My TBR Manga List

So I have been meaning to read more of what is on my bookshelves… The Pandemic left me a lot of time to get back in touch with my hobbies. I spent much of it listening to books on audible. But I really need to get to some titles on my bookshelf.

I have several books on my shelf that I purchased but never got a chance to read. I was probably stuck in traffic in Atlanta somewhere. As time goes on… I do want to spend less time watching television and actually getting through my collection. So I have a list of things to get through a year from now… and I hope that making this list will hold me to that.

Alright…. so let’s jump into it. If you have read any of these let me know.

  1. Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re – So I watched the anime… and like most people, I feel it did really well in the first season… but after that things hit the fan. I was slightly confused as to what was happening which led me to get the series. I want to read and fill in the blanks left from the anime. So here is the deal… I probably bought the original box set 4 years ago… with the :re purchased a while later. So I really need to hop on that.

  2. Vagabond – This was a recommendation from people on Twitter. Because we were in a pandemic, I ran out a got the manga while supplies lasted. It was a hard time because many book stores kept cancelling the orders… but then I got them… and haven’t read it. So I need to read it asap… I plan on doing a write up to my reaction.

  3. Rurouni Kenshin – So I bought a couple of these Vizbig volumes at a used bookstore… and then I got the others (because I have the have the whole collection) from Barnes & Nobles. But then the live actions came out and I put them on my shelf and went on about my business. So since I bought it. I need to read it. The Vizbig editions are great… and even come with color pages which I enjoy… (I think every manga should come in a large version…)

  4. Noragami- So I started watching the anime with a friend of mine. But the show is only 2 seasons… so I had to go to the manga. It took me forever to find all the volumes. I always say if you can get your hands on hard copies that is better. But it could just be better for me. I couldn’t wait to see where the story is going… Hopefully the anime comes back soon.

  5. My Hero Academia – So I started buying this series because I didn’t want to wait to see what happened in between seasons in the anime. And initially I was reading… But I have definitely slacked off. So I need to jump back into that. I loved the story that but life got in the way and I need to battle back. Good Story. I miss it.

  6. One Piece – So with this long of a series… I had to buy this in boxsets… So this will probably one of the last things I read. I know it is going to take me a while and I am cool with that. Oda claims he is almost done (he always says that…) But I think he is serious… so I will finish the collection and read what I need to read.

  7. Food Wars – Food battles… like I watch on the Food Network. Culinary school like I used to want to go to… I am down. But since the show ended… I have had no drive to read the story… But again since I bought it I should read it. Ill reintroduce myself to Sōma and the gang shortly.

  8. The Irregular at Magic High School – The Manga is only online. But I ordered some light novels… And there is so much more left to this story… And I have to find out how it turns out. Where does Tatsuya end up. I had to order these because they take years in between the seasons of the show… And no one (read: me) has time for that.

  9. Moriarty, The Patriot – Sherlock Holmes anyone? Well more of a young look at his archnemesis. Hell I am down. This time around I want to read first before watching the show. So I may start here. This one is fairly new… Only 9 volumes. But because it is ongoing… I may run into issues when I start something new. Who knows?

  10. Blue Exorcist – So I have this here… But I can’t start reading this since I don’t have all the volumes… It has been hard to find the last 4 hard copies that I need but I will give it a bit more time. But when that happens… I will jump into it.

  11. Demon Slayer – So this show has been great nonstop to me. I loved it… But I was said to hear it was coming to a close. So I got the box set when it came out…. And I really need to read it. I want to know how things are going to end… But in all actuality… I probably won’t finish it before the show ends… But that is fine.

So I really want to get things done in a year. I want to scale back watching television to make time for it… and then I can jump back into anime with a vengeance. Once I am done reading I can decide if I want to donate these to a library or whatever. But if you guys have anything that I should add to my list. Let me know.

I need a lot of shelves

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