Loud Mouth by Avery Flynn

I know it has been awhile since I posted and let’s not mention that I thought I reviewed this book awhile back… But nevertheless… HERE I AM. Avery Flynn’s last in the Ice Knights series and I enjoyed it so much. I hope she has more books planned to entertain us in the future. Again it is a standalone. You can read it in no particular order. It is not really a enemies to lovers trope… But the situation is not great.

In Loudmouth we follow the story of Shelby a hockey blogger who has just landed her dream job, as part of the Ice Knights media team. Not only does she get to do what she loves everyday, work with her favourite team, but she gets to do it using her own blog The Biscuit. Things do not get of to a very good start for Shelby when another reporter gets the scope of a lifetime when she overhears a conversation that Shelby has with her mum, where not only does some major tea get spilled but it’s about the very team she has just started working for. Feeling extremely guilty for the part she played in blowing up not only one guys life but two of the Ice Knights players all Shelby really wants to do is hide and wallow in her guilt, so when her boss Lucy says she has the perfect mountain cabin Shelby jumps at the chance of some alone time. The problem… Ian has the same idea.

Ian has had his entire world flipped upside down. And to make matters worse, somehow managed to injure his thumb, benching him till him till the team doctor clears him, so all Ian really wants to do is drown away his self pity with a bottle of scotch while he stews on what has become of his life. I get it… but we all know where this is going. (I’m okay with a little predictability.) I get why Ian is having an issue… thinking that your life is one way… and finding out that everyone else around you knows something you don’t is a big deal. (I, myself, have been through something like that.) The outcome of that information was disastrous and a friendship between Ian and Alex was ruined along with the potential of a season championship. It is a pretty big fallout. The very last thing he expected when he arrived at the cabin that Lucy from PR had organized for him, was to get poked with a taser by the very girl he was trying to get away from. And then a snowstorm sets in… because why not? LOL.

For two people that supposedly can’t stand each other… (Not sure why Shelby can’t stand Ian, she is the one that outed his business.) they sure hopped into bed together pretty quickly. (I don’t have an issue with it but it was unexpected.) There was a power outage… so what else is there to do? But what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. Shelby is invited on a trip with the team with the effort of trying to repair Ian and Alex’s relationship.

I will tell you guys… Avery Flynn knows how to write shitty parents… and parents that love their kids. For me, it pulls at my heart when parents can’t be bothered and are shitty to their kids. Ian’s dad leaves a lot to be desired and that is all I am going to say about that. Because he deserves some other words and maybe a brick to be thrown at him.

I was pulling for these two from the very beginning and really was dreading the crash of boy loses girl. It pulled at my heart strings even though it was a fun read. Anyone who knows me knows enjoy hockey and that I was loving this series. I think this book is a great addition to it. I would rank it second out of the three. I listened to this on audible and Tim Paige does Ian P justice. He worked so well with Kelsey Navarro as Shelby. I loved it and would recommend listening to it if you get the chance.


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