Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

My sister and I were trying to find out what were some of the things that I can do here in NC. So when she visited, we decided on the Botanical Gardens. I will preface this by saying it is should be visited in the peak season for maximum enjoyment… And that since I have only been here a few months I still want to see the sites.

Listen the quickest way to get me to go out in a new city is to mention the Gardens or an Aquarium. Looks like North Carolina has 2 botanical gardens. Check out the website here: (https://dsbg.org) So since there wasn’t much going on… I headed out with my sis…

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is on 380 acres (1.5 km2) of rolling meadows, woodlands and lakefront property in Belmont, North Carolina.  It includes large manicured gardens, natural surrounding areas, including a woodland trail, sparkling fountains, and an Orchid Conservatory. Momo and I walked in and was handed a map… which I think was super helpful. I knew the holiday set up was going to be great. They were setting it up and I may stroll through there again once the lights are all set up.

So Let’s jump through all the pictures she and I took… And let’s see if you can tell who took what?

My Camera works better than I thought.

Momo looks like she is having fun right? She also is too photogenic… who needs it lol. As I looked around, I noticed that Daniel Stowe is definitely set up to enjoy the outdoors. There were a lot of seats around this area where there was a fire pit.

This area was pretty fun. It was kind of a dull day when we went but it didn’t mean we didn’t have photo ops. Good times. The tree Momo is standing in front of is HUGE… There was no way to get it all in the frame.

Momo and I loved all the sculptures and there wasn’t a lot of people meaning it made it easier to move around. The park was flat… there were a bit of stairs or steps but not a lot… And they do have ramps.

I can see why many of these gardens are the sites of weddings. I think there was actually a wedding while we were there. I can imagine what it the pictures looked like.

I plan on heading back in the peak season… There will be a lot more to see… And the flowers will be in their best shape. But even in the off season, I had a blast.

If you have ever been, let me know what you thought. If you haven’t please head over and experience the garden.


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