Cecil falls for it. At Copy Place, Sam hinders the line by requesting Giovanni to photocopy money. Giovanni warns that such action has legal consequences, but sees hope when Tina walks in. As Tina tries to tell Giovanni she can’t remain positive, Giovanni tells her that right now, he needs her negative attitude to deal with Sam. Seeing exactly who is at the front of the line, Tina sees just what Giovanni was talking about, and berates Sam, As Sam darts out of Copy Place, a pleased Giovanni welcomes Tina back. I was tickled and annoyed at the same time.

  • The Shell Game (Season 2 Episode 20) – Cecil is back and being a jerk. Daffy breaks his recliner, which sends him flying backward, into the wall. Afterwards, Bugs recommends buying a new one, but Daffy refuses since he does not have the money. Bugs then recommends fixing it, but Daffy claims it is not broken, only to be proven wrong when it sends him flying when he tries to use the lever. Daffy claims he is fine with his recliner being broken, but Bugs disagrees because it takes up too much space that way. Daffy then finds that the television is back in place and a new recliner has replaced the broken one. He insists on returning it, wanting his old one back, only to learn that Bugs has donated it to a thrift store. Daffy then finds that the television is back in place and a new recliner has replaced the broken one. He insists on returning it, wanting his old one back, only to learn that Bugs has donated it to a thrift store. At the thrift store, Bugs and Daffy find out that someone had already purchased Daffy’s recliner. While Daffy is grieving his loss, Bugs recommends using the new recliner. Bugs proceeds to back out of the parking space but bumps into Cecil Turtle, Bugs’ old enemy from the the episode Customer Service, cracking his shell. After Cecil leaves to have it checked, Daffy takes over the car thinking Bugs already did too much damage, only to drive straight into the building in front of him. Cecil calls Bugs and says that the crack in his shell was worse than they thought, meaning it will cost $2,000 to see what the problem is. If it is serious enough, it will cost an additional $35,000 to replace it. (That in itself sounds like a real sketchy set up.)(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPGtKLK1a7w) Bugs gives Cecil a check for $2,000 dollars, then apologizes for running into him with his car. Cecil then asks for some groceries, which Bugs has to get because Cecil is too vulnerable without his shell. After Bugs leaves to get the groceries, Cecil gives off an evil laugh, making Bugs suspicious of him. After Bugs returns to Cecil’s with the groceries, he overhears Cecil talking on the phone with his shell dealer. A suspicious Bugs demands to speak with him, then ends up fighting with Cecil trying to grab the phone, but he is too late as the shell dealer hung up. As Bugs leaves, Cecil maniacally laughs again, making Bugs even more suspicious. (Evil laughter is always a red flag… Even this scenario… We have all been there done that.) Bugs searches for more information about Cecil and finds out about a previous lawsuit in which a driver struck Cecil, stating he popped out of nowhere and was awarded a large sum of money. Bugs then finds more similar incidents as Porky runs into Bugs’ house and claims he ran into Cecil, who apparently came out of nowhere. Bugs, catching on to Cecil’s ruse, suggests they check up on him. Cecil is visited by Bugs and Porky, who have found out about his scheme. Bugs notes that Cecil’s shell is intact and discovers his cracked shell, then proceeds to call the cops, only to be locked in Cecil’s room with Cecil threatening to shoot both of them down if they don’t comply with his orders. Bugs then sees Daffy’s old recliner, which Cecil picked up at the thrift store. Cecil tells about how he came up with his scheme while sitting on the defective recliner. Bugs asks Cecil to sit back in the recliner, so Cecil complies, only to be sent flying backward into a wall. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaW0K8NjqPs) Meanwhile, Daffy and Lola are on a quest to replace his recliner… The one that Bugs purchased for a replacement is hideous. The hunt is hilarious because they end up lost in a mega furniture store. (ALSO BEEN THERE DONE THIS.)

  • Spread Those Wings and Fly (Season 2, Episode 14) – Yosemite Sam arrives and takes Bugs’ television to impress his date because his own one is very old. Bugs declines, so Sam asks for Bugs’ Nobel Prize, only for Bugs to escort Sam out. Just as Bugs closes the door, Daffy stages a photo of him receiving a Nobel Prize, only for it to go largely unnoticed when he uploads it. (What is with these neighbors trying to steal Bugs’ Nobel Prize?) Porky arrives at the seminar Daffy agreed to go to with him, which is of a motivational speaker named Wieb Lunk. While Porky is motivated to listen to the speaker, Daffy notes that he came only for free coffee but ends up being enlightened nonetheless. (Probably mores so than Porky.) He then aspires to become a pilot, then tells Porky to back off, thinking he is being unsupportive. Porky, however, is just stating that Daffy is taking the title of the novel, Spread Those Wings and Fly, too literally, thinking it is a metaphor to live boldly and take risks. At home, Daffy tells Bugs about his aspiration to become a pilot while drinking Lunk Formula, which is claimed to increase brain function. (Why does this man have a drink?) He then threatens to cut Bugs out of his life just as he did with Porky before watching a Wieb Lunk DVD. Daffy listens to an inspirational tape while sleeping, then dresses up as a pilot and prepares for his job but finds the front door open. Bugs finds out that his Nobel Prize has been stolen and instantly begins pounding on Sam’s door, only for Sam to deny possessing it. Later on, Bugs calls for a replacement Nobel Prize, and Daffy notes that he could not fly a plane because he failed the physical and has to retake it the next day. The next day, Bugs finds the front door open and his television stolen, then calls the cops on Sam, only for him to reveal he is a victim of theft as well when his cowboy boots are stolen. A skeptical Bugs questions if Sam stole his television, only for Sam to deny the claim and frame Bugs for stealing his cowboy boots. The cops leave as Bugs and Sam continue arguing, noting that they will watch each other like hawks. Meanwhile, Daffy is flying a plane simulator but crashes because he is not familiar with the flight instruments. He then insists on flying a real plane, but his trainer notes that he had nineteen consecutive crashes and feels he is not meant to fly a plane. On his way out, Daffy finds a plane and attempts to fly it, causing major discord and damage to the plane and one of the simulators. Bugs and Sam continue watching each other before Bugs goes inside to find Daffy watching his Wieb Lunk DVDs. Daffy admits that he was expelled from flight school but vows never to give up on his dreams, then disguises himself as a flight attendant. (Because that is the next best thing. SMH.) He then goes on to do his job and tries to leave when the flight is over, only to learn they have to stay on the plane for the flight back to California. After the flight back, he returns home, exhausted, then notes that he has to go to Phoenix and Boston the next day. Bugs is woken up in the middle of the night by a commotion and finds that his laptop is gone. He rushes over to Sam’s house, where Sam reveals that his record player has been stolen. After Sam slams the door on Bugs, he sees Daffy sleepwalking while carrying various items and listening to more advice, which encourages him to steal what he pleases. An enraged Bugs shakes Daffy upon hearing this, and the next day, forces him to return the things he stole. While Daffy thinks it was a dream, Bugs points out that it was not a dream and that the tapes he was listening to encouraged stealing. Daffy returns what he stole while Bugs apologizes to Sam and gives him his replacement Nobel Prize. (Goodness Gracious… I knew that this new fixation with Lunk was going to be a bust.) Later Porky, who has taken the advice in a different direction, invites everyone over to his place. Bugs, Daffy, Sam, Mac and Tosh, Lola, Speedy, Tina, Pete Puma, Granny and Witch Lezah are gathered around Porky, who sings and impresses everyone. (It is opera… I was not ready.)

  • The Black Widow (Season 2, Episode 15) – Daffy learns about Spring Break… and I wonder why Porky hangs out with Daffy. Gossamer asks Daffy if he would like to play football, then informs Daffy that he is on spring break. He rejects Gossamer’s offer for playing football, then hypocritically plays with his own toys. Afterwards, Daffy asks Bugs if he wants to go to Acapulco for spring break, only for Bugs to tell him that spring break is for students only. Daffy brushes him off and announces that he’ll go with another friend. Bugs then warns Daffy that he will end up in a Mexican jail, but he does not heed this warning. (Anytime Daffy comes up with a plan…. There is going to be a headache involved for anyone with him.) Lola shows up for movie night. Bugs asks her why she’s so dressed up, since they are just supposed to hang out and watch a movie. Lola then explains that she thought they were going to be in a movie, and walks in. (It is the way she says Good Evening when Bugs opens the door. I could not stop giggling.) On his phone in his room, Daffy tries to convince Tina to go on spring break with him, only for Tina to claim that spring break is just for students, prompting Daffy to hang up. Porky calls Daffy and wants to go on spring break with him, but Daffy refuses and tries to call a post office worker. Daffy continues asking people to go on spring break with him, and when Porky calls again, Daffy reluctantly gives in and agrees.  (First of all…. Why was Tina’s name so far down on the list? Why does Porky keep hanging out with or wanting to hang with a deadbeat like Daffy who doesn’t have any money?)  Downstairs, Lola and Bugs watch The Black Widow, but Lola continuously asks questions during the start of the film. Bugs then limits her to three more questions during the entire movie. Lola quickly squanders two of them, asking who the black widow is and what the name of the movie is. Bugs explains that the movie is about a woman that’s a jewel thief, and whenever she steals something, she leaves behind a calling card that has “The Black Widow” written on it. Lola then exclaims that it isn’t her, and that it’s the detective she’s talking to. She then explains that he’s in love with the woman and pretends to be her, and goes to jail for her at the end. A bewildered Bugs asks how she knows all of this, but Lola states that she’s seen the movie a hundred times, and has memorized all the dialogue. She then proves this by speaking the characters’ lines the same time that it’s playing on the TV. (Why in the world would you waste my time pretending that you do not know this movie ma’am????) Bugs thinks he will get a chance to relax and unwind while daffy is away but… Lola has other plans. Lola arrives, panicking about the loss of her mom’s diamond bracelet. She then explains that she borrowed it from her mother last night – without asking. Bugs reluctantly tells her to face the music, to which she agrees. Bugs wakes up after a good night’s sleep, then goes out to get his newspaper, only to encounter Walter, (Lola’s dad) who panics about losing his wife’s diamond bracelet. He then holds up a card reading “The Black Widow”, which was in Patricia’s jewelry box, and insists Bugs helps, not wanting his wife to know it was stolen. In Lola’s room, Bugs finds Lola literally facing the music; she is facing a speaker which is playing music. (Insert Eyeroll.) Bugs then stops the music and holds up the black widow card. Lola admits she panicked and used the card to buy some time to look for the bracelet. Afterwards, they retrace their steps, and Lola remembers she stopped for frozen yogurt. She then admits she tried to go to the hospital after getting a brain freeze but never made it, noting she cannot drive with her eyes closed. Then she reveals that she got a spray tan, went to a gun range and went night swimming. (Who does all of these things in the middle of the night?) Daffy and Porky arrive at Tacapulco, where there is not much to see. (They have been on a bus for 9 hours. Porky should have taken a page from other people’s books and not gone anywhere with Daffy.) Just as Daffy realize they are in the wrong place, the bus leaves, stranding them in Tacapulco for the rest of spring break. Bugs checks the places Lola has been for the missing bracelet, while Lola plays around. After failing to find it, he tells Lola to come clean, then notices a news report about a missing diamond from the museum. Bugs then visits Lola, and she notes that she could not resist stealing a diamond, even though she knows she will be caught, now actually thinking that she is in the movie. Lola asks Bugs to help her return it, and he reluctantly agrees. ( I am not sure I know which one is more nuts… Lola or Bugs?) Daffy plans on streaking through the village, even though Porky is reluctant at first. Initially, the townsfolk are confused, but when Daffy explains the ruse, they become shocked and lock themselves in their homes. Unfortunately, Daffy and Porky are imprisoned afterwards, much to Daffy’s dismay. (Bugs was right.) Bugs and Lola make plans to return the stolen diamond, which involves making an aerial assault by skydiving, cutting the skylight over the display, returning the diamond, and removing the security tapes. Bugs finds Lola’s mom’s diamond bracelet around Lola’s ankle. It turns out that Lola wanted to wear it as an anklet, much to Bugs’ dismay. Bugs goes to jail but is soon let out thanks to Lola and her father. Lola literally lets the cat out of the bag by opening a bag, revealing Sylvester, who screams and scurries off. Walter admits that Lola confessed, only for Bugs to learn that what Lola “confessed” was a lie. She told her father that Bugs had borrowed Patricia’s bracelet to get an identical one for Lola, stole the diamond to throw them off his trail, but returned it in the end. Bugs glares at Lola but then forgives her when she hugs him. The sheriff, Slowpoke Rodrigez, allows them to have one phone call, so Daffy uses it to call Bugs, who is discovered by a security guard back at the museum. Daffy then calls Speedy, who was fast asleep in the early morning. Speedy rushes over and finds Slowpoke Rodrigez, his cousin. They have a conversation and then host a fiesta for Speedy’s return while Daffy tries to prank a mule.

  • Best Friends (Season 1, Episode 1) – I can’t think of a better opening than this for a animated series. It greatly sets the scene for the show… and it is one of my favorites out of the bunch. The series begins with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck watching a game show. Daffy plays along with the show, getting simple questions incorrect. Complaining about how he’s never won anything, he decides that he should go on a game show himself. Bugs points out that he probably shouldn’t.  Daffy sees an advertisement for the show Besties, which quizzes the contestants on their knowledge of their best friends, and convinces Bugs that they should be on the show. The next day, Daffy manages to get the duo on the show, but Bugs expresses his concerns that Daffy will do poorly because he doesn’t know anything about anyone besides himself. Bugs asks Daffy basic questions about himself, but Daffy doesn’t know any of the answers. Bugs tries to prepare Daffy for the show, but he doesn’t listen, so Bugs starts telling the origin story of Superman, which gets Daffy’s attention, but causes him to think that Bugs is actually Superman. (What kind of friend, that is living in your house, doesn’t know your last name?)On the show, Bugs and Daffy end up competing against Mac and Tosh, who seem to know everything about each other to a ridiculous degree. This scares Bugs and Daffy, and annoys Chuck Berost, the host, at one point of the show. Daffy gets the first question incorrect, and causes Bugs to answer his question about Daffy’s middle name incorrectly by changing it to Armando, because it sounds cooler than his actual middle name, Sheldon. Bugs decides a new strategy is in order, so he tells Daffy to start saying the opposite of whatever he thinks the answer is. This results in Daffy answering the next several questions correctly, which puts Bugs and himself in a position to win after the gophers miss the last question. This opens doors for Bugs and Daffy after being 100 points away from winning. Daffy is asked, “What’s Bugs Bunny’s catchphrase?” Obviously being ‘What’s up doc?’, Daffy chooses ‘I don’t do Monday’s’. Daffy and Bugs are slingshotted out of their chairs as punishment for their incorrect answer, and are stuck in the roof. Bugs kicks Daffy for getting the question wrong. Meanwhile, Mac and Tosh get a prize on a cruise. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x63FtlnIZAo) Once home that night, Bugs tells Daffy that they aren’t friends. After Daffy spends the night in Bugs’ car, Speedy tells him that he needs to be a better friend to Bugs, because Bugs is his only friend. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwvrcOhkCxA) Daffy takes the advice, and decides he’s going be the best best friend ever. He takes Bugs on the same cruise Mac and Tosh won on the show and starts regurgitating various details about Bugs’s life. He also does ridiculously nice, but extremely annoying things like celebrating 189 days till Bug’s next birthday. All this does is make the rabbit even angrier. Later, after Daffy gives a disturbing toast to Bugs and best friendship in the ship’s dining area, Bugs tells Daffy that he is acting more like a stalker than a friend, and that he prefers the old Daffy. Cute.

  • Gribbler’s Quest (Season 2, Episode 17) – Shopping Addiction is a real thing. Even worse when you don’t work like Daffy Duck. But Addiction is not always what you think it is.  Daffy is on the computer and buys a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Then Bugs calls Daffy and shows him their garage full of stuff Daffy bought online. Bugs asks how he got the money and Daffy tells him he used the quick click. Bugs then explains the quick click is connected to his bank account and Daffy now realizes why it says thank you for your purchase Mr. Bunny. So Bugs packs up all the things that aren’t opened, some of these include: a Battery Operated Spaghetti Fork, Toilet Paper Warmer, and a Head Massager. Daffy then picks up a video game he bought and Bugs criticizes him. Daffy then explains the game is called Gribbler’s Quest: Elves vs Fairies vs Gribblers, you can play as a fairy or a elf, but you have to get to level 15 to be a Gribbler. Bugs then says he doesn’t want anymore packages delivered to the house. Then when Bugs gets a drink he decides to play the game to see what a Gribbler looks like. (Famous last words.) While that happens Daffy goes over to Yosemite Sam’s house where Daffy sent a package, but Sam asks what’s he doing. Daffy explains he’s sending stuff to his house so Bugs won’t know about it. Inside the house, Bugs is playing the game and has gotten to level 2 and got his wings for his fairy, but soon Daffy comes in and Bugs hides the game, with the volume still on. Daffy asks what’s that noise. Bugs says they might be at war and tells him he should check the TV. So Daffy checks while Bugs tries to turn off the volume on the game. Daffy says there’s no war so Bugs decides to go to his room and tells Daffy he shouldn’t bother sending another package to Sam’s house because he changed the password. But Daffy guesses if it’s carrot and Bugs changes it again, but Daffy guesses again if it is carrot1 and Bugs changes it again and tells him to stay off of his computer. At night Daffy is having trouble not online shopping so quietly tries to go down stairs, but clumsily falls down the stairs and accidentally turns on the TV and quickly turns it off. When Daffy gets to the computer he figures out Bugs’ password, which is carrot2. Bugs appears behind him and asks what he’s doing and Daffy begs him to let him buy the Deal of the Day: an 8 Person Goodsy Woodsy Tent, Bugs tells him he doesn’t even know eight people and pulls the mouse out from the computer. Daffy freaks out when the Deal has ended, but quickly is excited when a new Deal is up. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eXO6ecfmns) Yosemite Sam forces Daffy to go with him to therapy. It is therapy where Daffy learns that Bugs may have a problem. Daffy undergoes some soul searching and wants to apologize for bad behavior. Bugs has an addiction to the video game that he started playing and hasn’t slept in 3 days. Daffy, Porky and Tina try to find out what he’s doing. Daffy kicks the door and Bugs wins lv 15. Bugs then tells Daffy he doesn’t want to see the game again and goes back to his normal life. Daffy then figures that he does not need therapy (based on what Bugs is doing), while Porky and Tina disagree. Then, Daffy leaves Bugs’ room. In the end, Daffy goes back to his normal shopping, while Bugs just lets him do his thing.

  • You’ve Got Hate Mail (Season 2, Episode 2) – Sometimes…. Daffy is the worst. Daffy goes over to Tina’s apartment for their date. He tries to talk to her, but he keeps being shushed until she tells him what’s going on: Tina is writing a rude and horrible e-mail to her boss. Daffy is shocked and asks her why she’s going to send it, but Tina remarks that she won’t send it, and deletes the email. She explains that it’s a way to release her anger, without any consequences. (She really shouldn’t give Daffy any ideas.) finds Daffy making a hate-filled e-mail, like the one Tina made. After working on it for several hours, he finishes the email…but to Daffy’s horror, he accidentally sends the e-mail, instead of deleting it! He had sent it to everybody he knew except for Porky. A scuffle with Daffy revolving around the e-mail he sent ends up accidentally chipping Bugs’ tooth, since he did not want Bugs to see the e-mail. Dr. Weisberg tells Bugs that it will take a week to have the tooth fixed while also mentioning to him on what Daffy said about him in the e-mail he got. Prior to the scuffle with Daffy, Bugs is eating cake with Lola, Patricia and Walter. While eating, Patricia says that Lola has an imaginary friend named Piper, creeping out Bugs. Bugs complements the family’s family photo that they take annually. Lola suggests that Bugs should be in their family photo this year. After repetitive pleading from anthem, he reluctantly accepts. Lola is horrified to discover his horrid tooth, and lies, saying that they canceled the family photo, so he can’t be in it. (Now didn’t ya’ll beg him to be apart of this photo.) He then says he’ll be in it, but not before she runs away, trying to beat him to the photo. He then borrows cowboy clothes from Yosemite Sam, as the family photo is a western theme. It turns out that Yosemite liked Daffy’s e-mail (Did not see that coming.) because it “held a mirror up to [his] soul”, and has changed from a hillbilly to a civilized friendly man. Daffy goes around town dealing with the fallout from his crazy email. Porky is disheartened to learn that he was the only one that didn’t get the email. (Not sure why he keeps needing to be included in even the bad things.)(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJfqvHnk4iE) Daffy eventually learns that Tina never checked her e-mail due to her manager doubling her shift and her phone dying do to forgetting the charger. On the promise that he will send him an email on his feelings of him like he had everyone else, Daffy enlists Porky Pig to sneak into Tina’s house and delete the e-mail before she gets home.  Daffy’s idea of sneaking isn’t very subtle as he throws Porky through Tina’s window so he could unlock the door. When Tina comes home to find Daffy and Porky in her apartment, Daffy hastily tries to explain that he had Porky come over with him to make her dinner, since Porky is a caterer. Tina notices a pile of broken glass next to the window but Daffy insists that she is just tired because because of her long day at work. Daffy tries to buy himself more time to crack her password by convincing Tina to take a bath and relax. He coaxes her into telling him her mother’s maiden name, which is her computer password. Moments later he gets into her email and is about to delete the email when he notices a suspicious email from someone named Michael. He opens it and begins snooping through the message coming to the conclusion that Tina is in love with someone else. (Now he was on his way… but he blew it.) Tina then reminds Daffy that Michael is her brother who Daffy had met before (And apparently forgot). She then kicks him off her computer, opens Daffy’s email and begins reading it aloud. Daffy sits beside her terrified of what she might do to him, as she reads his message specified to her. It states “I know I’ve said a lot of things about a lot of terrible people, but I’ve saved the terrible-est for my girlfriend, Tina. I’ve known many deranged people in my life, but never encountered the kind of profound mental instability that she possesses. Tina Russo is a psychopath. She may have everyone else fooled, but I know the truth. Why else would the most kindest, beautiful, and intelligent woman in the world go out with someone like me?” She then turns over to a cowering Daffy who is covering his eyes and expecting a beat-down from Tina, and tells him that she loves him, Daffy is shocked and asks her if she isn’t going to kill him, to which she says, “Eh, call me crazy.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5FYkU38S8I) Bugs chases Lola and her family all over town determined to be in the family photo… There ends up being a huge crash. We see a picture of the family photo. All four in the family photo, all with broken teeth and everyone is smiling except for Lola, apparently the only one who didn’t enjoy herself, scowling. Later that night, Daffy accidentally deletes the hate-mail to Porky that he’d promised to send, and since he hasn’t sent an apology letter to anyone, Granny arrives at the house and punches Daffy in the gut for his original email earlier that day.

  • French Fries (Season 1, Episode 21) – Ever been in the middle of two good friends fighting…? I have felt like Bugs does in this episode. Bugs cheers as the town’s football team goes to the playoffs, he hears construction noises and leaves to check it out. He sees Yosemite Sam assembling a football goal on his lawn, then questions its construction. Sam reveals that he gets to kick a field goal during the halftime show in the game next weekend and that if he succeeds, then he’ll win a million dollars, even though he hates football, much to Bugs jealousy. He begins to practice, and Bugs points out that his window will be broken if he makes the goal. Sam doesn’t care and proceeds anyways, after saying that he’d better get the window repairman on the line, but the ball bounces off the goal and breaks Sam’s window instead. At Pizzarriba, Porky is just about to tell Bugs and Daffy some news, but Daffy, interrupting him, questions if he got a girlfriend. Speedy gives the trio their food and puts a basket of fries by Daffy’s food. Porky announces the news: he got the trio some rare and valuable tickets to the game next weekend, since his uncle works in the department. After Bugs gleefully thanks him, Porky says that there aren’t no two friends that he’d rather go with; He then takes some fries, which shocks Daffy, since they were his fries. Later in the car, after hearing Daffy’s complaints, Bugs states that Porky probably thought they were for the whole table to share, but Daffy stubbornly insists that they were his, and states that’s his relationship with Porky is over. (Now…. here’s a person who doesn’t work and doesn’t ever pay for anything who is complaining about eating fries.) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNFehXttHqc) Porky calls Bugs to inform him that he retrieved the tickets for the upcoming football game, and that they were better then he’d thought they would be. Daffy tells Bugs to tell Porky that “that piece of garbage can keep his garbage tickets”, but after Bugs passes it off as nothing, Daffy becomes enraged while Bugs tries to keep him calm. When Porky questions Daffy’s mood, Bugs tells him that it’s because he ate some of Daffy’s fries, and Porky states that he thought those were for the table. After Bugs tells this to Daffy, he angrily claims they weren’t and calls him a thief, even though Porky had payed for everyone’s lunch. He then states that he won’t talk to him, and storms away. Trying to calm the situation down, Bugs claims to Porky that all that matters are the tickets and asks “So what if you ate a few of his fries?”. At this, a confused and angered Porky asks Bugs if he’s on Daffy’s side, then Bugs claims he is neutral in this disagreement. Porky angrily tells him to forget about the tickets, since he will not take him or Daffy to the game, abruptly hanging up. (Daffy ruins everything. He is shiftless and actually has friends that support him and he sucks.) Bugs becomes upset about missing the game…  Bugs walks in on Daffy ripping pictures of Porky, because he’s “putting the garbage in the garbage can”. Bugs tells Daffy to apologize to Porky because he wants to attend the game, but a stubborn Daffy refuses to comply. Bugs once again explains that Porky thought the fries were for the table, and when Daffy asks if Bugs is on Porky’s side, Bugs emphasizes his neutrality and claims there are no sides in the argument. (Bugs thinks the argument is STUPID and it is. But his motivation is definitely the playoff tickets. Although… Daffy is the one I would tell to apologize too.) In an attempt to go to the game, Bugs delivers Porky a gift basket and claims it is an apology on Daffy’s behalf. He does the same to Daffy and claims it is an apology from Porky. The unsuspecting friends agree to let go of the argument and go the game, but there, the truth is exposed and they find out that Bugs staged the apologies, when they thank each other for the gift baskets. (Poor Bugs. He could smell the field from where he was. But I think Porky was using the tickets as a way to get someone to hang out with him.) Furious at this, Porky snatches the trio’s tickets and rips them apart before storming off. Eager to enter the stadium, Bugs collects some of the shreds and tries to pass them off as his ticket and explain his predicament, but it is hopeless. At Pizzarriba, Daffy watches the football game. Porky walks in and asks for a table, only to be told that the only seat vacant is beside Daffy, unluckily. Daffy and Porky begin arguing. Daffy points out to Speedy that he never got fries, which he got during his last visit, glaring at Porky while noting it. Speedy points out that those were for the table as a compliment, and Daffy earns an angry stare from Porky. As Daffy points out that the debate is finally answered, he snags Porky’s slice of pizza and gets another hostile glare. (So the meal that Daffy didn’t pay for… Bugs for his part… manages to get into the game with Yosemite who is there to kick a field goal. (Bugs said… he has a lucky Rabbit’s foot…) Maybe it is only lucky for Bugs himself. Yosemite ends up hurting himself and being escorted off the field. Bugs kicks in his place and wins the million bucks. (Poor Sam.)

  • Off Duty Cop (Season 1, Episode 19) – Poor Bugs and his addictions…. and Daffy displays what the dark side of fandom is like. Bugs reading the paper and drinking and talking about coffee. Then Daffy comes in and tells him that they’re going to be late to see Leslie Hunt a man who created and played on a show Off Duty Cop, but Daffy thinks his real name is Steve St. James. But Bugs tells him he has to go to the doctor’s so Daffy brings Porky. When they meet Leslie, Daffy asks him to sign his beak then asks to sign Porky’s face (What???) but then Daffy gets mad when he realizes his idol is a fake. (Meaning that Daffy doesn’t understand acting and actors.) Mr. Hunt leaves to get some coffee and Daffy takes it upon himself to steal his sunglasses and jacket. He enlists Porky to play his chaueffer as Steve St. James has in the show. Meanwhile, for Bugs… he is in great health except the doctor thinks that he is taking in too much caffeine. Bugs is told that he needs to cut down on his coffee intake. The next day Yosemite Sam is selling Spargle a drink that he says is like coffee but without the caffeine so Bugs buys a months worth of it. Porky is dressed up like a chaffeur and Daffy dressed like Steve St. James decides to live like St. James. However, Daffy doesn’t actualy find real crimes and handcuffs people: a man proposing to a woman, which Daffy thought was the man stealing her ring and putting it in its box; an old woman waiting a bus stop; a woman retrieving money from an ATM, which is promtly sent back into the machine by Daffy; and two kids playing with squirt guns. All the while, Porky doesn’t do anything to try and stop Daffy. The new Spargle drink has gotten Bugs so hyperactive (despite Sam saying that it makes people rested and alert) that he does tons of things like making a bunch of food, writing a book, and putting up the Christmas decorations even though it’s June. When Porky and Daffy return to the house… even Daffy notices that Bugs is behaving oddly. He even moved all of Daffy’s stuff out of his room and into the kitchen. Then Bugs freaks out that the Spargle is gone so he sneaks into Yosemite Sam’s house, holds Sam hostage, and forces Sam to take Bugs to the Spargle factory. Daffy makes Porky follow them. Daffy then bursts into the factory and chases Bugs all over until the FBI shows up and reveals that Spargle is a huge scam. Spargle is filled with dangerous addictive chemicals. The FBI starts arresting people including Daffy (for impersonating a police officer and randomly handcuffing innocent people all over town.) Bugs ends up in the hospital. Some time later Bugs is shown saying the doctor said that he could drink one cup of coffee but he then pours a lot of coffee into a giant cup. 

  • Member’s Only (Season 1, Episode 2) – Daffy is leaning against a tree and staring at a distant country club. He then tries to get into the Royal Oaks Glen Oaks Oakwood Oaks Country Club (This name is way too long.) and the receptionist, thinking that Daffy’s a club member, asks for his membership number. The receptionist soon realizes that Daffy isn’t a member when he tries offering “1” and then “2” as his membership numbers, which aren’t valid numbers for the club. After the exchange, the receptionist tells Daffy to leave, as the club itself is strictly “members only.” As he’s reluctantly leaving, he overhears someone’s membership number (1673). He waits until the previous woman’s shift ends, then goes in and uses it to get into the club. Then he starts charging lots of stuff to the unfortunate member. Daffy returns later with Bugs as his guest. While Bugs is definitely impressed by the stuff at the country club, he’s suspicious as to how someone like Daffy was able to become a member, since country clubs in general are very expensive (Bugs knows that Daffy doesn’t work and doesn’t have money.) and very exclusive (Bugs also knows that Daffy isn’t “beloved in the community”). Daffy doesn’t answer Bugs’s question and blows it off. They decide to play a game of tennis on the club’s court. During the game, Bugs is hit several times with tennis balls by another player on the other court. He goes to investigate and meets Lola Bunny. They both fall for each other on sight and agree to go on a date. On the date Bugs initially thinks things are going well, but during dinner, he learns that Lola has a tendency to talk non-stop, which he finds very annoying. He decides to take her to a movie after dinner, hoping that she will stop talking in the theater. Not only does she not stop talking, but Lola confuses the trailers before the film as the movie itself, irritating and embarrassing Bugs further. After Bugs takes Lola home, he states that the date was the worst of his life, while Lola thinks it was the best of hers. (SHE TALKS SO MUCH ABOUT NOTHING. It made me want to claw my eyes out.) The next day, Lola calls Bugs incessantly and sends him over a hundred emails. Daffy comments on how she likes Bugs and asks if they’re going on another date, to which Bugs responds, “Not if I can help it. That girl’s exhausting!” After he recieves yet another phone call, he tears the phone system out of the wall in exasperation. Daffy is living life high on the hog at the country club. He has friends and things to do. After “accidentally” running into him, Lola starts following Bugs around as he goes to the dry cleaners, grocery store, and the gym. Finally Bugs tells Lola that he can’t see her anymore and that he doesn’t think they’re right for each other, after she almost causes him to die by being crushed by a giant weight. Lola starts crying uncontrollably until Bugs takes back what he said. Lola then asks if they can go on another date and Bugs reluctantly agrees. (Manipulation.) Bugs disguises himself as a woman and attempts to convince Lola that he will end up breaking her heart. However he only ends up making Lola want him more, thinking he’s a bad boy. When Bugs comes back as himself, Lola introduces him to her parents, Walter and Patricia Bunny. He soon excuses himself and goes to the bathroom and talks to his reflection in the mirror in an attempt to convince himself to end it with Lola no matter the circumstances. However, he drops a mint at the dinner table. As he kneels down to pick it up, Lola looks down and believes Bugs is proposing to her and screams yes. Lola is quick to plan and organize the wedding with Pepe Le Pew, the club’s wedding planner. Daffy ends up crashing the wedding, unaware who it’s for until he sees that Bugs is the groom. Daffy’s initially offended that he wasn’t even invited, but ends up standing in as Bugs’s best man. After Lola walks down the aisle, the officiator asks if anyone opposes the marriage. Bugs looks nervously at Daffy hoping he’ll object, but he doesn’t say anything. Bugs is relieved when Lola objects and reveals that she’s in love with Pepe. (Now… you wouldn’t leave him alone. And then you leave him at the alter.) She asks Bugs if he’ll ever get over her. He takes advantage of the situation and tells her it will take a long time and that they shouldn’t talk for awhile. Daffy, thinking Bugs is upset, orders Bugs some golf clubs to cheer him up and charges it to his stolen membership number. Walter Bunny recognizes it as his number, and he punches Daffy in the face. (Well that had to happen.) At the very end of the episode, it turns out that Daffy’s now being forced to work at the club (specifically as an attendant in the men’s bathroom) until he’s paid back all the money that he charged to Walter’s membership number.

  • Muh-Muh-Muh Murder (Season 1, Episode 25) – While dining at Pizzarriba, Daffy reveals to Porky and Bugs his birthday is in a week and therefore should not have to pay the bill. Suddenly, Bugs gets a call from Lola—she broke her leg, so Bugs rushes to the doctor’s office to tend to her. There, Lola tells Bugs about how she broke her leg (the most convoluted story you have ever seen.) and states she needs to wear a cast for six weeks. Porky tries to drop of Daffy off at Bug’s place but Daffy doesn’t have a key to the place. Porky is annoyed. Though Porky is initially hesitant to this idea, Daffy becomes suspicious of Porky until the pig relents. At Porky’s house, while Porky begins cooking, Daffy turns on the news—he hears of a person referred to as the Suburban Strangler, described by the reporter as “a creepy recluse who keeps to himself,” and is “chubby, short, and bald, with a pig-like nose.” Thinking this description matches Porky’s personality and appearance, and upon hearing the sound of a cleaver striking a cutting board, Daffy’s suspicion of Porky reemerges. (Now he tried to drop you off but now you here thinking he is a murderer.) Daffy faints and reawakens inside the guest bedroom; he checks the newspaper and reads an entry about the Suburban Strangler, prompting the duck to think Porky is the aforementioned killer. Hastily trying to call for help, Daffy realizes the phone in the guest bedroom isn’t working—he assumes Porky cut the line. As Porky enters the room, and though Daffy is eager to return home, he gets a second thought and mistrusts the pig, thinking he shouldn’t let Porky take him to a second location. At Bugs and Daffy’s house, Bugs cares for Lola as her injury heals. To make herself feel comfortable, Lola redecorates the living room with her frilly decorations, thinking her temporarily living with Bugs will help him in his caring for her. Wanting not to make the situation difficult for Bugs, Lola assures him he “won’t even know [she is] here” (Famous last words.) , Daffy sees the door to Porky’s room is ajar; seeing the room’s decorations, the duck suspects he just entered “the bedroom of a deranged killer” and searches through the contents of a drawer. Despite finding no clues to justify his conclusion, Daffy’s suspicion of Porky remains. Hearing a creaking door, Daffy realizes Porky is approaching the room; the duck hides under the bed as the pig makes a phone call, saying, “It’s me. It has to be tonight; I think he’s onto me. Come pick up Daffy when I’m done with him—he’ll be in the garage freezer.” The fearful duck hearing the conversation, Daffy then darts to the front door, trying to flee, but finds the door is locked. When questioned by Porky, Daffy claims he is hungry, and when Porky returns bearing a sandwich, Daffy notices Porky’s hands—they seem to be coated in blood. Daffy goes back upstairs, claiming he is no longer hungry, and attempts to hinder Porky by strewing objects onto the floor. Spotting a closed door, Daffy proceeds to try to open it but is stopped—Porky stutters, “Do not go in there,” before heading back downstairs to attend to other matters.  Daffy goes downstairs as well. On the floor are shadows: by their appearance, as well as the sounds from the living room, it seems Porky is murdering a woman. (What in the world?) When Porky is distracted by Daffy’s scream, Daffy races upstairs and into the guest bedroom, a confused Porky following him. Porky offers to get Daffy tea; Daffy accepts. Making sure Porky is far away from the closed door, Daffy opens it. Inside the room seem to be pictures of Daffy taped on the walls—once Daffy enters the room, his suspicion further elevates. Bugs returns to his house, Chinese food at hand. A confused rabbit calling for Lola, Lola proceeds downstairs, revealing she had a stairlift installed. Once on ground level, Lola claims what Bugs is holding is not Chinese food, then describes her erroneous idea of such a food—what she is describing is pizza. A visibly annoyed Bugs proceeds back outside. (I would have put her out. I wouldn’t have let her stay at my house.) At Porky’s house, as Porky prepares Daffy’s tea, Daffy gapes at the many pictures Porky has of him, then spots the scissors and knives and how they are positioned with respect to some of the pictures lying on a table. Porky sees Daffy in the room and questions the duck, who claims to know the pig’s plans. Porky declares he now has no choice and proceeds to grab something from a drawer to Daffy’s distress. The item is a collage made in honor of Daffy for his birthday—Porky explains he is having the celebration early, misinterpreting Daffy’s suspicion. Wanting more clarity, Daffy directly asks Porky about his supposed plan to kill him; when Porky responds, “Why would I want to murder you?” Daffy thinks this question is one only a murder would ask and proceeds to scald Porky with the tea he brought upstairs. (What in the world?) Now angry, Porky charges toward Daffy, who in return strikes the pig with a tray. A dizzy Porky stumbles out the room and tumbles downstairs; he now seems to be unconscious. Once Daffy is near Porky, the latter grabs onto the former’s leg, a confused Porky sputtering Speedy’s name. Thinking Porky caused harm to Speedy, Daffy kicks Porky and grabs the pig’s keys before heading to Porky’s car. Upon entering the restaurant, Daffy calls Speedy’s name. Suddenly, Speedy awakens and the lights come on—the restaurant has been prepared for a surprise party, with visitations by Foghorn, Marvin, Gossamer, Witch Lezah, Tina, Granny, and Pete. Slowly regaining consciousness, Porky enters the pizza parlor as well, upset over having missed the surprise greeting. Speedy explains to Daffy that “Pinky” had planned for this surprise to occur on the duck’s birthday, but then preponed it on account of Daffy’s suspicion. Still paranoid, Daffy continues to claim Porky is the Suburban Strangler to the discomfort of the partygoers. In response to Daffy’s assertions—his being locked inside a room, the phone line being cut, “blood” staining Porky’s hands, a “woman” being murdered—Porky refutes all the evidence—the door was never locked, the phone is an antique, the “blood” is really paint (which resulted from Porky painting a banner for Daffy’s party), and the “woman” is really an ice sculpture for Daffy—respectively. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bj7jIfGnT7A) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieraX-NPm7E)

  • Double Date (Season 1, Episode 12) – Daffy is at Copy Place where Tina, one of the employees, is busy at a copy machine while an impatient Daffy repeatedly rings the bell, wanting to pick up his business cards. When Tina finally returns to the desk, she hands him his cards, and the cost is $215.25. (How many cards did you order sir?) Later at The Sunset Room, a waiter informs a man and his date that if they leave their business card in the bowl, they could win a romantic dinner, then assists another couple as Daffy rigs the drawing by replacing the business cards in the bowl with his cards. The next day, the phone rings and Daffy is informed he wins a free dinner for two. After ending the call, Daffy tells Bugs that they will have a romantic dinner, but Bugs notes that such an event is a date and refuses to go on a date with him. Daffy then asks Porky to take Bugs’ spot, and Porky is thrilled about it, only for Bugs to angrily tell Daffy to ask a female out on a date. (Poor Porky.) After Daffy brings up the previous dates, Bugs calls Lola to help Daffy understand women, and she complies. Daffy and Lola meet at a food court, where Lola hands him a sheet of paper containing pick-up lines that will appeal to any woman he speaks to. Daffy recites some of those lines aloud, causing Lola to fall in love with him, then ask if he found anyone he wold like to ask out. Daffy decides on asking out Tina, then walks away, much to a smitten Lola’s surprise. Later at Copy Place, Daffy attempts to speak to Tina and is quite surprised to see that Tina remembered him, even though it is because his check for his wizard cards bounced. Shocked by this, clumsily asks Tina out on a date and Tina consents. (Is she crazy?) On the night before his date, Daffy freshens up, then finds Lola on his bed, upset about him asking out Tina, instead of her. Lola proceeds to claim that “Tina” is not a real name and that Tina is crazy, then exits through the window and plots to get Tina out of the way and keep Daffy to herself.  As Bugs comes home, Lola convinces him to go for dinner with her, and he reluctantly agrees, unaware that she would use him as a tool. Later at The Sunset Room, Bugs and Lola prepare for their date and see Daffy and Tina entering the building as well, prompting Lola to kiss Bugs in order to make Daffy jealous. (You have to feel bad for Bugs.) While Lola keeps an eye on Daffy, the duck uses Lola’s pick-up lines on Tina, but Tina eventually finds out and snatches the paper. After reading it, she questions Daffy’s intentions. All the while, Lola continues spying on him while largely ignoring Bugs, to the point where she accidentally calls him Daffy. Tina, at the other table, tells Daffy to quit using the script and tell her about himself. Daffy utters lies about himself, so Tina takes the floor by claiming that he is an insecure liar who cries himself to sleep, which Daffy notes is true. Hearing this, he starts to leave, but Tina stops him and continues with the date as she adds that Daffy is like a “disgusting building,” which could both be fixed, much to Daffy’s delight. (She is just as weird as he is.) Lola can’t take it any longer and attempts to get Daffy’s attention by hopping on stage and singing. Bugs runs to Lola and questions her singing, and Lola claims she is trying to win Daffy back. Bugs notes that he is her boyfriend, not Daffy, and Lola records Bugs’ quotes and brags about it. Turns out that Bugs’ words had an even stronger impact on her than the lines Daffy recited for her. As the four Tunes gather for the first time, Lola then plans to have a double date with Daffy and Tina and they walk off, leaving Bugs wondering what just happened.

  • The Shelf (Season 1, Episode 24) – Bugs is home when the doorbell rings, and it there is a package containing the Nobel Prize that Bugs was awarded. A clueless Daffy asks what a Nobel Prize is, and Bugs notes that it is an award given to people who have contributed to the betterment of humanity, prompting a chagrined Daffy to note that the “betterment” part is why he never won one. Bugs ponders on where he should put his award, prompting Daffy to claim that putting it on display is tacky, (He is a hater.) only to point out that Daffy also displays his “awards”, which are really awards made for other people, that he stole. Daffy tells Bugs to get his own shelf, then looks proudly at his “awards”. At Big Box Hardware, a hardware store, Bugs buys a shelf, and the clerk tells Bugs that for an extra $20, some workers will install the shelf for him. Bugs turns down the offer, claiming that since he won the Nobel Prize, he can install his own shelf without any assistance. (You see where this is going.) Later at home, Bugs attempts to install the shelf but has trouble securing the nail into the wall. He then hammers at his wall for a stud, finds one, and proceeds to hammer in the nail, only to accidentally ram the hammer into the wall. Returning to Big Box Hardware, Bugs asks the clerk for spackle, a paste used to fill holes in a wall. The clerk tells him to go to aisle nineteen, then asks if he is having trouble setting up the shelf. Bugs claims he got it up just fine and notes that he hammered it in just right, and to this, the clerk notes that he was supposed to use a drill to install the shelf. Bugs claims he did use a drill, then leaves to get the spackle but returns for a moment to ask where the drills. The clerk looks at him oddly. (Sir… Why didn’t you pay the $20? this is going to be a mess. I am a big proponent of…. It is great that I am good at something… It doesn’t mean that I am good at everything. Let people HELP you. Back home, Bugs covers the holes with spackle, which leaves noticeable spackle stains on the wall. It looks awful, but Bugs assures himself that The Nobel Prize will cover it up. He then proceeds to install the shelf as Tina arrives, ready to pick up Daffy for their date. She notices the Bugs’ drill as well as the spackle stain on Bugs’ wall and questions what he is working on. Bugs reveals that he is putting up a shelf, then drills a screw into a wall, making a metal sound. While Bugs thinks he drilled into a stud, Tina notes that he hit either the junction box or a water pipe. Bugs ignores Tina’s warning and continues drilling, causing the water to stop running, which cuts Daffy’s shower short. (SMH… This is becoming a mess. A whole mess.) Bugs buys a chainsaw while incognito, but the clerk sees through Bugs’ disguise and asks if he got the shelf up. Bugs claims that the clerk has him confused for someone else, then asks for a slip coupler, and to this, the clerk assumes that Bugs has a cracked waterpipe. Bugs concurs and claims that water was pouring out of the cracks, then becomes scared when the clerk asks if he shut off the water main. Bugs pays for the supplies and rushes home. Bugs rushes in and searches for the water main, which is being shut off by Speedy, who is annoyed by the leaking water which almost caused him to drown. Bugs attempts to fix the water pipe but makes a huge gaping hole in the wall in the process. He tries to saw off the defective part of the pipe with a chainsaw but messes up and cuts a support beam, which causes the bathtub on the upper floor bathroom to fall through the ceiling. (I ask again…. Why didn’t you just pay the $20? And you have ruined your house.)  A crazed Bugs finally gets his shelf up, while Speedy and Daffy look at each other with pure astonishment as to what the house has become. Later, the house is back to normal, and Bugs claims to Porky that he knows how to fix a house since he won the Nobel Prize. Tina, in a worker’s uniform, walks out and notes that she got the house fixed and restored to its former condition, and Porky glares at Bugs due to his lie. That was a lot for a little. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rlUZd7eVG8)

So it was a fun watch. I am glad that other people are finding out about it. And shoutout to HBOmax for making it available. Is this a bit different from what it was growing up? Sure. Does that make it bad? Not at all. Give it a try. You won’t be sorry. If you have seen it…. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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