The WebToons that helped me cope with Covid

So you guys know that I have been staying at home the past 2.5 years. And Thank God I haven’t lost my mind… (Entirely.) I wasn’t used to working from home and it was an adjustment. Don’t get me wrong. I am not interested in sitting in traffic 5 hours a day again. But the issue became apparent when I realized that I had an extra 25 hours a week of time to fill.

Many of you know that I turned back to reading. Being an English Major really took it out of me… but I had nothing but time on my hands and books on my shelf. But what I was more surprised at how much I enjoyed Webtoons. Prior to the pandemic… I had no idea what WebToons were… but you know one could guess. Webtoons are a type of digital comic that originated in South Korea usually meant to be read on computers and smartphones.

I don’t usually read on my phone… (unless it is fanfiction.) There were several stories that caught and kept my attention… If you get the chance… you should definitely read these.

  1. Let’s Play by Mongie – Sam has almost achieved her dream of creating video games. But when her favorite popular streamer gives her first game a scathing review, she starts rethinking her choice to design games. Even worse she finds out that same troublesome critic is now her new neighbor! It is funny, dramatic and leaves you wanting more. Let’s not forget the love triangles. I enjoy it and look forward to it every week. (Great Story…. characters and artwork.)

  2. Unlovable Replacement by Nylana- This one just returned from hiatus which I am stoked about. Dramatic… Romance. Chiko’s relationship crashes and burns. (One could argue that it should have ended a while ago.) But he finds himself entangled with a delivery girl. November (yes, that is her name…) has her own drama. The art style is great. Check it out. You will not be disappointed. This one is ongoing but the story is compelling enough. So no downside.

  3. LUFF (L.U.F.F.) by Arechan- Boy this one took a lot out of me. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great story… Great characters but the message is real and raw. Ever wonder what life would be like if everything in your life was based on your compatibility with someone else on a dating app? Yep that is what I said. Imagine whether or not you can get money for college or even into college, your credit score and whether you can qualify for a house has to do with you signing into an app… having a match and your compatibility with that match being above 80%. As you can imagine, that has serious flaws and drawbacks… Our MC if the first in the history of LUFF to have 2 matches. So drama ensues. This story is finished so jump in with both feet.

  4. My Giant Nerd Boyfriend by Fishball- The title says it all. Fishball has a boyfriend that is 6’5″ and a big nerd. I see no downside but Fishball shows that life with a big man is interesting. Yep… That is it. That is all. Fishball talks about humorous outings, some based on the giant boyfriends nerdy proclivities, some just on regular boy girl stuff. Super funny…. I laugh a lot… somewhat relatable if you have ever been in a relationship. And Fishball reads comments and sometimes responds.

  5. LMLY by edbe- Black girl main character… Plus in my book. Black girl that is the apple of someone’s affection? A++. Fake Dating…. A+++ Leon is paired up with Sofia, the girl he likes, for a school project. School drama ensues. The story is cute and we have all been there. Having a crush on someone and wondering what the best approach would be. It is the worst kept secret though. It is cute… and I look forward to season 2.

I am enjoying reading these and I want to hear from others who have read these. Let me know your thoughts. Please let me know if you have recommendations.


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