Quarantine Post #60: The Big Bang Theory

I wanted to wait before I did this post. It has been awhile since I seen the show… And I have not seen it in its entirety until now. Thanks HBOMax. I find myself falling in love with HBOmax because my shows are not edited for television. There is much to be seen when we don’t have to make room for commercials. Good Times. For some reason, when this show was first airing, I heard nothing but good things about it. But just like when anything is at the top… it gets hate for no reason. I never understood the hate. There are things that I would change or tweak if I had the power but overall I find the show pretty funny. So if this is a show you hate, this isn’t the post for you.

Leah, doing what she does best, showed me a show that her then boyfriend got for her on DVD many years ago. The first two episodes (that I watched sitting on her bedroom floor.)were funny as hell to me. (I also look back at that and laugh because I obviously hadn’t been watching tv for years… the season 1 dvd was already out.) She went on to say that the show was the Big Bang Theory. But like I normally do, I forgot all about it. As it happens, I was sitting on the couch one day flipping through the channels and there they were. Don’t be too impressed with Leah though… she will always put you onto a show and then never watch another episode of it. SMH. You can’t even talk to her about it. SHE IS THE WORST.

The Big Bang Theory premiered on CBS on September 24, 2007, and concluded on May 16, 2019, having broadcast 279 episodes over 12 seasons. The show originally centered on five characters living in Pasadena, California: Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, both physicists at Caltech, who share an apartment; Penny, a waitress and aspiring actress who lives across the hall; and Leonard and Sheldon’s similarly socially awkward friends and co-workers, aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz and astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali. Leonard and Sheldon’s geekiness and intellect are contrasted for comic effect with Penny’s social skills and common sense. They are the kind that understand how the universe works, but none of that helps them interact with people, especially women. In later seasons, Amy Farrah Fowler, a neuroscientist and Bernadette Rostenkowski, a marine biologist were added to the mix. (People complained about that too…. Insert Eyeroll.) I didn’t see a problem with adding more characters for Penny to interact with besides the guys. (“The women ruined everything.” – spoken like people that really believe characters shouldn’t grow and change at all. Those would be the same people that complained that the show went on and on without major things occurring.) You really can’t please everyone. (Bernadette ruined Howard by making him less creepy and unbearable to watch?) Are there some things that I didn’t like about the show…? Sure…. and I will get into that later. But I have to roll my eyes at the people that want to whine how it is really not funny… (just because you said you liked it.) Or that is not filmed in front of a studio audience…. (WRONG. And that is easy to find out.) Or that it makes fun of them and their friends. I enjoy the show because I can see me and my friends in it… never once did I feel made fun of… to me… that is totally a reach. (The funny thing was that it reminded me of Fraiser… Which no one seemed to have a problem with.)

Anyways… Enough about that. You guys know how I do… I am going to go over a few episodes that I enjoy…. (Warning: most of it will have to do with Shamy… and or Sheldon and Penny.) I am going to try hard to narrow it down. Because I know my lists can get pretty lengthy. But it is 12 seasons But let’s do this:

  • Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1) – Nothing like meeting the two main cast members at a High IQ Sperm Bank. That was one hell of an introduction. I always laugh when Leonard asks the nurse if he is in the right place… And she responds with.. “If you have to ask.. probably not.” They (read: Sheldon) end up talking themselves out of donating sperm. Because there is no guarantee that they could produce a child with high IQ. When they get home… They spot their new neighbor, Penny, for the first time…. and we notice that the elevator is broken. (I remember thinking… I would not be moving crap up 4 flights of stairs.) Leonard and Sheldon agree that she is an improvement over their old neighbor, Louie/Louise, who, according to Sheldon, was a 200-pound transvestite with a skin condition. After Penny spots them, they exchange two rounds of “hi”. Penny learns that they are her neighbors from across the hall. The great thing about this scene is that we see Leonard has no clue what he is doing so he keeps saying “hi” and not moving the conversation forward. And Sheldon for his part… is just as confused. Mostly because, he doesn’t get why Leonard is acting so strange. He even points out to Leonard that he doesn’t think if you are going to invite someone over for lunch that you should mention bowel movements. (Astute Evaluation. But he says it for Penny to hear.) Check out the scene here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJDkKjjkPnE) The events of the episode devolve quickly when she uses their shower… and sends Leonard to get her TV from her ex. (In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how I felt about Penny because she knew her boyfriend was a jerk.) But in this episode, Sheldon is asking the hard hitting questions… (Why are we driving across town to get a tv that belongs to our neighbor? He just wants things to make sense. Why do we get to have a scene with him?) They end up being pantsed by her ex boyfriend and leave without the tv. Sheldon blames Leonard… and he should. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFEqJERo7cw) Worst part of this episode: Howard trying to flirt with Penny. He is the guy that won’t take no for an answer and doesn’t get that his presence is making you uncomfortable. Was totally over him in the first few seasons.

  • The Big Bran Hypothesis (Season 1, Episode 2) – Ah yes…. The break in episode… I used to feel that every sitcom should have a break in episode. This show has 2… so good times. The episode starts off innocently enough… Penny asks Leonard to sign for a piece of furniture that she is having delivered. Leonard signs for the package in the lobby. His first mistake. The delivery driver leaves them to drag it up the stairs… which Sheldon immediately objects to. Again… Rightfully so… It turns out the furniture is bigger than they had expected, so Leonard and Sheldon are forced to carry it up the stairs the themselves since the elevator doesn’t work. Sheldon wants to know how they are going to get this thing up 4 flights of stairs since they have no upper body strength. Leonard cons Sheldon into helping him… Sheldon points out that Penny will not sleep with him no matter what he does for her. Finally, they eventually succeed in getting it up the stairs to her apartment after much tribulation. While there, Sheldon sees that Penny’s apartment is a complete mess and insists on tidying up. But Leonard says that he should not do that because it is not their apartment. (Check out the scene here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg8otQYqs_M) Here… I enjoyed that we got to see Sheldon’s need for order and sense contrast with Penny’s lifestyle. Penny shows up later… and Leonard boasts that he and Sheldon had no trouble bringing it upstairs… (The confusion on Sheldon’s face is priceless.) Later that night Leonard is awakened by sounds coming from outside of his bedroom. He finds that Sheldon has used the spare key to get into Penny’s apartment so he can straighten up. Initially, Leonard tries to get Sheldon out of the apartment but he caves and helps Sheldon clean… (I wonder about Leonard…. Like Sheldon has issues… but why do this? Why cosign sir?) Leonard get up the next morning and Sheldon tells him that he slept well. Leonard remarks that a well known folk cure for insomnia is to break into your neighbor’s apartment and clean. (Sarcasm?) Poor Sheldon is not great with sarcasm…Penny storms over and yells at them for being in her apartment while she was sleeping. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5RVXYEX2L4) It is the sarcasm sign… that does it for me. Good times. Later, the guys help Penny put together her media center, but get so focused on the task that they don’t hear her when comments that she’s hot and is going to take off her clothes. Soon they get completely carried away and go to the garbage dump to find better materials, leaving Penny to do it by herself.

  • The Fuzzy Boots Corollary (Season 1, Episode 3) – Penny is seeing someone else… and it sends Leonard into a downward spiral. Has this happened to me? Sure. I have been there. Leonard goes over to Penny’s place to return her mail he “accidentally” stole and sees Penny kissing a guy named Doug at her door. He is devastated thinking she has ‘rejected’ him. (Can you reject someone who has never asked you out?) The guys convince him to ask someone out at work. He decides on Leslie Winkle. He asks her to a bio-social exploration with a neuro-chemical overlay as the modification of our colleague/friendship paradigm, with the addition of a date-like component. (what a way to word it.) Instead of the date, Leslie proposes that they go straight to kissing in which she finds Leonard’s technique good; however, she is not aroused. At Apartment 4A, Raj and Howard are discussing whether Sheldon is a robot which he is willing to embrace. (The Internet is down…. and they have nothing else to do.) Leonard is now even more depressed. Sheldon becomes concerned that Leonard will do what he always does… sing depressing emo songs and try to adopt a cat. Howard has them try Salsa dancing lessons, but all the women in the class are middle-aged and older. Leonard then turns to thinking about buying a cat and listening to Emo music. Sheldon (in an attempt to not have a cat) points out that he was not actually rejected, as he had not asked Penny out. Leonard agrees and promptly walks over to her door and asks Penny out to dinner. She mistakes it as an invitation to hang out with all the guys. (Poor Leonard has a hard time making things clear… been there… done that.) Leonard keeps the date and makes up excuses as to why the guys were absent. It’s Leonard in the sweaty shirt… and Sheldon trying to talk him down. (L: “We are going all the way… we are going to SEX…. OH GOD! OH MY GOD!” S: “Is the sex starting now?”) Good times. Sheldon, especially in the early seasons, wasn’t as bad a friend as he ends up being in the middle seasons. But here, he is especially great. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3ubfE97VJA)

  • The Bad Fish Paradigm (Season 2, Episode 1) – Leonard and Penny’s relationship… (Or whatever you want to call it at this point… and trust me.. I love them…but it took them a long time.) spills into Sheldon’s life and his reaction is the best. Does he annoy everyone in the process? Totally but he is cute for trying not to hurt his friend. After Leonard and Penny’s date, she wants to take things slow. Leonard feels that Penny’s comment about taking things slow is indicative of wanting to savor it, while Howard thinks it’s more along the lines of “this fish tastes bad, so spit it out”. She reveals to Sheldon in the laundry room that she has second thoughts about being with Leonard because she doesn’t have an advanced degree. Penny asks Sheldon if she thinks Leonard will get tired of her… Sheldon asks if she has a working knowledge of physics, speaks Klingon, or knows any card tricks. Penny has no skills in these areas, and worries that Leonard will look down on her for not even completing a community college program. She asks Sheldon to keep this a secret from Leonard. Sheldon is upset because now he knows the secret, but didn’t agree in advance to keep it secret. He tries to comfort Penny by educating her that it’s physiologically impossible to die of embarrassment. Later, as Sheldon and Leonard return home, Sheldon comments on how he couldn’t become a Green Lantern on his own (since it requires the Guardians of Oa to confer the status), but that he COULD become Batman with enough start-up capital. (LOL…. this was too funny to me. Mostly because Leah and I talk about Batman way more than we should… Especially since she is all Marvel and doesn’t appreciate the DCAU.) They run into Penny and Leonard asks her out again. Penny hems and haws and says she’ll have to check her work schedule. After she leaves, Leonard panics that he IS the bad fish. Sheldon begins to behave awkwardly, including a facial tick, trying to feign no knowledge of Penny’s feelings towards him, and ultimately storms out of the apartment. It is the ticks that give it away… in his defense he did tell Penny that this is what happens.) Sheldon arrives at The Cheesecake Factory and begs Penny to release him from the burden of keeping the secret. Penny tells him to just forget what she told him. Sheldon sulks that he is incapable of forgetting anything. Sheldon arrives at the apartment and announces that he’s moving out. (Sheldon is extreme here… but I think it’s cute that he doesn’t want to spill the beans…) Leonard wants to know why, and Sheldon compares it to Munchausen’s Trilema; (a circular argument, a regressive argument, and an axiomatic argument). Sheldon announces he’s going to pack. Raj asks what Leonard did to cause this, and they list Sheldon’s major pet peeves, to see which one Leonard may have violated. Sheldon returns almost immediately, carrying his pre-packed disaster evacuation bag (recommended by the Department of Homeland Security and Sarah Connor, from The Terminator movies). He announces that until he can get a place of his own, he’ll be staying with friends. He starts out with Raj and manages to annoy the hell out of him before being pushed off to Howard’s house. At Howard’s house, when he can’t fall asleep, Howard tries to drug him to no avail. (Putting a handful of his mother’s valium in milk.) He brings Sheldon back to Leonard. Leonard answers the door and Howard dumps Sheldon, who is obviously drugged.  Sheldon tells Leonard that he can’t tell him the secret that Penny didn’t graduate from community college. Leonard gets it that Penny thinks he’s too smart for her. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rM26FppTWRQ&list=PLmt4JmzUINeCaGgEbaMSDOFiP_gciIX-s&index=3) and (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQdpZV1yRhw)

  • The Euclid Alternative (Season 2, Episode 5) – This episode makes sense to me because…. it also took me a long time to learn how to drive. My family hated driving me everywhere… much like the gang does here with Sheldon. Been there… Done that. Leonard starts working late nights and can no longer drive Sheldon to work in the morning. Sheldon seems to not care. Leonard comes through the door and collapses on the couch due to exhaustion. Sheldon comes in and demands Leonard to drive him around to run his various errands including returning some Star Wars bedsheets to Pottery Barn. Leonard suggests that Sheldon take the bus, but he refuses because they won’t let him bungee cord himself to the seat since they have no seat belts. (I didn’t bungee cord myself to bus seats…. but I get it.) Sheldon then tries his luck with Penny who was sleeping in because it is her day off. He annoys her and gets left on the side of the road. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehZ8pM4ICew) I don’t know why she agreed to drive him in the first place. At the end of his work day, he tries to get Leonard to drive him home… (except Leonard just got to work and is not going home.) Howards gets stuck driving Sheldon home, except Howard only has a scooter… (cue the laughter.) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZHIgtevNDc) Sheldon screams at Howard while riding on the back of his scooter and driving over the speed bumps on Euclid Avenue. Unsurprisingly, Sheldon gets left in the middle of the road again. Later on, Raj picks Sheldon up and drives him home, but after pestering Raj with a lot of requests, he just drops him off at the stairs. Sheldon arrives at the apartment, makes one final desperate attempt to ask Penny to drive him and gets the door slammed in his face. The next morning, Sheldon wakes up to see the gang assembled in the living room waiting for him. The gang has a drug addiction-style intervention for him, wanting Sheldon to learn driving; because of a Rock-Paper-Scissors contest, Penny is forced to drive him to the DMV, along with Howard, who wants a free ride to the comic book shop. In an effort to help Sheldon learn to drive, Howard sets up a “state of the art” driving simulator in the apartment’s living room, using software from the United States Army. Sheldon attempts to drive, but fails horribly. Whenever he crashes the virtual car, Penny hits him in the face with a pillow because the simulator can’t replicate an airbag going off. He gives up on trying to learn to drive with the excuse that he is “clearly too evolved for driving”. Because Sheldon doesn’t have a way to get to the university, he decides to set up a temporary home there until Leonard finishes his experiment; however, it turns out that Leonard has already finished his experiment a week ago, but purposely did not tell Sheldon, as he wants some peace and quiet. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx4KoZV9fBw)

  • The Cooper–Nowitzki Theorem (Season 2, Episode 6) – Weird stalker… Anyone been there? I have had a stalker. And like Sheldon… It was a while before I recognized what was happening. Everyone is confused and fascinated when a physics graduate student develops a strong attraction for Sheldon and becomes his assistant/platonic girlfriend. Sheldon is oblivious until she won’t let him pursue his geeky interests. A grad student Ramona Nowitzki, comes up to Sheldon at the cafeteria and is extremely enthused with his theoretical work. She invites herself over to his place for dinner… stating that she already has his address. (Creepy!)  Though it appears to be a date, a naive Sheldon just likes the idea of getting free food. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZmwmjh4HUw) Ramona begins to help Sheldon with his work and other odd tasks such as doing his toenails. She soon becomes more controlling, pushing Sheldon to concentrate all his spare time on his scientific endeavors, telling him that he needs to keep it up if he wants that Nobel Prize. Ramona is even spending the night at his apartment sleeping on the couch, keeping him in line. The loss of his freedom and leisure time (Halo, sleeping, comic books, and paintball) upsets Sheldon, but he can’t stop her or her obsession. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRvrOL8DnO8&t=31s)Finally, Sheldon gets rid of her when he makes his breakthrough and she asks if she could share credit on the paper calling it the Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem. He finally has the courage to tell her to get out. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb0t-347OlE)

  • The Panty Piñata Polarization (Season 2, Episode 7) – It is very hard when you have to side with Sheldon. Penny and Sheldon go to war with each other after Sheldon bans her from the apartment. The boys are playing Klingon Boggle when Penny barges in to watch America’s Next Top Model because she didn’t pay her cable bill and her TV has been cut off. (Moocher…. that is the only downside to her in the show. She is not malicious but it is still not good.) Penny, in a fit of hunger, attempts to eat one of Sheldon’s onion rings, but she conforms with the others’ desperate advice to put back the onion ring. Sheldon sees right through it and the guys rat Penny out. Sheldon then announces that she has two strikes. After she takes a stand metaphorically against Sheldon by sitting in his spot, Penny earns her third strike and is consequently “banished” from the apartment. I can’t say that I feel bad for her. Like do not touch other people’s food. The following day, the boys are at The Cheesecake Factory and Penny comes to take everyone’s order, excluding Sheldon. When inquired, Penny explained he has been barred from the Cheesecake Factory because he has three strikes; coming in, sitting down, and Penny disliking his attitude, calling it the new “no shirt, no shoes, no Sheldon” policy. But after complaining to Penny’s manager, Sheldon gets his order. Penny dares Sheldon to eat it, implying she has done something disagreeable to it. Penny, who can’t piggy-back on Leonard and Sheldon’s Wi-Fi due to her banishment, shows the boys a message of Sheldon that tells Penny “she can either set up her own wi-fi or apologize to him”. Howard tries to help her, but is intercepted by another message from Sheldon and the boys are awarded an additional strike. Then Sheldon gets to the Laundry room, every washing machine is being used and he feels frustrated. Soon, Penny comes knocking, aggressively imitating his knock and asks where is her laundry. Sheldon then asks if she has left her laundry unattended, despite the sign warning her against it. He then shows Penny out the window, that her laundry is on the telephone wires. If she wants her laundry back, she’ll have to play “Panty Pinata”. Leonard, who has witnessed the whole incident, decides to put an end to this war by giving Penny what he describes as Sheldon’s Kryptonite: his mom’s phone number. Sheldon’s mother suddenly calls him and reprimands him about his behavior with Penny; she also tells him to apologize to her. Sheldon apologizes to Penny, returns her laundry, rescinds her strikes, and removes his banishment of her from his apartment.

  • The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis (Season 2, Episode 11) – There is a lot going on in this episode. David Underhill makes an appearance at Caltech. Not only is he a winner of the MacArthur Genius Grant, but even according to Sheldon, his observation of high energy positrons has provided the first conclusive evidence of the existence of dark matter. Everyone but Leonard seems to respect him. Sheldon points out that Underhill’s discovery has essentially made Leonard’s line of research useless.  Underhill approaches Leonard and asks if he has time to work with him. Leonard is thrilled and gives him all his phone numbers. Leonard arrives at the apartment, missing Wii Bowling Night because he is hanging with Dave. Dave is a Black Diamond (advanced) skier, collects vintage motorcycles, and does a spot-on impression of Stephen Hawking having phone sex. Leonard and David are heading up the stairs helping Leonard after the motorcycle fell over on his leg. They run into Penny who is surprised that David is a physicist and they became quickly smitten with each other. Penny claims to be a geek who would love to see his lab. David proposes to take her out to dinner and up the coast his bike. Leonard is left on his own to figure out what just happened. On the other hand, Penny tries to celebrate Christmas with the guys which Sheldon rails against it.  Penny asks if the guys are putting up a Christmas tree to which Sheldon explains. “We do not celebrate the ancient pagan ritual of Saturnalia.” Penny says that she’ll put their presents under her tree. (Since Sheldon can be bat crap crazy… I would have done that from the beginning…) Sheldon is upset, stating that Penny is not giving him a present, rather an obligation. He must give her something of equal value based upon on her present and her perceived level of friendship. Raj and Howard end up going to the mall. Sheldon’s shopping does not go well in a bath & body shop which is a “cacophonous assault of eucalyptus, bayberry, cinnamon, and vanilla.” Leonard gets a little shock in the university’s cafeteria finding Penny with David and having taken up his offer of looking around the labs even though he had also offered to show Penny around. Leonard is upset and lying on the couch when Raj and Howard enter carrying several huge gift baskets. Sheldon’s plan is to open Penny’s gift first, then excuse himself with some “gastric trouble,” and get the appropriately-priced basket, returning the others later. Leonard goes over to Penny’s finding her drinking rum and eggnog minus the eggnog. He demands an answer to why Penny is suddenly dating someone smarter than himself when she thought he was too smart for her, the very thing that broke them up at the beginning of the season. Penny points out that Dave is a moron… and not smarter than Leonard. Penny also asks that if he is ‘perfectly happy’ with the way things are, then why is he jealous. (I hate when people ask real questions… I mean, of course she knows why.) Leonard apologizes and asks her to give him this one since it is Christmas. They end up cuddling. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyY8ZHv8Va0) Penny brings over her Christmas presents. Sheldon gets a napkin, which when turned over was signed by Leonard Nimoy. “To Sheldon, Live Long and Prosper.” First he is speechless and then Penny apologizes that it is dirty because he wiped his mouth on it. Completely overwhelmed and emotional, Sheldon then exclaims that he now has the DNA of Leonard Nimoy and can grow a clone of his own before quickly running off to his room. Leonard gives Penny a set of children’s science experiments because she told David she was so into science. Leonard gets some motorcycle lessons to prevent any future accidents. Sheldon returns to the room with all of the gift baskets he bought and gives them to Penny, much to her surprise; however, thinking that it still doesn’t equal the value of his gift, Sheldon gives Penny something he rarely gives anyone… a hug. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTyIGrcw4H4)

  • The Financial Permeability (Season 2, Episode 14) – Been broke before? Yep. Been there. Borrowed money? Yep. Been there. Penny is having financial problems and Sheldon is happy to loan her some money that he isn’t using. Penny then starts to succumb to the pressure of owing money to one of her friends. Sheldon has a lot of hang ups… money isn’t one of them as Leonard points out in the episode. I am not sure if that makes me love him or not. Sheldon is entering his apartment with Penny rushing in ahead of him. She is hiding from the building manager/landlord to whom she owes one month’s rent. She has lost hours at the restaurant and her car needs repairs. Sheldon observes, “You know, it occurs to me you could solve all your problems by obtaining more money.” Sheldon then offers to loan Penny some from his a trick peanut brittle can (complete with snakes). He tells Penny to pay him back when she can. He is not forceful about it… He doesn’t even think about the money again. Penny reaches for some cash, takes it, puts some back, does some mental math and then takes a lot more. She just doesn’t want things to be weird between them. Sheldon says that he would find it weirder to say hello to Penny every day on the way to work while she’s living in a refrigerator box and washing her hair with rainwater. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU7hdjIxAkU) Penny overreacts to people not asking her about money. Leonard at one point turns to Sheldon and asks if it is weird… and Sheldon remarks that he too thought it was weird and he is glad that Leonard feels the same. Leonard agrees to pay for Penny’s dinner who defensively demands to pay him back. Penny also snipes at Raj for his free meals comment and then jumps on Sheldon. Penny complains that she has eaten restaurant leftovers for four days and wanted something new. She pleads with Sheldon that she will pay him back to which Sheldon offers to loan her more money since she seems even more agitated than before. Penny yells at Sheldon and runs out. “Oh, you would just love that, wouldn’t you? Yeah, you would just love to open up your little snake can and throw some money at the girl who couldn’t pay her bills.” A bit much…. but I have been there. Leonard goes over to see what was troubling Penny. She is having dinner by candle light since she couldn’t pay the electric company. Leonard comments that Sheldon really doesn’t care when he gets paid back. It’s one of the few idiosyncrasies that doesn’t make you want to kill him. Besides her car breaking down, she also paid a fine for her old boyfriend Kurt for whizzing on a cop car. She’s reluctant to go to him and ask for the money. Leonard gets the guys together on a quest to get Penny’s money back and they are completely against it. Leonard for his trouble gets “I owe Penny $1800.” written on his forehead, but it pays off since she gets her money back from Kurt and pays Sheldon back.

  • The Adhesive Duck Deficiency (Season 3, Episode 8)- My personal favorite. I love it. Sheldon doesn’t ever adapt to other people… but here… he does so for Penny. Penny dislocates her shoulder in the bathtub and is forced to turn to Sheldon to get her to the hospital. Sheldon is writing in his log that he is completing his paper on Decays of Highly-Excited Massive String States. Sheldon hears Penny screaming for help from her apartment, and runs off to assist Penny. Sheldon as usual knocks on her apartment door and Penny yells at him to come in. He does so with her bedroom door, and then almost her bathroom door. Penny has slipped in the shower and dislocated her shoulder. I think it is great that Sheldon is the one the only one there. Sheldon commented that she did not have a shower mat or any adhesive duck stickers (like Sheldon has) on the floor of the tub to prevent slipping. Penny tells him that she has to go to the emergency room and that Sheldon will have to drive her since she can’t. Sheldon at first is against driving. He tries to call her an uber or an ambulance but Penny insists it will take to long. His final observation is: “It seems ironic that for a lack of 99-cent adhesive ducks, we might die in fiery car crash”. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_Fpt9V1_dc) Penny has made it to her bedroom and tells Sheldon that she needs clothes.  Sheldon sees no organizational system in her underwear drawer. He asks her which panties she wears on Mondays. Penny tells her that she just needs shorts and a top. Sheldon has to show her four combinations before she finds something that looks cute together. She then tells Sheldon to close his eyes since she doesn’t want him to see her naked. Sheldon starts to help, he gets the top over her head and then Penny tells him that he has to get her hurt arm into the sleeve. Reaching around, Sheldon grabs Penny’s breast to which she asks him if that was her arm. Sheldon replies that it doesn’t feel like an arm. Penny says rather sarcastically that maybe he should let it go. He does so, somewhat embarrassed, replying “All righty.” Penny has trouble getting Sheldon to even start the car. He spends a very long time adjusting the driver’s seat and the side mirrors, one of which Penny had left behind in Hollywood parking lot. Sheldon is driving Penny to the hospital very slowly, diligently over-obeying all the traffic regulations. Penny is complaining about his slow speed, while Sheldon is complaining about the knocking engine and the lit check engine light. At the hospital emergency room, Sheldon fills out Penny’s medical form. And that is as painful as you think it is. Penny then tells Sheldon that she is scared and in a lot of pain. She wants Sheldon to be more comforting. Sheldon then apologizes, contorting quite a bit before patting her and saying, “There, there. Sheldon is here.” Sheldon gets Penny home, although she could have floated home from all of the pain medication she was on. Sheldon gets ready to leave; however, Penny wants him to take her to her bed. Then she wants him to sing “Soft Kitty” to her. He protests, saying the song is only for singing when one is sick. But Penny replies that injured and drugged are a kind of sick. After Sheldon starts singing, Penny interrupts him and gets him to sing it in a round. Sheldon resisted at first, but Penny informs him that she has all night. He then reluctantly started singing “Soft Kitty” in a round. Penny is very happy after they finish the song. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuKSZIeDe_Q)

  • The Einstein Approximation (Season 3, Episode 14) – Ball pit episode….. Bazinga. Another of my favorites. Sheldon’s search for the answer to a physics problem (Why electrons behave as if they have no mass when traveling through a graphene sheet) keeps him awake for several days and he becomes obsessed with trying to solve it acting crazier than normal. Penny walks out to find Sheldon awake and running back and forth. He is having trouble working out his problem. Sheldon tries other methods of trying to understand, but eventually takes Leonard’s advice of starting fresh by wastefully throwing the whiteboard out the window and consequently causing a car crash. (That is awful but it always makes me laugh.) That day, at the cafeteria during lunch, Sheldon tries to build a physical diagram of his problem by using Raj’s Lima-beans and Leonard’s peas, but to no avail. Raj invites Leonard, and Howard to a roller disco night. But they bring Penny and Bernadette instead. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D1IqrFAzqM) When Leonard, Howard, Penny and Bernadette return to the apartment after roller skating, they find Sheldon sitting on a stool with hundreds of marbles all over the floor, still stuck in the problem. Both Leonard and Penny slip on the marbles falling on their butts. Bernadette realizes that Sheldon is overtired, and makes him go to bed by verbally intimidating him, and reminding him that a lack of REM sleep leads to impaired cognitive function. In the middle of the night, Leonard and Penny are awakened to a phone call from a security guard at a local shopping mall. When Leonard arrives at the mall, he finds Sheldon in a ball pit building carbon atoms out of plastic balls. When Leonard tells Sheldon that they have to go home, Sheldon immediately hides under the balls, leading to Leonard chasing him through the ball pit with difficulty. Sheldon keeps popping up and shouting “Bazinga!”, which only further frustrates and angers Leonard. Poor Leonard. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ln2OfGU594w)(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXRaLHXWmDg) Leonard and Penny are asleep again, but Sheldon wakes them up and tells them that his solution to his math problem is working in a menial job, much like how Albert Einstein did when he was working at the Patent Office in Switzerland and discovered special relativity. The next day, Sheldon goes to a job center and tries to apply for several menial jobs, but quickly angers the clerk he talks to. He starts working at the Cheesecake Factory…as a busboy without pay. He is better than Penny.  Although he is never hired, the restaurant appears happy to let him continue with his work (presumably as he is not asking for pay). Later on, after taking Leonard, Howard and Raj’s orders, Sheldon accidentally drops a pile of plates, but realizes that he’s been looking at his problem all wrong and that the electrons move through the graphene in waves, and rushes off to solve his problem, leaving Penny to take care of his mess. Good Times…

  • The Pants Alternative (Season 3, Episode 18) – You guys remember the Elements song right? Let me tell you… Jim Parsons does. Leonard comes in and tells everyone that he knows who won the Chancellor’s Award for Science. Sheldon wonders which self-important preening fraud are they honoring this year. Leonard replies that he was so glad you asked it like that. “You.” Sheldon gets excited and plans to tell his mother first, but then comes up with the idea of conducting an interview with himself and posting it online. Sheldon gets a call from Chancellor Morton, who expects him to make a speech at the banquet. Sheldon has spoken in front of small groups before, but any group large enough to trample Sheldon to death scares him. Leonard thinks Sheldon is being ridiculous, but Sheldon wants to tell them a story. Sheldon tells them that as the valedictorian of his college at 14, his heart started pounding in his chest, his vision became blurry, and he fainted. Later the gang decides to team up and help Sheldon. They’ll be his X-Men to Sheldon’s Professor Xavier. Penny will help him a nice new suit to give him confidence. Leonard will try and analyze his fears him thanks to his mother’s psychiatry training and his long time in therapy. Raj whispers to Howard that he will help with teaching meditation. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLFciOfADqY) Raj conducts a meditation exercises to help him overcome his fears. Sheldon has to find a place of peace. Sim City’s Sheldonopolis. Then Godzilla attacks Sheldonopolis and he starts helping his citizens escape as does as does Raj. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOZ6nKnJI6w) Penny is next helping Sheldon. She buys clothes whenever she is stressed out. Sheldon has several outlandish choices including prom and county singer outfits and he finally buys the first suit that Penny picked out for him. Sheldon wonders how a new suit will prevent him from passing out. He thinks he looks like a clown in that nice suit. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yS-ameyp9Ag) Something about him trying on suits always kills me. I never make it through the scene without cracking up. Next up is Leonard, who has the notepad out and is asking questions. He at least tries to interpret Sheldon’s dreams, discusses the standard inkblot test and the Adler Inferiority Complex. Leonard thinks Sheldon might subconsciously think he doesn’t deserve the award. The session dissolves into Sheldon discussing how Leonard is still angry at his mother reducing Leonard to tears. Sheldon feels cured because if someone like Leonard can crawl out of bed every morning, he ought to be able to face a room full of people. At the banquet, Leonard gets to introduce Sheldon, but first reads a letter that his mother sent him. Sheldon is getting nervous so Penny hands him her glass of wine. Sheldon claims that the alcohol Penny gave her is defective. She then proceeds to give her Howard’s glass of wine. Sheldon is now ready and feeling no pain. Sheldon starts with calling Leonard “Shorty” and starts telling jokes. Then he gets serious and asks why are they all there? To study the universe. And what is that made of? He breaks into “The Elements” by Tom Lehrer. In the morning, while suffering a hangover, Sheldon comes out with no pants as Penny and Leonard have their morning coffee. His answer to where his pants went is already on YouTube under “Physicist Melts Down.” He starts talking about higher dimensions where he could take off his pants over his head. And just when Sheldon thinks it can’t be any more humiliating he continues: “And now for the astronomers in the audience, get ready to see the dark side of the moon. And HERE’S URANUS!” Sheldon is in shock as Penny and Leonard laugh. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiSGsHT1vLo)

  • The Zazzy Substitution (Season 4, Episode 3) – Do I love Amy Farrah Fowler? I do. Do I love the ShAmy? Let me count the ways. So Amy was introduced at the end of season 3. Sheldon is still calling her a girl that is his friend but not his girlfriend. Well… she is definitely the female Sheldon. Sheldon and Amy have created a game called “Counter Factuals,” where they postulate a situation in the world that currently doesn’t exist and pose questions to each other. (Made absolutely no sense to me but it is how their relationship works.)The game can only be played by them because it requires that you know how the other person thinks thus proving that they are very compatible together. Leonard tries the game and fails miserably. When Amy comes to meet the rest of the group… It is a dumpster fire. At the Cheesecake Factory, Penny comes over and calls the couple “Shamy” which Amy does not like. Asking how everything is going, Amy replies it’s the same as everybody else’s: subject to entropy, decay, and eventual death. Leonard gets described as a “festival of humdrum chitchat.” Howard only has a master’s degree, so he’s beneath her, and Raj luckily can’t talk in front of women. Leonard wants Sheldon to spend time with his girlfriend (“She’s not my girlfriend!”) elsewhere since she is judgmental, sanctimonious, and obnoxious just like Sheldon. But Sheldon points out that he suffered in silence for eight months of Penny’s country music, rubbing her feet with a pumice stone, and poor documentaries about the Jersey Shore. And I can tell you… He did not suffer and silence. At the cafeteria the next day, Leonard, Howard, and a hung over Raj are joined by Sheldon and Amy. Amy is being shown around the campus. Amy thinks it’s very impressive for theoretical work as opposed to the real-world applications of neurobiology, she finds theoretical physics ‘cute’. She claims that neurobiology is a higher science than physics. Sheldon is appalled and says that they should end their relationship immediately. Amy agrees and then leaves. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_TQea0aOnE) Leonard returns home to find that Sheldon has gotten himself a cat which he takes everywhere, even to work. The cat is named Dr. Robert Oppenheimer after the Los Alamos atomic scientist. Later Leonard finds him with six more cats. They are named after other Manhattan project scientists and were needed because Dr. Robert Oppenheimer was lonely. Zazzles is his favorite because he is so “zazzy.” It’s time for intervention so Leonard sends for Sheldon’s mother. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njRL8VEtBBI) Mary Cooper arrives and she first verifies that Sheldon had a real girlfriend and not something the boys cooked up in the lab. Mary Cooper makes dinner for the gang, but doesn’t allow him to bring in any of his cats. Sheldon finds Amy as a guest who came because Sheldon was losing his mind over her and she wanted to see that. Mary Cooper found Amy a perfectly “unique” young lady and that it was good that they broke up because they were not suited for each other. Sheldon rails against the idea…. Mary Cooper really is smarter than Sheldon. He reinstates the relationship to spite his mother.

  • The Love Car Displacement (Season 4, Episode 13)- Here is another funny one. But this one has more to do with Howard and Bernadette. And thank goodness for Bernadette because Howard’s character was the worst. This was another episode with a lot going on. Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette are invited to participate on a science panel at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies symposium on “The Impact of Current Scientific Research on Societal Interactions” in San Francisco. When they get back to the apartment, Sheldon carries out an orientation for their trip. The orientation covers Q&A (Questions and Answers), Quiz, Safety Drills and a pose for a commemorative Group photo. Penny seems to be the only one flabbergasted by the need for an orientation. The gang, consisting of seven people, is divided into two cars, the lead car, driven by Leonard, will be Leonard, Sheldon, Amy and Penny, and the second car, driven by Bernadette, will be Bernadette, Howard and Raj. Sheldon will not be sharing a room as they believe knowing each other’s “toilet routine” may jeopardize their relationship. Amy reveals she will be sharing a room with Penny, and adds she is the ideal roommate as travel makes her constipated. Oversharing at its finest. Penny is banished to the second car. Howard states this car is the “Love Car”. Bernadette and Howard begin to sing “I Got You Babe” as a duet. It is fantastically bad. As they enter the hotel Amy says she missed Penny. Penny misses Amy too after her bad experience in the second car. Bernadette reunites with Glenn (Rick Fox), her professor in college whom she dated for a year. He addresses her as Bernie. Howard is a little troubled by his height (6 foot 7 inches) and wonders about the size of his penis. (Odd thing to wonder about.) Back in the room, Howard, still a little troubled, subtly tells Bernadette that his penis could not provide as much pleasure as Glenn’s. He also accidentally implies that Bernadette isn’t hot enough to date Glenn, but in a desperate attempt to mend the situation, he corrects himself by saying that Bernadette is too hot to date Glenn. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zkf9OvJx9PQ)(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bnti_gxTZoA) Bernadette leaves Howard and there is so much bed hopping going on that it is ridiculous. Raj just wants watch Bridget Jones’ diary. But it is the panel the next day that always does it for me. Sheldon is completely oblivious and the panel spirals out of control quickly thanks to Bernadette. Amy letting everyone in on the decoded message. And poor Leonard…. Penny leaves with Bernadette’s ex boyfriend. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJvqSbsPRj8)

  • The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition (Season 5, Episode 10) – When Amy becomes more than just a girl that is just Sheldon’s friend. At the comic book store… Amy doesn’t get why a brilliant mind like Sheldon’s enjoys comic books in the first place. (It is like the people that believe that at 30 you should stop enjoying things. As if adults don’t create content for all ages.) Amy points out that comic books are lame. Sheldon retorts with two points: how comic books tell stories through sequential arts, which goes back to 17,000 years ago with cave paintings, and that Amy plays the harp—like that is cool (sarcasm). (I laugh every time.)Stuart asks Amy if she needs help find something…  Stuart comes up to them and asks Leonard about Amy and whether she and Sheldon are a couple. Leonard answers that they are a “couple of weirdoes”. Howard asks Stuart if he is interested in Amy. Stuart says Amy did not look at him with soul-sucking, ball-shriveling hatred and contempt—and he likes that in a woman. He asked Leonard to check in with Sheldon to see if he would be okay with Stuart asking Amy out. Leonard agrees to do so. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBqAFhptPZY) At Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment after the comic book store trip, Leonard asks Sheldon whether he can talk to him about something awkward. Leonard tells him that Stuart is interested in Amy. Sheldon interrupts with “of course Amy is interesting”. Leonard says Stuart wants to know if Sheldon is fine with him asking Amy out. Sheldon replied that he is not sure how to respond, since he does not own Amy, and you cannot own a person. Leonard tells Sheldon he will just tell Stuart it is okay to ask Amy out. Sheldon tells Leonard that his question is moot since there is no way a noted neurobiologist such as Amy would find an “impoverished peddler of picture books” such as Stuart appealing. Meanwhile, at Penny’s apartment, the girls are hanging out. Amy looks at her phone and says something happened: she thinks a boy likes her. Bernadette comes over to the couch and reads the text Amy received from Stuart asking her out for a coffee sometime. Penny smiles and says that, underneath all the layers of wool and polyester, Amy is a vixen. Amy looks flattered, but Bernadette asks what Amy will do about it and whether Stuart knows that Amy has a boyfriend. Penny interrupts and says that Amy does not have a boyfriend, but she has a Sheldon. She asks whether Amy likes Stuart. Amy says she does not know, but notes that Stuart is nice and funny, and has an indication of an overactive thyroid gland which she thinks is “hot”. Penny suggests that they all love Sheldon, but Amy has been with him for over a year now and, if it is not going anywhere, it would not hurt for her to look around. Bernadette agrees with Penny since Sheldon and Amy are not engaged like she and Howard are. At Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment, the guys are playing the “Wild West and Witches” expansion pack. Leonard indicates that the guys should go easy on Sheldon since Amy was out with Stuart. Howard expresses his mock disbelief that Sheldon’s technique of “condescension and no sex” renders him unable to hold on to a woman.  Sheldon suddenly comments that the three of them are the ones obsessed with Amy and Stuart, so they should ask themselves who is really being ridiculous. The next day, at the university cafeteria, Leonard peeks at the screen and expresses his disbelief that Sheldon “friended” Stuart on Facebook. Howard says he thought Sheldon did not like Facebook anymore, but Sheldon says he is a fan of anything that replaces human interaction. Raj implies that Sheldon is just checking up on how Stuart’s date with Amy went. Sheldon, looking at Stuart’s status, says he does not care if someone shared a pumpkin latte with a “dynamite lady”. Sheldon visits Penny and asks if he could take her out on a date but she knows it is just a ploy to make Amy jealous. Sheldon denies it and wonders why everyone is so obsessed with Amy and Stuart and whether or not they are having more pumpkin lattes or having intercourse tonight. Penny tells him to strap on a pair (of testicles) and go talk to Amy. Meanwhile, Amy and Stuart are at the movies. Stuart tells Amy she can just go back if she is bored but she says she is having a nice time. Sheldon suddenly barges into the row they were sitting in, greets Stuart, and sits next to Amy. Puzzled, she asks him what he is doing there. Sheldon explains that the thought of her sitting in a darkened theater with someone like Stuart is repellent. He adds “no offense” to Stuart.  Amy apologizes to Sheldon if this time is making him uncomfortable, but says that, given the current status of their relationship, she can be in any repellent situation she wants. (I would not apologize to him. He is funny but is a nut job.) Stuart begins to interrupt, but Sheldon tells him he is being rude so he goes back to being quiet. Amy asks Sheldon if there is anything else so he tells her he wants to change the paradigm of their relationship. Amy says she is listening. Sheldon begins by reminding her that nothing will change in terms of physical or otherwise. He says that he will no longer object if they do not refer to Amy as “not his girlfriend”. Amy says it is interesting but tells him to try again without the quadruple negative. Sheldon tells her she is being impossible so she slides over to Stuart and says “Hi, Stuart”, prompting Sheldon to say “fine” and ask her directly if she will be his girlfriend. Amy says “yes” and Sheldon notes “that is enough” and immediately stands up. He tells them to enjoy their date and gives Stuart a one dollar bill for his trouble, telling him to get himself a pack of Sour-Patch Kids. Amy smiles at Stuart and nods. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydsYSN2mke4) Enter the relationship Agreement. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwuVwOhFu58)

  • The Shiny Trinket Maneuver (Season 5, Episode 12) – Tiaras are the way to go guys. If you are ever in hot water, remember that. Sheldon and Amy encounter their first problem in their boyfriend/girlfriend relationship when Amy is hurt because Sheldon is not impressed by her latest scientific accomplishment, and Penny must help him with it. At the Cheesecake Factory, Sheldon and Amy are on a date as, according to their Relationship Agreement, Date Night is every second Thursday of the month, and in the case of there being five Thursdays in a month, Date Night will be on the third Thursday instead. Amy reveals her very good news, that she has a paper that will be on the cover of Neuron, a prestigious science journal. Sheldon counters with his news that he has reached 100 followers on Twitter. Amy states she’s been waiting her whole life for her paper to be published like that. ANd Sheldon complete ignores her. (He can be the worst.) Amy excuses herself from the table, furious. Penny accuses (as she was listening to their conversation) Sheldon of ignoring Amy’s very good news, and that he should have been excited. Sheldon says he’s not excited at all, and Penny counters that he should act as if he is excited; just smile and think about koalas. Sheldon says Amy sees right through his koala smile. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmM0dvfPM0Y) Back at the guys’ apartment, Leonard asks whether Amy and he had a fight, and Sheldon remarks that Amy had a fight, while he was being reasonable. Leonard continues to give Sheldon tips on how to handle women. It is Leonard’s idea to buy her a gift. Sheldon and Penny enter a jewelry store, in search of something for Amy. Sheldon is immediately distracted by the pocket pocket watches, and Penny points out that Amy wouldn’t want a pocket watch. Sheldon counters, saying that perhaps she would want a boyfriend with a pocket watch. Sheldon tells the owner he is searching for an item for his girlfriend, as he got into a fight with her. The shop helper then shows them some items consisting of diamonds, and goes on to say they are having a sale. Sheldon’s attention is then diverted back to the pocket watches, which he ends up buying. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13Tsir6hQio) In Penny’s apartment, Sheldon is waiting on Amy’s arrival (using his new pocket watch), as Penny tricked her to come over (under the pretense that the girls would hang out). Amy is still hostile towards Sheldon, and also a little disappointed in Penny, but says that that won’t last long. Sheldon says he is sorry and congratulates Amy on her accomplishment, showing his koala smile, which she recognizes as being fake. Penny brings over the package with the jewelry in it, and Amy rants on about how Sheldon is the shallowest person she knows, trying to buy her forgiveness with a gift. She stops mid-rant upon seeing the gift, exclaiming “Oh, it’s a tiara!” Overjoyed about owning a tiara, she instantly forgives Sheldon and hops over to Penny repeatedly exclaiming “Put it on me!”. Amy then declares herself a princess then kisses and hugs Sheldon where he stands. He awkwardly returns the hug, deciding a tiara was too much of a gift. Everything about this episode tickles me. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8i_WpYc3YI4) The tiara was too much.

  • The Vacation Solution (Season 5, Episode 16) – When Sheldon has to take a vacation, he ends up testing his relationship with Amy when he goes to work in her lab.  President Siebert comes by in a bad mood looking for Sheldon. Sheldon has to take his required vacation even though Sheldon doesn’t see the need for them. Siebert tells him to take a trip and suggests Afghanistan. (I have encountered many people who did not want to take vacation at all. And were forced to take time off by their job. Seen it. But when I was forced to take off that wasn’t going to roll over…. I would not get another job.) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ev0vVnbM-l8) The next day, Leonard enjoys the Sheldon-free ride to work where he can listen to music until he finds him hiding in the back seat almost causing an automobile accident. Sheldon wants to be snuck into the university to do work, but Leonard drives him right back home. hey try to come up with a vacation idea for the finicky Sheldon. After shooting down Hawaii and Florida, Richard Feynman, a brilliant physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project, once took his vacation in a biology lab. Bingo, Poor Amy… Sheldon is excited to be working in Amy’s lab, and Amy’s glad to have her boyfriend with her since it’s romantic. Amy thinks of it like Madame Curie and her husband working together under the glow of the radium that eventually killed her. Sheldon’s first assignment is to clean some beakers for her which Sheldon thinks is beneath him. Amy explains that he has no experience in biology. Sheldon cleans the beakers, only they have soap spots and has to do them over again. His next task of counting spores seemed much more up his alley though Amy makes him lose count. Finally he asks for a challenge and has to cut the hair-thin locus coeruleus from a brain sample, which he has no idea how to do. As his scalpel hand is trembling, he cuts his thumb instead and faints at seeing his blood. Amy remarks, “Sure, you’re a biologist.” Sheldon apologizes to Amy and still has to finish cleaning the beakers. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AduM3q13mXs) Sheldon apologizes later on to Amy and still has to finish cleaning the beakers.

  • The Rothman Disintegration (Season 5, Episode 17) –Sheldon doing sports…. Sign me up. Sheldon and his rival Barry Kripke fight it out over the availability of a new office. Penny gets a gift from Amy that really tests their friendship and it doesn’t end well. The guys return from a retirement party for Professor Rothman, theoretical physicist, who had a breakdown and went insane. The others wonder about Sheldon. (Lol…. I can see that.) Walking by Dr. Rothman’s office, Sheldon calls dibs on it, though they find Barry Kripke inside already measuring it for curtains. Sheldon claims seniority over Kripke and both go to President Siebert to settle it while he was trying to go to the bathroom. He tells them to decide it for themselves, mainly because he doesn’t care.  Since there’s so many things both of them are good at, Raj asks them what one thing is that both of them are bad at. Both Sheldon and Kripke give the answer: sports. Sheldon and Kripke go to the gym and try to play basketball. The first one to hit a free throw wins. Forty-five minutes later no one has made one so they decide whoever bounces the ball highest gets the office. Sheldon wins and gets the office. But its fantastic to watch… and gotta love some Sheldon knees. At one point, Sheldon gets hit in the head by the basketball and complains that Kripke did it on purpose. Leonard points out that it wasn’t done on purpose. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Sncajj-zcw) Poor Sheldon. The office is not all it cracked up to be. Sheldon is decorating his new office, though Rothman is still in it. He is naked and thinks that no one can see him because he is “invisible”. Sheldon sees many problems with the office, including the fact that it is directly under the geology lab: he can hear the sieve shakers. He gets his head stuck in the hole trying to figure out what was in there. He tells Leonard to get some help, but only after he takes a picture of Sheldon and posts it to Facebook.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym5UVKnRMbA) Amy shows up at Penny’s door with a huge present as a thank you for being her friend. Penny is clearly embarrassed, opens it and finds an ugly brownish painting of the two of them celebrating their friendship. She can’t come to tell Amy that she hates it. Thoughtful Amy brought tools to immediately hang it which also thrills Penny. ( Later, Penny looks at the painting with Bernadette, who agrees it is big and ugly, Bernadette thinks that it makes Penny look like a “man” in it. Penny suggests that she tell Amy that she had to take it down because Bernadette is jealous. She quickly tells her not to since Amy might get her one. Penny, Amy, and Bernadette are at the apartment and watching “Grease”. Amy’s mother never let her watch it because she thought it would encourage her to join a gang. Bernadette and Amy leave, but not before she says goodbye to the figures in the painting. Penny takes down the painting; however, Amy comes back to borrow the “Grease” DVD and catches her. Penny tries to play it off, but Amy is heartbroken and she takes it away. . Penny tries to apologize and she tells Amy that Bernadette was jealous. The next day, Penny runs over to Amy’s apartment to salvage their friendship. They both hang it on the wall with her entertainment center where the audience can’t see it. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSHV9S43NPQ)

  • The 43 Peculiarity (Season 6, Episode 8) –Sheldon mentions one day in the cafeteria that he could, in theory, build a containment field to open a wormhole to another dimension the size of a Frisbee. When Sheldon leaves, he hands the napkin, on which he has been doodling some thought on a wormhole generator, to Howard. Howard wants to know if he wants to build it. After Sheldon leaves, Howard notices that Sheldon’s pristine schedule has a lapse of 20 minutes every afternoon where no one knows where he goes or what he does.  Raj and Howard corner him in the hallway by his office, and Sheldon denies that anything is unusual. They then ask his assistant Alex, and she reveals that even she doesn’t know where he goes. (Obsession much? Sometimes I wondered if they had actual work to do.) ( Unable to solve what 43 means, Howard installs a spare camera from the Mars rover project so they can spy on Sheldon in the storage room. The next day, Howard and Raj watch the video feed and are stunned when they see Sheldon use an unknown machine to create a small wormhole in the room. Sheldon mentions aloud into a recorder that he hasn’t found life in 43 parallel universes, and thrusts his head through the wormhole. Sheldon backs out, screaming as a reptilian creature eats his face. Raj and Howard scream as Sheldon’s prop for the creature is dropped on their laptop from behind them and they scream again. Sheldon had found the camera and created a phony video to cover up what he was really doing. Sheldon explains that what he did with his spare time was none of their business, but was centered around giving his mind a break from his struggles with understanding social behavior and the mental bombardment caused by his work. Later, Sheldon is seen in the storeroom playing with a Hacky Sack, telling himself that he’ll never reach 43 consecutive hits again. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqa48tqNOj8) Leonard is jealous of Penny and her partner for a school project. Penny is texting a fellow English student named Cole, who’s working with her on an oral class project. Jealous, Leonard asks if he and Penny are still dating and is convinced that Cole is flirting with Penny, but Penny denies it and says that he’s just being nice. Later, when Cole comes over to Penny’s to work on the project, Leonard spies on him from his apartment. Leonard follows him down the stairs and tells him to watch out for “Penny’s boyfriend”, saying that he was a gang member. When Cole says that Penny told him that her boyfriend was a scientist, Leonard makes the excuse that “The Scientists” was the name of his gang. Penny witnesses the lies. (He is jealous of Cole but doesn’t realize that Alex is hitting on him.) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQDD1VVsBkk) Penny is very upset with Leonard, and the two later meet in the hallway and have an argument. Penny tells him that she cannot believe that he cannot trust her and that he embarrassed her in front of Cole. who knew who he was since his picture is on her refrigerator. Penny continues to tell him that he is the one she is with and accidentally mentions that he knows that she loves him. Leonard is stunned and tells her that that is the first she ever said that. Penny rushes off to work to avoid crying in front of him, also allowing Leonard to run off and cry, too. Leonard walks into his apartment sniffling and says to himself that she loves me. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld2nBwHeDxQ)

  • The Fish Guts Displacement (Season 6, Episode 10) – Sheldon does have some redeeming qualities… and you can see them from time to time… More and more when he is with Amy. But this is the spanking episode. Enough said. Amy starts to enjoy Sheldon taking care of her when she gets the flu. Sheldon arrives at Amy’s dressed to attend a funeral and finds her in a bathrobe with the flu. Amy asks if he is going to take care of her per their Relationship Agreement, but Sheldon leaves saying that the clause is so she can take care of him. Amy says goodnight and Sheldon head down the hall but returns to her door and knocks. Sheldon explains that he has a commitment to her in writing to care for her and that as his girlfriend he is concerned about her well-being. This surprises Amy who thanks him though Sheldon still comments, “Now let’s get this over with”. Sheldon is checking Amy’s temperature of 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit and it is the same as half an hour before. He tells Amy that she isn’t trying to get better. He asks if she believes in the placebo effect and then gives her a Tic Tac, telling her that it is a strong flu medication. Amy doesn’t like his bedside manner and tries to get to sleep. Sheldon said that she can’t sleep because he is not done taking care of her. He has to put a cold rag on her head, sing to her (presumably “Soft Kitty”) and rub Vicks on her chest which is exactly what his mother did and what Penny did for him when he was sick. Amy perks up and says that he should start with the Vicks. He tells that it might tingle and she replies that she is counting on it. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0jxV_y_Nv4) Later, Sheldon is reading Amy a genetics scientific book like one would read a bedtime story. Amy thanks him and asks for more Vicks. Sheldon disagrees saying that she needs to rest and that the Vicks only gets her all fired up. Bernadette visits Amy to check on her and brings some experimental drugs with some unusual side effects. While Sheldon goes to fix Amy a bath, she admits she has been well for two days and that she has been enjoying Sheldon taking care of her. She plans on telling him tomorrow, but Sheldon is now going to help her with her bathing, saying “Mama needs a bath.” The cat is out of the bag when Sheldon tells Amy that Since he was worried about the time it was taking for her to recover. He took a cheek swab from her and had a throat culture lab report made. Sheldon is disappointed in her since he thought that their relationship was based on trust and mutual respect skewed in his favor. Amy apologizes, but Sheldon thinks that she needs to be punished. Sheldon decides to go old school like his father who did not spare the rod. She is intrigued that Sheldon wants to spank her. Amy seems fine with Sheldon spanking her and she admits that she’s been a very bad girl. As Sheldon asks Amy if she is prepared for her punishment and she puts on some romantic music so that “the neighbors wouldn’t hear her”. When she seems to be enjoying it, she suggests that maybe he should spank her harder and he does, which she seems to enjoy even more. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQAWbo9saA4)

  • The Spoiler Alert Segmentation (Season 6, Episode 15) – Both Leonard and Amy are considering moving in with their significant others after Leonard has a fight with Sheldon. Spoiler Alert… It doesn’t work out as planned. At least for Amy and Leonard. As Leonard is reading the sixth “Harry Potter” book, Sheldon spoils it for him by telling him that Dumbledore dies. Leonard comments that if he had told Sheldon about the huge spoiler, Sheldon would have complained about it for weeks. Sheldon asks if Leonard is going to have a hissy fit. (Ugh…. Sometimes… I love him… sometimes I want to punch him in the face.) As Leonard leaves the apartment, Sheldon tells him that Dobby the Elf dies in the seventh Harry Potter book. While at Penny’s apartment, Penny listens to Leonard’s claims that Sheldon is the most egotistical and insufferable person he has met. Penny quips that they make a cute couple like Bert and Ernie from “Sesame Street”. They even teach her about words and numbers. Leonard then announces that he can’t live with him for another minute, and that he wants to move in with Penny. Penny is nervous, and an oblivious Leonard goes to make plans to move in. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2-2U80eMfA) (For a smart guy, Leonard can be really dumb… he didn’t even ask her if that was okay.) Sheldon is loading a box of Leonard’s collectibles with Amy when she proposes that she move in with Sheldon, using her knowledge of his quirks to up her chances; she concludes that she is ideal roommate, and makes plans to move in, much like Leonard has done with Penny. (She discusses it with Sheldon unlike Leonard does with Penny… but doesn’t really wait for his input.) Terrified, Sheldon appeals to Leonard and Penny, imploring for Leonard to return and that changes will be made to the Roommate Agreement. Penny is open to listening to Sheldon but Leonard is not. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2-2U80eMfA) In apartment 4A, Amy is serving Chinese food exactly how Sheldon likes it. Sheldon asks Amy whether them living together will take the mystery out of their relationship; Amy denies it. She then shows him a script for their phone answering machine message. Sheldon says that the situation cannot happen. Stricken, Amy angrily inquires why she cannot live with him. Sheldon pins this problem on Penny, since she doesn’t want Leonard to live with her. Amy runs over to Penny’s to confront her. As the standoff takes place, Penny explains to Leonard that she is not ready to live with him. Amy is upset with Sheldon’s deception, and she and Penny retire to Penny’s apartment, leaving Leonard and Sheldon to return to their own apartment and watch some of The Walking Dead. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RDq_ihD09k) Sheldon lets a spoiler slip, though he hastily assures Leonard that it is ambiguous.

  • The Closure Alternative (Season 6, Episode 21) – Amy tries to help Sheldon with his “closure” obsession where he has to make sure that everything is completed. Sheldon is looking through his DVR and trying to find what to delete. Leonard tells him to clear off the system and erase his Alphas episodes. Sheldon replies that there is a season 2 cliffhanger so he wants to keep it until season 3 starts. Leonard lets him know that there is no season 3 and the show had been canceled which disturbs Sheldon. He then declares that he’s going to call the SyFy channel to complain. Sheldon feels that they are obligated to help the viewer let go. Firefly made a movie after it was canceled. Buffy the Vampire Slayer continued as a comic book. And Heroes slowly lowered the quality season by season until fans were grateful it ended. Penny feels sorry for whoever gets the call. Leonard disagrees and says that if they didn’t want to hear from crazy nerds, they shouldn’t have started a SyFy Channel. Sheldon is on the phone claiming to be the SyFy vice president of programming telling them that they made a huge mistake in canceling Alphas. They recognize him from a previous phone call and hang up on him. Amy explains that he has a pathological need for closure. She can help him retrain his neural pathways to help him out. Sheldon denies that he has a problem, so Amy knocks five times (Shave and a haircut), Sheldon finishes it with two knocks (Two bits) claiming that it proves nothing. (Do people do this? Seems like a hard thing to do… but I am not a psychiatrist.) Amy takes Sheldon through a series of OCD Exercises, where she won’t let him finish things to help him with his compulsive need for closure. She tells him that they are in a world where closure is not always an op—–. Sheldon waits as she picks at her nails and then shouts “tion”. She tells him that she plans to help reprogram his brain so that his need for closure is not so overwhelming. She starts by playing tic-tac-toe with him and erases it before he can win. She asks how it makes him feel and Sheldon says that he wants to pull his face off and shred it. Amy tells him that he can do it. Sheldon reacts with that she doesn’t know how it is to be completely frustrated, have it build up inside her without any means of release. Amy just looks at him probably thinking about her own sexual frustration. “Yea, sounds like a drag.” she replies. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4VDS85qiIs) In apartment 4A, Amy is playing the American national anthem and doesn’t play the last note as Sheldon’s nose twitches. Next Sheldon has hundreds of dominoes set up on the floor for toppling. Amy tells him that his setup is impressive, but now he has to put them away. Next Sheldon has a child’s jack-in-the-box that Amy doesn’t let him pop out the clown figure. She takes it away from Sheldon as he gets more agitated. Amy then has a birthday cake that she tells him to blow out the candles and covers one of them so he doesn’t get his wish. He quietly says to himself that she is lucky because he wished that she was dead. Amy is getting ready to leave as Sheldon tells her that despite his initial skepticism, he does believe that it was a trans-formative evening. Amy is surprised that he is so positive. Sheldon calls her a wonderful neuroscientist, an excellent girlfriend and… She asks “And??” He tells her that it doesn’t matter. Amy says she is proud of him as she leaves. Behind the closed door Sheldon finishes, “…and a complete sucker.”  He finishes the tic-tac-toe game, blows out the birthday candles, pops up the jack-in-the-box, sings the full national anthem, and resets the dominoes and knocks them all down. Sheldon rolls over appearing to have had an orgasm, when Penny pops in and says that she loves having him in her life. Sheldon replies offhandedly that he loves her too. Penny gives him one of her confused looks and leaves without question. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r60lVSiF1AA)

  • The Locomotive Manipulation (Season 7, Episode 15) – Shamy’s first kiss… Like officially… I am here for it… although it is a rocky start. Sitting on the couch in Sheldon’s apartment, Amy and Sheldon are conducting the annual state of the relationship summit. Item 29, is Valentine’s Day where Amy is determined that both of them can enjoy her plan; going to a bed and breakfast in Napa Valley. Sheldon dislikes eating dinner with strangers, but Amy has arranged for the Wolowitzes to join them. He then worries about scandalous talk surrounding them sharing a room which Amy counters, having got them separate bedrooms. She has also arranged for them to travel on a vintage train which overjoys Sheldon, although he resists the sudden urge to hug her. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hTl-zJ5jP4) Entering the dining car, Sheldon finds the place magnificent and thinks that this night will be the best Valentine’s Day ever. He almost says that he loves it, but first wants to check to see if there are any hobos on the train.  A fellow dorky train enthusiast answers Sheldon’s questions from the table next to them. He describes the coupler and the sound it makes, enthralling Sheldon. Amy looks unhappy and Howard concludes that if he hears any more train talk, he’ll happily jump off the train. (Poor Amy… but Sheldon’s friends did warn her.) ( Sheldon has joined his new friend while they both do various train impressions. Amy, listening to the train talk, mimes blowing her brains out to Howard and Bernadette. Sheldon’s friend Eric repeatedly tells him that he had an accident at UPS and now just rides trains and collects disability. Bernadette gets Sheldon return to their table – but invites Eric to join them. Bernadette sighs that now they have “two of them”. The trainiacs are exchanging train trivia. Howard, Amy and even the waiter are getting tired of the Sheldon and Eric. Sheldon doesn’t want their day to end and Amy agrees that she feels that it’s going on forever. Eric and Sheldon head off to see the engine and meet the conductor. (Both characters are annoying as hell…) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSXP8tkWdtM) On the train, Howard and Bernadette are kissing in front of Amy, and then apologize. Sheldon and Eric return, telling Amy that they missed a great time: the train conductor has the same pocket watch as Sheldon, and has offered to come back to the bed and breakfast to play his banjo for them. Amy stands up and asks everybody to leave.  Eric also leaves, and Amy complains to Sheldon that this night was supposed to be a romantic weekend. Sheldon counters that it was supposed to be something they both enjoyed. While she admits that she may have tricked him, she insists that she deserves romance. He gets angry and shouts that if she wants romance, fine, he’ll give her romance. Then angrily says that kissing is romantic and then kisses Amy. At first he does it to prove a point, but then seems to enjoy it as he lingers for a while, stepping closer and putting his arms around her. Amy is stunned and when they break away, tells him quietly that his kiss was nice. Sheldon quietly replies “good,” and then mentions that the conductor was going to show him how they deal with a grade crossing. Still stunned Amy tells him that he can go, but Sheldon invites her to come with him. As they leave, Eric is following behind yelling at them to wait for him. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYP7mPtOvc4)

  • The Table Polarization (Season 7, Episode 16) – The gang is having take-out food for dinner. Bernadette asks if they ever thought of getting a dining room table so they can all eat together. Amy notes that they could put it by the window. Sheldon doesn’t like the idea.  He explains himself describing the change using chaos theory. Leonard translates it saying that the baby doesn’t want a table. Leonard invites Sheldon to join Penny and him table shopping. Sheldon is too busy falling back in love with Windows 98. He has set up his old tower computer in the unused area by the window claiming it as his new spot. He has several thousand updates for his old operating system. They haven’t used the junk by the window for years. (I could see someone punching him.) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAtIFGpve3Y) Penny and Leonard are looking at tables at a furniture store. Penny likes a table made of reclaimed wood which would not appeal to Sheldon since he is worried that the original owners might reclaim it. Penny tells Leonard that he should stand up to Sheldon more often. Leonard says that he is living too much in his head. Sheldon chooses what TV shows they watch, what food they eat, what is Leonard’s favorite hobbit. Leonard agrees and chooses a glass topped dining room table which Penny doesn’t like. He then changes to another one that Penny does like. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuTX9j17kBs) After the new dining room table is set up where everyone can sit around it and it has a great view out the window. Sheldon’s spot has a great view out a window called a television. After Penny’s prodding, Leonard tells Sheldon that he is going to stand up to him more. Sheldon then exclaims that the problem isn’t the table, the problem is how Penny has changed Leonard and that Sheldon can no longer manipulate him. Penny gets angry and says that that is what happens in relationships and that Amy has changed him. Before Sheldon didn’t want to touch another human being and now he is holding hands and even making out with her. Sheldon is shocked that Amy told Penny.  Sheldon realizes that Amy has changed his personality so he has to break up with her. After Sheldon leaves, Penny calls Amy. After Amy learns that Leonard bought the table, she jumps to the conclusion that Sheldon is on the way over to break up with her. Sheldon shows up at Amy’s Apartment to break up with her by signing a portion of their relationship agreement.  Amy agrees with Sheldon and has already moved on. Amy tells him to have a nice life. She then manipulates Sheldon into believing Leonard manipulated him. Amy convinces him their breakup is not about them, it is about Leonard taking Sheldon’s attention about that awful table. Leonard is manipulating him like he always does. Leonard also knows that Amy would support Sheldon since she is his girlfriend and Leonard wants them to break up according to Amy. Then Sheldon wonders if Amy was manipulating him however Amy says that he is smart enough to see that. (Sheldon is so smart that he doesn’t even see when he is being manipulated.) Amy and Sheldon return to apartment 4A with Sheldon saying that Leonard’s attempt to break them up didn’t work. Sheldon repeats everything that Amy says including that their relationship is stronger than ever. Leonard objects to Sheldon’s complaints about change. Sheldon’s favorite spot is on a couch that Leonard bought. He wants to know how that change is good while the table change is not. Sheldon is speechless until Amy says that he doesn’t have to explain himself. Amy then says that he is sick of Leonard’s nonsense and ready to move in with Amy. Sheldon then tells Leonard to just keep the table which Amy feels that she got too cocky. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJJ0LY8TiIE)

  • The Indecision Amalgamation (Season 7, Episode 19) – PS4 or Xbox 1? Well poor Sheldon never decides. Or I should say poor Amy? Sheldon is moving up and down while sitting at his computer and complaining how full his bladder is. Leonard tells him to do the obvious thing and to go, but Sheldon is trying to decide which new video game system to buy, Xbox One or PS4. To assist in his decision making process, he learned that it is better to have a full bladder according to a study he found on the Internet. It is his scene with Amy that always makes me laugh. While having their date night dinner at Amy’s Apartment, Sheldon can’t stop talking to Amy about his video game system conundrum. Amy asks him to pass the butter. As he is getting the butter, Sheldon remarks that he doesn’t think Amy is paying enough attention to his subject. She apologizes and then fakes an interest with overly enthusiastic comments. She agrees that it is very tough to make a decision. Sheldon asks her what he should do and she bangs on the table saying, “Please pass the butter!” A shocked Sheldon ends up handing the butter to her while staring at her. At the end of date night, Sheldon thanks her for dinner and gets ready to leave. Amy asks him if he is forgetting something since it’s date night. Sheldon realizes what he had forgotten and willingly goes over to kiss her goodbye. They seem to enjoy it, but he continues to discuss video game systems during the kiss. Amy and Sheldon walk into Best Buy ready to purchase the Xbox One game system. He reverts to indecision after thinking about the times he was wrong about the electronic purchases he has made in the past. Amy is definitely peeved. Amy offers to buy him both systems; however, Sheldon doesn’t have room for both units in his entertainment center. Amy will get him a new entertainment center which then requires another decision. She then tosses a coin for him. Sheldon catches it. Amy asks which it is and Sheldon merely calls it a quarter instead of Obverse and heads or Obverse and tails, still unable to make a decision. Then he throws it away. Returning to Best Buy, Sheldon is sitting on the floor still worrying about his decision with Amy leaning against him. An employee tells them the retail store is closed, the cash registers are shut down and that they must leave without buying either system. Sheldon breaks down to tears. Amy offers to buy Sheldon dinner to make him feel better, but Sheldon can’t decide where to eat. Then he finds Amy’s quarter. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZA2770_f84)

  • The Prom Equivalency (Season 8, Episode 8) – The girls decide to reenact their high school proms with their guys since no one except for Penny had memorable ones (Sheldon didn’t even go to his). We get a Shamy I love you and I am here for it. Sheldon change is slight but I enjoy it. Amy didn’t go to her prom, but was on the clean-up crew. The DJ let her dance with her mop to “The Lady in Red”. Bernadette’s date liked her friend and he spent the whole prom talking about her. Amy is miffed because Bernadette had a date and a friend and wants her to stop bragging. Penny feels that proms are silly. Bernadette figures that she went with the captain of the football team. Penny denies it and only made out with him while his date got sick. Bernadette suggests that they have a prom do-over. They could fix up the roof, make the guys wear tuxedos, slow dance and fix up their hair. As someone who has been to seven proms, it is never as good as you want it to be. The themes were four “Under the Seas”, two “Enchanted Evenings” and one “Night to Remember” which Penny ironically can’t remember. Howard joins, Leonard, Sheldon, Penny and Raj for take-out in Apartment 4A. The other girls are out dress shopping. Raj has wanted to go to a prom ever since he saw “Pretty in Pink” and then changed his mind after seeing “Carrie”. He changed his mind again after seeing “Never Been Kissed”. According to Howard, Bernadette is so excited that her voice got high enough for the beagle next door to start howling. Bernie is on her laptop telling Howard that everyone accepted their invitations. She claims to be very excited as her voice goes way up and the beagle next door does start howling. Even Stuart is bringing a date. Howard is not happy because he figures Stuart is bringing his mother as his date. Bernadette claims that Howard took her to his prom. Sheldon knocks on Penny’s door more than three times. Just in case he is in a rush someday and could use a few in the bank. Since both he and Penny are not completely happy about the prom, Sheldon has figured out how they can still enjoy it. They can pretend to be aliens just like the alien Ford Prefect in the book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” who wanted to blend in among the humans. Sheldon did the same thing the night he went to see her first theatrical production. For her performance, the alien in question gave Penny seven thumbs up. Penny changes the subject and asks if he will be participating in any post-prom mating rituals. Sheldon tells Penny that he wants to participate in the whole experience, he is open to it. Penny thinks that he is kidding; however, Sheldon wants to do it as the alien where Amy fires her eggs at him and he catch them in some external alien sex organ. Sheldon is not the best at reading facial expressions; however, he thinks that his comments are turning Penny on. Sheldon is now officially interested in the prom do-over. (Sheldon never disappoints.) Leonard is helping Sheldon fix the tie on his tuxedo those he mentions that Sheldon could use a clip-on tie. Sheldon comments that Bruce Wayne doesn’t use a clip-on. Bruce Wayne also doesn’t have his roommate help him put it on. Sheldon counters that that does happen and his roommate’s name is Alfred (his butler). The tie looks perfect which pleases Sheldon since he wants everything for his first prom to go right. He is not going to pretend to be an alien since Penny and everybody else didn’t want to do it. Sheldon gets out a flask. He is going to spike the punch though only with pomegranate juice. Also, he plans to have his picture taken, slow dance and get elected prom king, though being king is a hereditary title and not an elected position. Leonard tells him not to feel any pressure about having sex even though all his friends are. Sheldon begins to worry, but Leonard assures him that it was only a joke. Leonard and Sheldon go over to Penny’s to pick up the girls. Penny is wearing her old red prom dress and Leonard thinks she looks amazing, as she does with him. Amy is wearing a turquoise dress and tells Sheldon that he looks handsome. Penny asks him if he thinks Amy looks hot and whether that is getting his alien sex organs excited. Sheldon begins to stress out and excuses himself, claiming that he can’t do it. Sheldon is in his room with Amy knocking on the door. Sheldon doesn’t want her to come in because according to his message board, he is having a panic attack. Sheldon tells Amy that he is worrying that they are going to a prom and there is a lot of pressure to participate in what Mr. Eubanks of “The Newlywed Game” calls making whoopee. Amy insists that all she said was that he looks handsome. Sheldon goes to the door and mentions that Penny and Leonard were also on the same subject. He also saw how great his posterior looked in his tuxedo pants. Back outside Sheldon’s room, Amy says that she is not going to miss another prom and is going upstairs without him. Sheldon opens the door to come stop her by saying “I really did think you looked pretty”. She stops in her tracks “You did?” He explains that’s why he felt overwhelmed. There’s a lot of pressure on him about after-prom traditions. Amy says “just because it is prom, doesn’t mean we have to spend the night together”. “But you were hoping that we would?” asked Sheldon. Amy says “I’m always hoping”. But tonight, she simply wanted to have a nice time and dance with somebody who has arms. Sheldon thanks her for understanding. Amy says that of course she understands and that there is something that she has wanted to tell him, but she understands if he doesn’t feel the same way. Sheldon then surprises Amy by saying that he loves her too. Amy says. “You said it.” Sheldon does not deny that he has feelings for her and there was no other way to explain them though he briefly though it was a brain parasite. He can only conclude that it is love which causes Amy to have a panic attack. Sheldon tells her that she should lie down and Amy runs into his room. Then he calls to her that just because he said “I love you”; it doesn’t mean that girls are allowed in his room. Amy leaves.
    (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EAWCPKDMkc) He can only have so much breakthrough at one time.

  • The Anxiety Optimization (Season 8, Episode 13) – Sheldon wants to increase his anxiety level to improve his work performance. (This in itself sounds like foolishness.) Amy gets involved and hilarity ensues. Leonard and Penny are heading out for a date when Sheldon asks them for help testing his new noise cancelling headphones. Leonard first asks him if he can hear him and then that he hasn’t change the water pitcher filter in two years. Penny tells him that Bernadette’s nickname for him is the “virgin pina colada”. Leonard admits that Sheldon’s George Lucas autograph was made by him. Penny admits to having used Sheldon’s toothbrush. As Leonard starts to say that while he was asleep one time Amy took off her…finishing with and that’s why you’re the best roommate ever as Sheldon takes off his headphones. Sheldon is working on a dark matter theory that doesn’t make protons radioactive decay. He has been optimizing his work environment to make himself more efficient. His tea is the right sipping temperature; he is wearing fuzzy boxer shorts and has the “Hang in there” kitty poster with Richard Feynman’s picture on it. He works on it all night keep repeating the words “Proton Decay” over and over while wearing his noise cancelling headphones. Leonard returns and scares him when he touches his shoulder and asks him how he was doing. Sheldon runs off. Sheldon thinks that he has created too pleasant of an environment to work in. To maximize performance he must create a state of productive anxiety. He wants the guys to go out of their way to make his life miserable which they are glad to do. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL2rUGSevxc) Sheldon is in Amy’s lab wearing a cap with sensors on it and taking a test to set a baseline for his work performance. Since he finished a maze, he wants a treat like a mouse would have been rewarded with. Amy reminds him that his brain would also have been removed with tweezers. To check his problem solving rate, Amy starts to make noises rubbing the outside of a balloon. Sheldon gets annoyed and pops the balloon. Sheldon was aiming for her heart. She needs to irritate him to find his optimal anxiety zone. Sheldon vetoed tickling, polka music and watching Amy eat a banana. She eats it sideways because “that’s the way a good girl does it”, according to her mother. Amy explains that he is a great scientist who needs to be patient until he makes his scientific breakthrough. Also if he only does solid research, what does it matter? Sheldon feels that she is insulting him which drives his anxiety level up. This result makes him happy which drive the level down. Frustrated his level goes up again starting an anxiety cycle that he continues. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaXzyQ5qC0c) (The line about eating a banana always does me in.) On Shamy’s date night, Sheldon is still pursuing his obsession which really bothers Amy. He says he can do two things at once, but his responses to her attempts at conversation show clearly he doesn’t hear her. Amy is worried about him because he hasn’t been sleeping or eating and the cap is starting to smell. she demands that Sheldon take the cap off. Sheldon appreciates the nagging which helps his anxiety level. Amy tells him that he agreed to not bring their work to date night. She wants him to take off the cap and put away the notebook even though he is making his most progress in months. Amy doesn’t want him to drive himself crazy. ( Penny and Leonard walk Sheldon to his bedroom though he doesn’t see the “President of Science”. They get him to lie down in bed though Sheldon tells them that he is not going to sleep. He refuses to go to sleep and tells them that they can’t make him sleep. Sheldon is already to make another Richard Feynman poster when Penny starts to sing Soft Kitty to him and Leonard joins in. He finally goes to sleep. Sheldon is so peaceful that they once again kid themselves that they could easily use his pillow to smother him.

  • The Commitment Determination (Season 8, Episode 24)- The Shamy break up… My heart hurt for Amy… Sheldon did need time to appreciate all that he has in his life. Sheldon and Amy are making out on the couch. Amy can’t believe that it’s been five year|years since their first date. Sheldon agrees and then asks if he should start watching the new Flash Television series. Amy loses her smile and asks if that was what he was thinking about. Amy wants to know if any of the thoughts he was having was about her.  He was thinking about her because he was going to ask her if he should watch the television show. Sheldon tries to kiss her again and Amy waves him off. Sheldon as usual misinterprets her and says that she killed the mood. She protests that he killed the mood talking about the Flash. Sheldon feels that weighing the pros and cons of starting a new television show is very important because it will go on for years and Sheldon is wrestling with a big commitment issue. “That’s the commitment issue [he is] wrestling with?” asks a disturbed Amy. Amy asks him, “Sheldon, do you understand the irony of your fixation on a man with super-speed, while after five years, all I can get out of you is a distracted make-out session on a couch?” Sheldon is still not good with irony, but can occasionally get better with sarcasm. Can Amy do that? “Oh, sure I’d love to,” quips Amy. Sheldon then tells her to start whenever she’s ready. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTi5xFOZUIc) Come on Sheldon…. Do better. Be Better. UGH. I saw this coming. Leonard and Penny come back to the apartment, heldon wants some help with his relationship dilemma with Amy;  Penny asks if he was talking just before she got mad. Sheldon replied that he was. Penny remarks that that is probably the problem. Sheldon explains that he asked her about the Flash series while they were necking like a couple of hooligans under the school bleachers. Penny tells him that the girl expects the attention to be on her when kissing her. Sheldon tells her that it was, since he did ask her about the Flash series. Penny jumps in, pointing out that he was talking about a TV show on their date night. Not just that, it was their fifth anniversary. Sheldon, Leonard and Penny are having the dinner that Leonard cooked. Sheldon still hasn’t heard from Amy in over 24 hours. He thinks that she should have figured out she was wrong by this time. Penny agrees with Amy that Sheldon has been taking their relationship too slowly. After five years they haven’t even slept together. Sheldon calls that foreplay. He also insists that Leonard and Penny is also taking theirs slowly, so Penny waves her engagement ring under his nose. Penny counters that they are not in a rush. Leonard and Penny explain that they are currently focusing on their careers. They will set a date when they are ready. While cleaning up dinner, Leonard asks Penny why they haven’t picked a date. They are not in a rush, they are concentrating on their job and they are in a really good place. They haven’t even discussed any wedding plans. ndoor, because Sheldon won’t come to an outdoor wedding. Her Dad isn’t paying for it, so they decide on a small one. Penny wants it in a church. Leonard wants it to be black tie. Penny wants butterflies released which Sheldon objects to. The wedding plans sound perfect, but they still don’t have a date notes Sheldon. They both tell him to shut up. Sheldon apologizes to the couple that he got them upset. Leonard thinks that it is good he got them talking about the wedding. Sheldon perks up that even when he is complaining he still ends up making the world a better place. Sheldon is Skyping with an unhappy Amy and both have been thinking about relationships. Amy says that being his girlfriend is so challenging both physically and emotionally. She has been incredibly patient for years. Sheldon strongly disagrees. Amy says, “This isn’t easy to say because I love you, but I need some time to take a step back and reevaluate our situation.” Sheldon is shocked, but agrees. She says goodbye and ends the call. Sheldon consults the Gollum statue on his desk. He reaches into the desk and pulls out a ring box with an engagement ring. “Well Gollum, you’re an expert on rings. What do I do with this one?” he asks the statue, ending the season on a huge cliffhanger. (I think I saw the break up coming but not Sheldon having a ring.)(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmcPljg4WIU)

  • The Matrimonial Momentum (Season 9, Episode 1) – Heartbroken me… trudges on…. Leonard and Penny are at a Las Vegas wedding chapel and are picking out their wedding package. Leonard finds one that has music, flowers and streams the ceremony on the Internet. Penny has always wanted a wedding with a comment section. Sheldon then calls Leonard to tell him to not get married because women are the worst. He explains that no paper cut has ever cut him this deep. Amy has broken up with him. Leonard tells Penny. Leonard wonders if there is anything he can do. Sheldon tells him that if he ever mentions going out with a girl he should roll his eyes at him like he does when he says dumb things. Penny calls Amy as asks if she is okay. Amy wants her to come over. Penny admits that she is in Vegas getting married. Amy is shocked that she didn’t invited her and that she will try and catch the bouquet of from where she is (sarcastically). Sheldon hears Penny talking to Amy he wants her to know that he doesn’t care. Penny says that Amy isn’t missing anything special which shocks Leonard. Penny explains that Amy is upset and that they’ll have a great wedding. Sheldon wants Amy upset so he tells them to go ahead and get married. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRV0tdvMVZY) Amy is locking her apartment door, turns around and is scared by Sheldon standing in the hallway. Sheldon reminds her that she wanted time and she replies that it’s only been eleven hours. When Amy is ready to talk, she is going to let him know. Since Amy is going somewhere, Sheldon asks if they could walk together. Amy agrees until Sheldon tells him that he is glad they are going out again. Sheldon wonders if she has found someone else.  Amy is heading over to Howard and Bernadette’s to watch the wedding online. Sheldon tells her that they are his friends too and wonders why he wasn’t invited. Amy surmises that maybe they thought the two of them being there together would be awkward. Sheldon replies that they make everybody feel awkward because that is their thing. (Poor Shelly is having a hard time understanding what is happening and what is the protocol.) Amy thanked them for having her over. Bernadette asks how she is feeling, and she doesn’t know since they were together for so long. Bernadette gasps when she sees Sheldon standing outside the window. Sheldon is outside because he was told that he would make everyone feels uncomfortable. Bernadette tells Sheldon that him being there might not be making things better. Sheldon asks why everyone was invited, but him. Amy counters this by pointing out that Bernadette invited her and Stuart lived there already; however, her claim is quickly proved false when Raj enters a second later with hot cinnamon rolls. Sheldon tells Raj that Amy broke up with him. Amy corrects him that she wanted time to think. Sheldon is now anxious to know if they are broken up or not. Amy needs time to think. Sheldon retorts that she better think fast since men can sire children their entire lives and women’s eggs have a “sell-by” date. Now Sheldon has made it easy for Amy. Amy calls him immature and selfish which he has just proven by insulting her to her face. She doesn’t need any more time; they are now officially broken up. Amy then storms out with Bernadette following her. Stunned and upset, Sheldon asks for a ride home and Raj volunteers. Sometimes Shelly can’t get out of his own way. Sheldon is in his apartment on the phone to his mother. He regretfully informs her that Amy broke up with him and that he would like to send the engagement ring (which is an old family heirloom, it belonged to his great-grandmother) back to Texas. She tells him not to be too hasty. Is he sure that it is over? Sheldon insists that he is done with women. Finally, Sheldon and Leonard are at their place. Sheldon is listing reasons why men are better than women. Sheldon tells Leonard that he would never kiss him, tell him he loved him and then break up. Men are the champagne of genders. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2siu6lc9C4)

  • The Separation Oscillation (Season 9, Episode 2)- Sheldon calls up Amy on Skype, who gets upset that he doesn’t realize what a breakup is. Every time he talks to her, she gets re-traumatized. Amy wants to know what he wants. Sheldon admits that they are no longer together, but there is the baby that they made, the Internet show “Fun with Flags”. He wants her to come over and help him with the next episode; however, Amy is not going to help him. Sheldon tells her that Sonny and Cher made their show work after their divorce. Amy complains that she has talked to him more in the last two days than in the last two months of their relationship. Sheldon quips that if she doesn’t want to talk to him, maybe she should go out with him again. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71Zf_mKlF2g) Not taking the hint… he’s really not good at it…. Sheldon arrives at Amy’s apartment with a box of her personal belongings for him to return. He knocks only once so that Amy doesn’t know it’s him. Amy mentions the single knock; while Sheldon tells her that she doesn’t get to enjoy anymore of his charming eccentricities. They are not “friends with benefits”. Out of the box Amy takes out a scarf of hers and is surprised Sheldon still had it. It was from the time they went ice-skating together. Next Amy pulls out a sexy red bra which isn’t hers, but is planted by Sheldon in an attempt to make her jealous. Amy remarks that this doesn’t belong to her to which Sheldon explains: ‘I don’t remember who it belongs to either as I have been with so many different women lately’ Amy gets mad, grabs the box and slams the door on him. Sheldon then knocks on the table in the hall to finish his knocking ritual. Sheldon comes in and returns Penny’s bra to her prompting her to request an explanation, but after she is finished talking with Leonard. Amy is watching the “Fun with Flags” episode where Sheldon angrily compares everything to their broken relationship, insulting her numerous times making her want to kill him. Sheldon gives Leonard and Penny a wedding present for them; plane ticket to San Francisco and hotel accommodations. Lenny excitedly thank Sheldon, who states, “We’re gonna have such fun!”, which disappoints them (they don’t want him to go too). Suddenly there is a knock on the door, it’s Amy, fuming mad! She yells at Sheldon over posting a “Fun With Flags” episode where he talks about how much she has hurt him and compares her genitals to Czechoslovakia. She demands he takes it down from the Internet. As she closes the door, he yells: “She watched it. I’m gonna get that girl back!” Then you hear Amy reply: “Only because you emailed me the link: “Watch this, it will make you mad!” Sheldon smiles saying: ‘Yep, she still wants me!’ He then happily skips down the hallway towards his room.

  • The Spock Resonance (Season 9, Episode 7) – We get more information in this episode on how Sheldon is holding up with his break up with Amy. Sheldon enters the living area and tells Leonard and Penny that Wil Wheaton has asked him to be in a documentary about Spock and its cultural impact that Wil is making with Leonard Nimoy’s son, Adam. Asking Penny for advice, she tells him to not take off his shirt just because the director tells him to. Sheldon calls Amy and leaves her a message telling her about the documentary and saying she might want to watch it, even though they are broken up. Sheldon answers a knock at the door. Wil introduces Adam. Sheldon remarks that he really admired his father’s work and that it is not often that he meet someone who started their life’s journey in his hero’s scrotum. Wil tells Adam that Sheldon is pure gold. Leonard and Penny are watching from the kitchen island. Sheldon is sitting in his spot while Adam sets up and tries to make him comfortable.  Leonard asks Wil if he is trying to get back at Adam by having him talk to Sheldon. Sheldon first saw Spock in “The Galileo Seven” episode.  Why does Spock appeal to him? Sheldon figures that it’s the same for everyone, the dream of a cold rational world entirely without human emotion. Sheldon mentions the autographed napkin that Penny gave him. Penny then gets to wave on camera even with her shirt on. Sheldon then retrieves it from a wall safe that Leonard didn’t know they even had. Sheldon brings out a locked box that contains his most prized possessions. The napkin has a Leonard Nimoy signature and since he wiped his mouth on it, they were in the presence of Leonard Nimoy’s DNA. Penny wants to know what else is in his lock box. Next is a miniature Wil Wheaton action figure, his passport and then another Will (Last Will and Testament). Penny then asks about the ring box. Out comes the ring and Sheldon very calmly tells everyone that he was going to use to propose to his girlfriend. Penny and Leonard are equally shocked. They ask Sheldon if he bought a ring for Amy, as Sheldon says the ring was a family heirloom going back many generations. Penny wants to know if Amy knows about the ring. Sheldon states “No, she broke up with me before I could ask her.” Leonard says it must of been hard, but Sheldon claims Amy had reservations about their relationship, so he claims everything turned out for the best and he’s fine. (Very clearly he is not fine.)  Penny doubts this, which causes Sheldon to snap at her and have an emotional reaction before collecting his thoughts so they can move on with the documentary. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkoZap6mGy4) Discussing his childhood, when Sheldon came to a dilemma, he would ask what Spock would do? When he was eight years old a kid cornered him on the school play yard, so as Spock would he gave the kid his first Vulcan nerve pinch. Then the kid broke his collar bone. Adam said that that must have been very upsetting. Sheldon was not upset because like Spock he would rise above human emotions which Sheldon says that he has mastered. Penny gives him a raspberry. She feels that he is missing the whole point of Spock. He was half-human like Sheldon. He has feelings just like everybody else. Sheldon insists that he doesn’t and that even though Amy broke up with him, he doesn’t feel a thing. Penny says that he is yelling. Sheldon points out that he is only doing it because people won’t leave him alone about Amy. Sheldon says people don’t believe him that he has put all this Amy nonsense behind him. He then runs off to his bedroom. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P49NALvdl9Y) Penny and Leonard are alone and she can’t believe that Sheldon planned to propose. Leonard can’t believe he still sits on the couch after he saw what they did there. Sheldon returns saying that he feels better. They also conclude that his outburst will be in the film. Sheldon thinks that it’s ridiculous to get that upset over the Amy situation. To resolve it, he’s going to find her and propose so that they can continue their relationship. So he grabs his jacket and says that if she doesn’t accept, she can “Ponfo mirann” (go to hell), which is a Vulcan phrase. Sheldon is walking up to Amy’s apartment building, and in the distance he sees Amy saying goodnight to a tall man. {Dave}. There is a quick kiss. She turns and heads inside alone. Sheldon is devastated and leaves. (Poor Sheldon. He is clearly having a hard time with the break up. Totally been there.) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBhUyn2LBG0 sorry the opening scene is a repeat scene but it is worth a watch all the way through.)

  • The Platonic Permutation (Season 9, Episode 9) – Can the Shamy be friends? Sheldon has had a hard time… but he pulls it together for this episode. Sheldon contacts Amy to offer her the tickets for her and anyone she is dating while giving her some fishy Thanksgiving facts. Amy can tell that he wants to go, so if it’s not too awkward for him, they could go together as friends. She does think that having Thanksgiving dinner at an aquarium is awkward. He agrees and tells her that he’ll see her Thanksgiving morning. Amy then gives Sheldon his last fishy Thanksgiving fact which disappoints him. Sheldon gets into Amy’s car and they are both in good moods. Sheldon has a list of polite conversation topics so that their time together will not be awkward. Sheldon asks polite questions such as Any pets? No. Any vacations? Amy did go to visit her aunt in Bakersfield. Sheldon rattles off the high temperature for the day for the last week. Amy is tired of discussing the weather and insists that they have known each other long to conduct a conversation without an Internet list. Sheldon wonders what they should discuss. Amy replies to discuss anything that comes to mind. Sheldon wonders if she has had coitus with any of the men she has gone out with. Amy then remarks that she walked right into that. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJh8VmnZ0ow) Sheldon thinks that things have gotten awkward, but Amy dismisses it saying that they are friends and should be able to discuss anything. How many dates has she been on? Who were they with? Where did they go? Where did she meet them? Did she sleep with them? How far is it to the aquarium? She has had six different dates with three different men and either went for coffee or to dinner. One she met at a bookstore and two she met online. She slept with none of them. And the aquarium is forty minutes away. Since he is hungry she packed some Cheerios for him. She asks him if he is okay which he is. She just wants him to be happy. Though he would have been happier if she added some Apple Jacks. At the aquarium Sheldon is unhappy with the buffet because they ran out of pilgrim hats. Sheldon has them play an ocean-theme game; Food, Friend, Fight. They both play a round. Amy says that she misses this. Sheldon thinks that she means the game. She never played the game before so how could she miss it, silly. Amy then says that sometimes she is just silly. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEEOmc0kY_w) Cleaning up after dinner, Penny is glad that Sheldon had a good time with Amy. Sheldon is glad that they can function together as friends. Amy calls Sheldon on the phone on the way back from her mother’s. She had a really nice time with him earlier. She says that maybe she is ready to be his girlfriend again. Sheldon thought that she just wanted them to be friends. He adds: “I excel at many things, but getting over you is not one of them. I think I need to just be your friend”. Fighting back tears, Amy agrees. I was blown away… that meant that he really had a hard time with the break up.

  • The Earworm Reverberation (Season 9, Episode 10) – I would say that this is more of a poor Leonard and Penny. Sheldon is annoying as ever but it ends pretty cute. In the middle of the night (0225 hours) Sheldon is documenting his descent into madness on his phone. He needs to urinate, but it is still hours till his scheduled morning urination. He feels he is losing his grasp on reality and may soon forget what a toilet is. Two days earlier Sheldon and Leonard are in working on a physics problem. Sheldon is humming to himself though at first he doesn’t realize he was humming. After Sheldon knows that he is humming he tries to figure it out and fix words to it. Leonard wants to work telling Sheldon just has an earworm that will disappear. Sheldon keeps working on it, while Leonard asks if they are going to be doing that all night.  Sheldon was surprised that he even asked. Later, Sheldon is on the phone trying to get someone to help him with the tune and is surprised the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame couldn’t help him. Penny remarks that everyone gets a song stuck in their head. Sheldon has an eidetic memory and should remember it. He’s thinks that there is something wrong with him. Now Sheldon fears that he is starting his descent into madness where he tests the limits of public nudity. That means going barefoot outdoors. Meanwhile, Amy nervously calls Dave asking if he wanted to try going on another date. He is happy to do so especially how he acted on their last date. (Dave spent the whole date talking about Sheldon and how great he is… much to Amy’s discomfort. Dave is pretty funny when not talking about Sheldon though.) Sheldon is sitting at his piano playing the tune over and over again. Penny suggests that he take a break. Sheldon’s other project is to leave his future crazy self-messages. Music is bad. Penny is his friend and he can accept any food that she gives him, especially since he probably paid for it already. Bernadette visits Amy discussing her next date with Dave. Amy tells her that Sheldon turned her down. And that Dave was talking all night about Sheldon which is what Sheldon always did. He promised not to bring him up. Amy is making him dinner which Bernadette says is a big step since it could lead to sex. Maybe that’s what Amy needs. Bernadette reacts that making her first time with a guy six-foot-seven is like taking her driving test with a bus. Penny and Leonard are trying to sleep as Sheldon pays the tune over and over again on his piano. Leonard insists that Penny go deal with it since he had to all day. Penny goes into Sheldon’s room to his annoyance and then steals the piano from him. Sheldon wonders why she is so strong. Problem solved. Then he starts playing it on his new tuba. (For some reason, I found this scene funny as hell.) Sheldon, Leonard and Penny are having dinner as Sheldon continues to play the tune including gargling it. Sheldon asks them if they had ever had anything that was so relentlessly irritating. Leonard asks Penny if that’s a trick question. Sheldon then lists some scientific geniuses that were crazy. He follows with other notable people like Van Gogh, Pollock, Bobby Fischer, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys…Something clicks in Sheldon’s brain and he realizes the song is “Darlin’” by The Beach Boys. He is greatly relieved that he is not crazy. Sheldon is listening to the song and wonders why he was stuck on that one. Penny asked him if he even liked The Beach Boys. Sheldon reminds her that they had the word “beach” in their name. Leonard gets Sheldon to focus again on their physics problem until Sheldon does realize why it was that song. It was about Amy and how she made his life better. Checking out the lyrics he finds the following: “I was living like half a man, then I couldn’t love, but now I can, You pick me up when I’m feeling sad, More soul then I ever had.” She did soften him. Both Leonard and Penny agree with him. Sheldon calls Amy the dryer sheets of his heart and then goes to see her. Leonard asks Penny if he is the dryer sheets of her heart. Better. He’s the lint trap of her love. Sheldon heads to Amy’s… interrupting her date with Dave… Dave is excited as Amy goes to answer the door. She tells Sheldon that it’s not a good time. Sheldon says he doesn’t care and that he had a song stuck in his head that he couldn’t get out. The song was about her and he can’t get her out of his head. Amy is like that ear-worm, but is in his heart. She is his heart worm, but not the poodle killing kind. Amy doesn’t understand. Dave jumps in saying, “If I may, I believe what he is saying in a charming and delightful way is that he loves you wants you back.” Amy is stunned as Sheldon realizes that she is on a date. Sheldon for his part… at least is sorry he interrupted her. Amy wants him to continue. Sheldon tells Amy he wants to be her boyfriend again and that he loves him her. Amy finally breaks into a e at each o and tells him she loves him too. Sheldon smiles as they stare at each other until Dave pokes his head around the door again and cries “KISS HER, YOU BRILLIANT FOOL!” Sheldon and Amy then embrace and begin to kiss. Sheldon eventually pulls away and apologizes for interrupting the date, but Amy pulls him back and they embrace in another passionate kiss. Finally, as Sheldon and Amy have not stopped kissing, Dave walks out telling them goodnight. Amy kicks the door closed as they continue. Dave still wants to meet Sheldon later to discuss physics and all in all considers it a lovely evening. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laPA4wnnG0I)

  • The Opening Night Excitation (Season 9, Episode 11) – Shamy gets their love on…. Amy gets her Sheld.. on… lol… Sheldon decides to skip the premiere of the new Star Wars movie to be with Amy on her birthday. Sheldon and Amy finally consummate their relationship. The other guys go nuts over seeing the movie premiere. In Apartment 4A, Leonard walks in on the guys and announces that the tickets(for the new Star Wars movie) are already being sold. Sheldon can’t get in because the website is frozen. Sheldon prays to get the website to work… and it does. In the present day, Sheldon, Leonard and Penny are in the kitchen. Both are glad that Sheldon is back together with Amy. Leonard is also excited that Star Wars opens in three days. Sheldon is taking off the day to watch the original trilogy and also eat enough Star Wars cereal to choke a Wookie. Penny reminds Sheldon that Thursday is also Amy’s birthday; however, Sheldon bought the tickets while they were still broken up. Penny doesn’t feel it wise to ditch her on her birthday when they just got back together. Sheldon points out that if he sees it later, someone could ruin the movie for him while he knows that on her birthday Amy is one year older. No surprise to that!  Penny suggests that he put that on her birthday cake. That night as Sheldon sleeps Arthur Jeffries shows up dressed in Jedi robes appears and is “thrilled” to be back. Sheldon explains that his friends don’t think he should abandon his girlfriend on her birthday to see the new Star Wars movie. Arthur feels that that sounds right. Amy knows how much the movie means to him. Arthur points out that since he loves her, he should show her how much she means to him. Also he has only a limited time to spend with her and he should do that. Sheldon agrees. Sheldon then calls up Amy who is asleep to tell her that he’ll be with her on her birthday. He explains about Arthur coming to him and that he won’t be going to see the movie. She says that that is fine and good night and then realizes that he wasn’t going to be there. Sheldon has a conflicting girlfriend moment and tells her good night. The next evening, the guys are surprised Sheldon is giving up the movie for Amy. He isn’t even going to the comic book store so he can research what he is doing for her. Sheldon wants someone worthy to get his ticket. Leonard says that Penny might want to go. Sheldon snatches it back and gives it to Raj. Penny and Bernadette are having wine in Apartment 4B, as Sheldon knocks on her door. he wants their help in selecting his gift for Amy. 1. The possibility of her playing her harp with the LA Philharmonic. (Bennigan’s will make a fuss over your birthday, so why not the orchestra?) 2. An all expense paid weekend to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. (She likes to knit her own sweaters.) Penny was hoping for a Bazinga. Bernadette thought that it would be romantic, but she would be going alone. 3. Coitus. A surprised Penny breaks the wine glass in her hand upon hearing the news. As Penny is sweeping up the glass, she recaps his options as the harp thing, the sheep thing… “The wild thing”, Bernadette adds. Sheldon is worried that the wool convention has only 8000 tickets left. Penny tells him that being intimate is a big step. Sheldon feels that it might be the right time and he wants to show her how much she means to him. Penny calls his offer beautiful. Sheldon then has decided that Amy’s birthday present is going to be his genitals. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjZNy0nMcIw)The duo of Penny and Bernadette are taking Amy out for her birthday a day early. Amy suggests that they try the new Mexican place on Green Street. Penny wonders if she would rather go get a bikini wax. She says no. Bernadette then suggests that afterwards they watch a dirty movie and see if she has any questions. Now she wants to know what’s up. Bernie doesn’t want to ruin anything, but says that Sheldon plans on getting physical tomorrow night. Amy exclaims, “YOU SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!” She’s overwhelmed and sits down on the steps. Amy doesn’t know what to say. The girls are happy for her. Amy jumps up knowing what to say: Let’s get me waxed!” as she races down the stairs. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIvmX7fO9Ro) Later, Amy is in her apartment with romantic music playing and surrounded by lit candles. Sheldon knocks with “Birthday girl” as his usual knock. Amy lies on her couch looking seductive, asks him to come in, but he can’t because her chain is on. Sheldon has flowers and apologizes for being late. He lost her balloon and chased it awhile. She goes to put the flowers in water and then asks what his plans are. Sheldon suggests going out to dinner and maybe look for the balloon. She says that she is not that hungry so maybe he could give her present first. She wants him to give “it” to her. Amy says that she knows he was going to offer her intimacy. Sheldon asks if that’s okay. Amy jumps up and kisses him. Sheldon still needs to have her verbal consent, which she immediately says yes to. He mentions a contract from the Internet and she kisses him again, which interrupts him and he reciprocates the kiss forgetting about the contract. Back in Back in Apartment 4A, Bernadette wonders if Sheldon will really go through with it. Penny replied that he said he was ready. Bernadette added that he also said he was ready to pull the guts out of something this year. Penny thinks he can do it because she explained to him what it was like and after he stopped giggling, he sounded pretty sure of himself. (I laughed my ass off… I could picture him giggling.) Later, Sheldon is in Amy’s bed slightly nervous wearing only a white T-shirt as Amy enters in a knee length pink nightgown. Both shyly say hello to each other. Amy climbs into bed with him. They nervously greet each other again. Sheldon notices that Amy is shaking and he asks her if she’s cold. Amy admits she’s nervous because this is their first time. She doesn’t know what to expect since she has been waiting for so long and she has built it up in her head. Sheldon also doesn’t know what will happen and gently assures her that they will find out together. Amy agrees. They lean over and kiss. Now naked, Sheldon remarks that he enjoyed it more than he thought he would. Amy’s hair is wildly messed up and Sheldon’s is neat. “Me, too,” she says gleefully. They are both holding hands. Sheldon tells her he can’t wait for her next birthday so they can do it again. Amy smiles and says, “That works for me.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfz8qSwXsNY)(Amy got her world rocked… I should have seen that coming.)

  • The Cohabitation Experimentation (Season 10, Episode 4) – Sheldon and Amy Cohabitation experiment… It is fun to think about but…. is not anything like I imagined. Amy, Leonard and Penny enter the lobby with that night’s take-out food as Amy describes the plumbing problem in her apartment. A pipe broke over her clothes closet destroying all her clothes and her apartment will be uninhabitable for five weeks. Penny suggests that she stay in Leonard’s bedroom while the Hofstadters stay across the hall. Technically Amy would be moving in with her boyfriend while Penny gets to live “alone” with her husband. A big step in the right direction for both of them. The trio enter apartment 4A and stare at Sheldon who is at his desk. Sheldon then asks them why they were standing there smiling like crazy people. While setting up dinner, Sheldon comments that cohabitation is a lot to process. Penny reminds him that it is only for five weeks and that they’ll be right across the hall. Sheldon is worried that it could kill the romance especially since she will see him unshaven. Penny states that their romance can’t be killed since they only had sex once. Amy proposes it to him as an experiment to collect data about their compatibility. Next Sheldon is worried that he might find it being comfortable with a Amy because he was in a familiar environment. They need a neutral ground. Penny tells them to move in across the hall. Finally Sheldon accepts the five-week mission as Amy grabs and hugs him happily which I am surprised that he agreed to… (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kG1PdEjqMLM) Sheldon and Penny are sharing a drink in apartment 4B with Penny telling Sheldon how proud she is of his decision. Sheldon then asks Penny for advice about living together and Penny tells him to be willing to compromise, do little things for her and respect Amy’s space. Amy is seeking advice from Leonard who wants to frame it so that she won’t want to stop thinking about it. She can’t leave any belts on the floor (They look like snakes), keep M&M’s in her pocket for long waits in lines and no photoflash photography. Sheldon is packing his underwear as Amy wants to discuss the sleeping arrangements. Sheldon is excited, concerned and scared, just like when he goes on Space Mountain. Amy realizes on the subject of coital expectations, she knows that he is way out of his comfort zone. She proposes that they take sex off the table until they get more comfortable living together. Sheldon agrees. Amy is getting ready for bed, making noises from the bathroom, brushing her teeth… to Sheldon’s point… It is pretty gross… Sheldon then moves over to the side of the bed away from the bathroom. Amy notices his move and Sheldon remarks that she should be glad he was still in the room. Amy climbs in and then asks that since sex if off the table, can they snuggle? Sheldon wants to build a wall of pillows between them. Amy shoots his idea down. Sheldon snores and Amy can’t get any sleep. (If you ever see the bloopers for this scene it is just as hilarious.) Later, Amy is now spooning with Sheldon looking very happy. Sheldon keeps moving toward her side of the bed and then pushes her onto the floor. Sheldon wakes up and wonders what she is doing on the floor. Amy takes out her phone, takes a flash picture on him and he runs away. (He really deserved it.) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VClRwVChUpo) Next morning Amy and Penny are having coffee and everyone’s tired. Amy complains that she got very little sleep. Penny smiles at her and told her to “Yeah, get it, girl”. Amy says that it’s not what she thinks. Leonard joins them complaining about he pulled something. Penny quips that it’s really not what Amy thinks. Sheldon enters (without knocking) telling them about his good night’s sleep. Amy sighs that she was on the floor all night and that maybe living together was a bad idea. Sheldon argues that she is a scientist and should stick with the experiment. Then he questions her integrity as a scientist. She replies that a theoretical scientist like him wouldn’t even understand the experiment variables. Then they agree that for science they should continue the experiment. Amy then suggests that they return to their apartment and make out which is fine for Sheldon. Their argument about science turned each other on. Penny jokingly comments on how their “new neighbors” are weird. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2dK4UYAwSI)

  • The Hot Tub Contamination (Season 10, Episode 5) – Cohabitation is not working out as planned… because Sheldon is too controlling. Sheldon and Amy try to work out their problems created by living together with Leonard and Penny’s help. The new couple across the hall, Sheldon and Amy enter apartment 4A without knocking with Sheldon telling Leonard and Penny to explain to Amy how much they enjoy their bathroom schedule. Untrue. Amy retorts that Sheldon can’t control every aspect of their lives and that he has to be willing to compromise. Sheldon tells her to look at Penny who compromised and married Leonard Hofstadter. Leonard explains that she didn’t compromise, she settled. Penny agrees. (Poor Leonard… He gets it from all angles.) Leonard tells Sheldon that living together breeds conflict and that you have to learn to compromise. Amy suggests that for starters they keep their toothbrushes in the same holder. Sheldon then says that they should start to see other people. (Sure… Go extreme Sheldon… ) As a male, he has an evolutionary urge to spread his DNA as much as possible. He blames her friend for that urge, biology. Amy tells him to go see other people. Leonard is worried that he might end up moving back in. Penny just wants to separate them for a while so they can cool down. Penny is driving Sheldon in her car. He is complaining that as much as they call him difficult to live with, he finds that Amy is even more challenging to live with. Penny does not believe him. (She’s just as challenging as you?) Amy breathes on him at night. Leonard does the same thing to Penny. Amy is always complaining about the people at work. Leonard does the same thing to Penny. When Sheldon steps out of the shower, she eyes him like a piece of meat. Leonard does the same thing to Penny and give her a thumbs up. Now Penny is getting annoyed. Sheldon says that for once, he would like to be appreciated for his mind. And so does Penny! Penny is still driving Sheldon around and now they are both complaining about their partners. Sheldon suggest that they stop for ice cream. Penny agrees. Sheldon wishes that Amy would be that subservient.  Penny points out that he had a hard enough time with one woman. Sheldon retorts that being with Amy has awoken the sexual creature within. When he sees a pretty woman walking down the street, he thinks “Hubba-hubba!” Amy and Leonard talking in 4A at the kitchen island. Leonard encourages Amy to hold firm on the bathroom schedule unlike he did. Amy thinks it is easier to give in. Leonard reminds her that she did get him to stop sanitizing his pocket change, putting things other than gloves in the car glove box (Mittens), and he got him to eat a turkey dog. She can’t walk out on Pinocchio before he becomes a real boy. Amy says that she is also in their relationship and that if he doesn’t like it, he can move back to 4A. Leonard says that he can, but he will need a good locksmith. (Leonard says Sheldon is not getting back in there.) While Penny and Sheldon eating ice cream at the ice cream parlor, she is pushing him to hit on the women there… He rejects them. Penny asks him if Sheldon is really looking for someone else. Penny wants to know what the real story is. Sheldon begins a story that he has told no one. When he was 13, on a break from college (They ran out of math that they could teach him.), Sheldon returned home and found his father in in his parents’ bedroom having relations with another woman. That is why he knocks three times. The first is traditional and the other two gets one time to get their pants on. What worries Sheldon is that he and Amy have been bickering like his parents did and he doesn’t want to disappoint Amy down the road. (awwww….) Penny yells at him that she only wants to share a toothbrush holder together. Sheldon also figures he should apologize to Penny for not first hitting on her since he was looking for another partner. He thinks of Penny as a nanny. Penny tells him to finish his ice cream so she can get him home to bed. Penny and Sheldon return from the ice cream parlor, Sheldon apologizes for his earlier behavior and he is willing to forego the bathroom schedule. He was never interested in other women and to prove it he is willing to take their relationship to the next level. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMIQ5TYlo5M)

  • The Veracity Elasticity (Season 10, Episode 7) – Klingon vs Ubbi Dubbi. Funniest scene. Sheldon and Amy are streaming a live “Fun with Flags” on-location from Penny’s old apartment. Raj and Howard or “Footprints on the Moon”, are the new house band providing music and they sing the new “Fun with Flags” theme. Since the two hosts are cohabitating, the theme of the show is areas that come together like St. Kitts and Nevis. Penny, Leonard and Bernadette are watching the show in apartment 4A where Bernie drops the bomb that Amy’s apartment has been fixed for weeks. Leonard was shocked that Amy was lying to Sheldon though he lied to Sheldon to get him out. (Bernadette is spilling the beans…. which is odd because she kept the secret about Amy not being sick.) After the show, Amy asks what Sheldon wants for dinner and he suggests that they get Thai food and swing by her apartment to check it out. Amy is nervous and counters that he would not like that since it’s a construction zone with stray nails and butt cracks. Sheldon wonders if she keeps changing the subject on purpose which she denies and then gets him to start a lecture on kings and their subjects. (Usually… he can’t tell when someone is being shifty…. but he knows that Amy is keeping something from him.) At the Caltech cafeteria, the guys are discussing JPL’s plan to catch an asteroid that might hit the earth. Sheldon is uncharacteristically quiet because he thinks that Amy is acting a little odd. Howard wonders what Sheldon considers to be odd. It was her behavior that was bothering Sheldon and he feels that she is keeping something from him. It bugs him since he shared his body with her AND his Netflix’s password. Leonard tries to reassure him that it is nothing bad. Her apartment had been ready for a couple of weeks and she was enjoying living with him so much. Sheldon then felt both hurt and flattered. Howard then tells Leonard that he knows that Penny is doing something behind his back. Penny has been secretly moving his collectibles to storage for weeks. (I usually love Penny… and this is was only 2nd time she annoyed me. If you wanted to redecorate just say that… I have collectibles and if my spouse did this I would be super annoyed.) Going through the bedroom, Leonard and Sheldon find Superman, his Star Wars’ Storm-trooper, his Klingon calendar are all missing, though he finds his Where’s Waldo character. Penny and Amy are bringing dinner up the stairs with Amy and inquires about her apartment. Amy gives her a convoluted dry wall lie which Penny calls her on. She agrees not to tell anyone. Sheldon and Leonard are discussing their significant others lying activities including the Spider-man figure that had disappeared from Leonard’s desk. The girls show up with the food and Sheldon immediately asks Amy about her apartment. Amy says that it still being worked on and Penny says that is still a mess. They swung by and saw it. Sheldon is now confused. He asks Leonard in Klingon if he thinks Penny is lying. He doesn’t know. Amy then asks Penny in her secret language Ubbi Dubbi whether she thinks that Leonard knows. Maybe. Sheldon then curses in Klingon and Penny demands to know what is going on. Leonard explains that Sheldon knows, but wants to know why Penny says that she saw the apartment. Amy admits that Penny is covering for her since they finished two weeks ago. Sheldon wants to know how Amy can lie to him. Penny butts in that she had enjoyed living with him because she was in love.  Howard, Bernadette and Raj arrive and they get yelled for their part in this conspiracy. Amy then apologizes to Sheldon, while Raj asks them if they plan to keep living together. Sheldon considers is a positive experience. Amy asks if he still wants to. Sheldon agrees. Amy gasps when Penny tells her in Ubbi Dubbi to be cool. She changes her response to “Whatever.” (Howard launching right into Klingon after walking into the apartment… Hilarious… gets me every time.) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sugq9CU3u0Y) Sheldon and Amy are getting into bed and she appreciates him understanding. Sheldon thinks that everyone wants to spend more time with him. He also wonders where they might live. Apartment 4B, Amy’s Apartment, somewhere else. Amy finds it kind of exciting since they could move wherever they want. Sheldon then starts to worry about smokers, pets, mold, traffic noise, bus routes… Amy starts to hum the “Star Trek” theme. Sheldon does not consider himself a child. Try the “2001: A Space Odyssey” theme. He finds that soothing as he turns over and Amy cuddles up to him. Amy really knows her boyfriend.

  • The Brain Bowl Incubation (Season 10, Episode 8) – A successful gene experimentation leaves Sheldon excited to procreate with Amy, and he pulls out all stops to get her on board. Sheldon is sitting in Amy’s lab complaining about how much the skin tissue sample she is about to take from him is going to hurt. Amy wants to synthesize a neural network using their joint skin cells. Sheldon is willing to do it for science though the alcohol swap is very cold. Amy gives him a count of three before he takes it. Three. Two. Swab! Sheldon doesn’t even feel it, but does make her say three because of his need for closure. While Amy is checking their brain cells, Sheldon pushes her aside and all he sees is his own eyelashes. Amy then checks and finds astrocytes which means they have grown a primitive neural network. Sheldon then finds himself with a profound sense of creation. hey then start to test it to light and sound to see how it reacts. Bernadette is discussing the DNA experiment at Amy’s place (Apartment 4B.) She can’t believe that one can turn skin cells into functioning brain cells. Amy counters that she turned Sheldon into a functioning boyfriend. According to Bernadette, her baby is now facing down getting ready for birth. She gets uptight when Sheldon compares their growing neural creation with her gestating human child. Sheldon agrees to think of both of them special in their own way, though they didn’t have to have sex with Howard to have theirs. Amy and Sheldon are very happy with their results since their little network is processing more information than most. He wants to go onto step two. Amy says that would be to try replicate their results again. No. Sheldon wants them to have a baby. Amy asks what he is talking about? Sheldon points out that their DNA combination is truly exceptional and that it might be the next step in mankind’s evolution. Amy is not ready to have a baby, even though Sheldon insists that her menstrual cycle is right for it. Sheldon then leans over and starts wiggling his bottom at her. Amy gets disgusted and leaves. (He tracks her cycle… it is kind of out there… not out of character for him but still weird. Amy is discussing Sheldon’s need for making a baby with Leonard and Penny. Penny wonders if he wanted to make the baby out of Lego. Then Penny asks if they would have a super-intelligent child? That was possible, but not guaranteed. Reaching the top of the stairs, Amy finds a path of rose petals going into her apartment. “Oh, man!” she exclaims. Amy finds the lights low, candlelight, cool jazz playing and Sheldon dressed up with his hair slicked down drinking brandy from a snifter. Sheldon offers her a brandy and Amy declines. Being himself for once, Sheldon replies that it is just as well since it’s disgusting. Amy tells him to stop trying to seduce her and then leaves. Sheldon calls to her that he doesn’t know how to open the oysters. Amy is talking to the Hofstadters. Penny wonders how much she was turned on. Amy said it felt like being hit on by Rat Pack Pee Wee Herman, meaning she wasn’t. Sheldon comes in and starts to flamenco dance to Amy, the world’s most sexiest dance. Amy calls Sheldon ridiculous and then leaves. Leaning up against the wall outside of 4A, Amy is obviously turned on and exclaims, “That was a close one.” She almost found herself pregnant. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYF9zE4eKZg) Gotta love that Sheldon is on board for the next step in the relationship and Amy is not. First time for anything. And he almost got her.

  • The Birthday Synchronicity (Season 10, Episode 11) – Bernadette is taken to the hospital to have her baby. Sheldon and Amy are trying to have Amy’s birthday coitus but keep getting interrupted…. Sheldon wakes up Amy just after midnight to wish her a “Happy Birthday”. Amy is touched until Sheldon blows a birthday horn in her face. She takes the noisemaker and tells him that he can have it back in the morning. Sheldon hands her his birthday present and opens it up; a framed functional MRI scan of his brain. She loves it. Sheldon points to the bright spot orbital-frontal cortex where he was thinking of her. Amy kisses him and then Sheldon asks if they are starting their annual coitus birthday festivities part of her the evening. Sheldon moves in on her while wearing his come-hither pajama bottoms. Penny knocks on the door announcing that Bernadette was heading to the hospital. Amy says they should stop. Sheldon agrees and says that due to childbirth and looming coitus, it was a banner night for female genitalia. Amy smiles at him. I love that he is getting better at this gift giving thing. Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, and Penny are heading down the steps. Sheldon didn’t want to look foolish if Howard started handing out cigars, so he had to find his bubble gum cigar. Leonard then forgot his inhaler. Penny gets a call that it’s a false alarm. Amy claims that first births can take a while. Amy wants to head back to their apartment, while Penny suggest that they go to a diner. Sheldon tells Amy that since its her birthday, she should decide. Now Penny gets excited and says that they should head to a bar. No. Leonard then states that they want to go have sex. Penny calls it their annual birthday booty spectacular as she sends them off to have fun. Back in Shamy’s bedroom, Amy asks: Where were they? Sheldon described and it as kissing like randy teenagers and that Amy’s nose whistles. She apologized while Sheldon then called her a sexy little tea kettle. They try again and Sheldon thinks that it was being forced like all the “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequels. Amy realizes that the mood is different. Sheldon still wants to continue since Leonard and Penny think they are probably engaging and he doesn’t want to disappoint them. Sheldon does want to continue since it is her birthday; however, Amy has a little surprise that might get them back on track. Sheldon thinks that it is something to do with trains. In Sheldon and Amy’s apartment, Sheldon has his eyes closed as Amy comes out in a Harry Potter robe posing in the doorway. She thought that Harry Potter could make things hotter. Sheldon is impressed, Wowzers! She goes back to get him his robe. Sheldon calls her a naughty girl because wizards from different dorms will be sleeping together. Then he is a bit annoyed that she went to a Harry Potter Wizarding World theme park without him. She then asks if he wants to argue on her birthday. Sheldon doesn’t want to and they start to kiss. There’s a knock at the door. Amy sticks her head out the door and asks if this intrusion was about the about the baby. Raj replies that people keep kicking him out of places. Amy tells him to get used to it and slams the door. Then Penny and Leonard run out of 4A out yelling that they are all heading toward the hospital because Bernadette’s water broke. Amy shouts that they have got to be kidding. Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, Penny, and Raj are in the car heading there themselves. Penny says that it’s cool that the baby will be born on Amy’s birthday. She complains that she thought the baby was supposed to ruin their sex life and not hers. Raj then complains that he should be there helping them out since he has been doing it for nine months. It only took Howard five minutes to conceive it which surprised Sheldon, because his experience sex has lasted hours… Amy smiles to herself. (Poor Bernadette giving birth. Seems like a hard time… ) After the baby arrives… later that day…Amy and Sheldon are returning from the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter dressed appropriately having had a fun day. Amy thinks that he would be tired for sex. Sheldon replies, “I saw a magical train and reported a guy for cutting in line. If that’s not foreplay. I don’t know what is.” They both race into their apartment for a romantic evening. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bqM-uqkk3g)

  • The Allowance Evaporation (Season 10, Episode 16) – Sheldon talks too much… but we knew this from previous seasons… I wondered when it was going to spill into his relationship with Amy. Sheldon and Amy are out on date night where Sheldon is filling up on chips. Amy spots Bert and says hello which she tells Sheldon that that is what you do to people you know that you meet in public places. Sheldon replies that he has multiple restraining orders that say otherwise. Bert is waiting for someone he met on “G-Harmony”, the dating site for geologists. At the restaurant, Sheldon is reciting his favorite defunct search engines. Bert shows up to say goodbye since his date was a no-show. He gets invited to join them. Amy is annoyed that they keep naming defunct search engines… and pushes them to talk about something/anything else. Sheldon starts to describe how he met Amy online with their first date at a coffee shop. Bert envies their relationship other than the fact that they only have sex once a year. Amy is shocked and finds out that the whole university knows. Sheldon is mystified because he only told Leonard, Howard, Raj, Kripke, Professor Klein and the cafeteria lady. (Why would he tell the cafeteria lady?) Back at home Amy is very mad at Sheldon. Amy finds it humiliating to have her colleagues gossiping about their sex life. Amy leaves slamming the bedroom door. Amy comes out later, and states that they are having their first fight since moving in together. Sheldon says that by convention, he should sleep on the sofa; however, Amy would fit better. Amy says that she is not sleeping on the sofa and that Sheldon doesn’t know what is private and what is not. Sheldon points out that she discussed their physical relationship with Penny. Penny is still her close friend and the lady in the cafeteria is not. Later Amy finds Sheldon mapping out basic topics of conversation including one labeled Zones of Privacy. Sheldon agrees to not share details of physical intimacy and bathroom habits. He also has topics that he shares with no one. Amy asks for an example. He got his driver’s license two years ago, but still likes to be chauffeured around. Amy reminds him that she had to get up at 5 AM to drive him across the desert to an antique train museum. (Sheldon was on the verge of be cute but had to ruin it.) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKa-SBFTRgg) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqNKXGABFqU)

  • The Escape Hatch Identification (Season 10, Episode 18) – When Raj moves out of his apartment, Leonard and Penny offer him Sheldon’s old room. This causes complications for everyone, especially Sheldon, who’s having trouble letting his room go.  Leonard and Penny realize they have Sheldon’s old room. Sheldon begs Amy to let him get a life-size Spider-Man statue for the bedroom. Raj decides to move in with Leonard and Penny… Leonard and Penny meet Sheldon and Amy in the lobby. Sheldon insists that he has no problem with Raj moving into his old room. Once alone with Amy, he admits that he is uncomfortable since that was his room even before he met Leonard. He is feeling replaced, even though Amy reminds him that it is not a good time for Raj either. In apartment 4A Raj is doing everything he can to help with dinner. Sheldon and Amy arrive with a gift for Raj – a blank notebook to write down all the ideas he has in the room, since Sheldon had so many when living in that room. Sheldon tells Raj that he knows how humiliated he must feel. Raj calls him a jerk so Sheldon/Amy leave. (I highly doubt that he was trying to offend Raj, but it wasn’t said the best way.) Back in apartment 4B, Sheldon calls Beverly who points out that his old room represented an escape hatch from being in a permanent relationship with Amy. Amy is offended so Beverly suggests Amy has similar feelings, too. (I really do not like Beverly…. ) Back in 4A, Raj tells Leonard and Penny that moving in there might have been a bad idea, since problems are already arising. Penny insists they’re happy to have Raj. Sheldon returns to apologize and mentions Beverly’s theory. She also said that Leonard and Penny taking in a roommate is a buffer to cover up insecurities in their relationship. Later, Leonard calls his mother to disagree with her. She brings up Penny wanting her brother to stay with them as another example. Leonard wonders if she is right. Sheldon can’t sleep worried about what Beverly had said about their relationship. Amy is not so bothered; she soothes Sheldon by telling him that he is somebody who likes to have a contingency plan. The next morning, they find a note from Raj saying he moved out. Leonard and Penny agree that there isn’t anything wrong with their marriage except that Beverly got into their heads. They also agree to invite Raj back. In apartment 4B, Sheldon tells Amy he’s proud of their relationship since they don’t need to fill the holes in their relationship with a third party. Behind them, there’s a life-size Batman statue. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zod1RrTf4cQ)

  • The Collaboration Fluctuation (Season 10, Episode 19) –  Sheldon begins working with Amy. Going to work Sheldon tells Amy how well things are going with the guys’ gyroscope project and then realizes that any further details are classified. Sheldon asks Amy about her work. She is working to pinpoint where consciousness resides in the brain. Her hypothesis is that the signal to move a muscle occurs before one even makes the decision to move it. Sheldon sits down with the guys and tells them how he just picked up a spoon without thinking about it. When did he decide that? Oooo. He tells them how Amy is studying the time lag between intent and awareness which Sheldon finds interesting. Amy returns home lugging her harp after a lesson and wondering if it’s the best instrument to play when she has to walk up four fights every day. (True Amy… especially with the elevator not working…) Sheldon is working at a whiteboard trying to prove her hypothesis using neuroscience and quantum mechanics. They could disprove the role of consciousness in the Copenhagen interpretation. Amy is interested in working with Sheldon, but she wants to lay some ground rules so that their relationship isn’t affected. Sheldon has the first attempt at ground rules that only favor him. (Who is shocked? Not me. Not even Amy.) Amy throws his rules out the window and says that she’ll write them. After he agrees to Amy’s rules, they happily get to work though later they both agree that their progress was garbage… Sheldon and Amy wonder what went wrong n their calculations. As they get irritated and they start insulting each other. Their conflict inspires Sheldon to see what’s wrong with one of their equations. (I really should have seen that coming.) As Amy and Sheldon realize that they make more progress when they are insulting each other, they decide to eliminate the ground rules. Their conflicts together really help them make progress which thrills both of them. Sheldon and Amy make up new ground rules which encourage competition and antagonism in the name of scientific progress. (I was not shocked… These two have a quirky relationship but they make it work for them.) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Qb9HLME4Vg)

  • The Gyroscopic Collapse (Season 10, Episode 23) – Amy is offered a fellowship at Princeton. And she is worried about how Sheldon is going to feel about it…. Especially since his project with Leonard and Howard has been confiscated by Colonel Williams. At the start of the episode, The gang gathers in apartment 4A for a toast to celebrate the guys completing their gyroscope project. Now they have to start the testing phase of the project. The next day when the guys get into their lab, they discover that everything related to the project has been removed. Calling their Air Force contact, Colonel Richard Williams, he says that the Dept. of Defense will be taking over the project.  Amy announces that she had been offered a summer position at Princeton University and wonders whether Sheldon can handle her being away for months. (He lived without her or Leonard for a while before meeting them… He can do it… He will just be unhappy.) Penny asks on the phone with Amy whether he has told Sheldon yet. She wonders if she should even go as Sheldon gets up. She made him his favorite kind of oatmeal – plain. Sheldon then says that he can’t remember how he got by without her. Also that they could work some more on their quantum cognition project with Amy. Amy hesitates so Sheldon wonders if there’s something she is not telling him. Amy describes her opportunity. Sheldon praises Princeton University, congratulates her and insists she must take it. She wonders how he will be when she is gone. Sheldon says that he’ll be fine without her, but he quickly retreats to the bedroom. (He doesn’t say she shouldn’t go….. He tries to get a handle on his feelings… but he’s so hurt that she is leaving.) Walking down the stairs, Leonard is happily helping Raj move out. They find Sheldon in the empty apartment 3A. Raj tries to help cheer up Sheldon saying that with him gone, he can move back into his old room. Leonard ushers Raj out with that unwanted advice. (Not helpful at all.) Leonard tells Sheldon that he’s being silly and that he should show Amy how much he loves and supports her. Sheldon returns home with a suitcase as a gift for Amy to go with his apology. He is not looking forward to it, but can see that this is an opportunity that Amy cannot pass up. Amy appreciated it and kisses him. Sheldon suggests an unscheduled non-birthday session of bedroom coitus. She is interested, too, so they go to the bedroom to engage in “frenzied love making” though they have to neatly fold up their clothes. In the hallway, Raj returns Leonard and Penny’s key. He thanks them, but is interrupted by shouts from Sheldon and Amy’s apartment. Raj makes a hasty exit while Leonard wonders if they should give Shamy their privacy. Penny doesn’t want to leave until Sheldon shouts “Whoopee!” Amy wheels her suitcase out of the bedroom as Sheldon offers to walk her to her car. She wonders about him being along, while Sheldon is worried he might become strange and eccentric. Amy doesn’t seem too worried about that. Sheldon wants Amy to Skype him regularly. Sheldon does supports her, but he wants her to call him if she ever finds herself working with a male scientist as tall and smart as him with hair like Thor.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-s0MAU5HHU&t=99s)

  • The Long Distance Dissonance (Season 10, Episode 24) – The gang is concerned when Sheldon’s former admirer, Dr. Ramona Nowitzki, resurfaces while Amy is away at Princeton. Ya’ll remember the Copper Nowitzki theorem? She’s back… the problem…? Dr. Cooper is taken… At the beginning of the episode, Sheldon is Skyping with Amy from her apartment in New Jersey. She clearly misses him especially when she ended a sentence with a proposition and Sheldon wasn’t there to correct her. They then start teasing each other on how he would punish her for such an infraction. At the Caltech cafeteria, Leonard is complaining about all the errands he has to take Sheldon on now with Amy away. Raj offers to take him to Home Depot so Sheldon can look at ladders. Sheldon shows up with Dr. Ramona Nowitzki who was the graduate student that was so taken with Sheldon in season 2. She is back at Caltech working on her post doctorate degree. The guys wonder what is happening while Sheldon and Ramona are talking about their work and laughing together. She is even touching his arm without Sheldon complaining. Bernadette and Penny are discussing the Sheldon situation. Howard mentioned Ramona touching him. They decide not to worry Amy, while Penny wonders if living with Amy has somehow stirred up Sheldon’s sexual appetite. Bernadette is revolted by Penny even putting those words together. Over in Apartment 4B, Sheldon is talking to Amy about his trip to Home Depot and then mentions having lunch with Dr. Nowitzi. Sheldon feels that Amy would like her since she is a brilliant scientist, like her, except that she is she’s tall, blonde and used to be an Olympic swimmer. Amy excuses herself and calls Penny. She yells at her, “I gave you one job! Keep an eye on him. How hard is that?” They tell her that they didn’t want her to worry. SHOULD she be WORRIED? Penny thinks not since it’s Sheldon. Amy is worried that she has been smacking that ketchup bottle for a long time. All she’s got to do is tip it over and point it at her fries. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3bMXTl9GLw) At the comic book store, the guys are complaining that Sheldon did something and their wives are yelling at them. Should they do something about Nowitzi? Later at apartment 4A, Sheldon then shows up with Ramona who has just gone swimming with her. They are excited since Sheldon never goes swimming. Penny asks if he had talked to Amy today. He has and Ramona can’t wait to meet her; she keeps asking how long she’ll be away. Ramona doesn’t have anyone special, but had been working with Peter Higgs at CERN in Switzerland. Sheldon had some correspondence from him and they both go over to 4B to look at them. Looking over the letters, Sheldon shows her one from Patrick Stewart which says that if he comes over to his house again, he gets to meet his dogs. Amy calls up looking happy until she realizes that Dr. Nowitzi is in their apartment with Sheldon. Ramona says that she is happy to meet her. Leonard then calls Amy to warn her, and Sheldon objects to him calling her at this late hour. Ramona also agrees. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtMU6uD6V1I) While the gang struggles with what to do, Sheldon returns to say good night because Amy says that he is tired and should go to bed. Ramona asks him to walk her to her car. Penny volunteers everyone to go with them and they place themselves between the two all the way to the street. Penny tells Sheldon that they have to have a little talk. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRqFPlUSKqI) Back in Penny’s old apartment, she explains that Sheldon doesn’t have a lot of experience with women and that Ramona seems to have a romantic interest in him. Sheldon objects that she is just a colleague and that she knows that he has a girlfriend. Yes, but some woman don’t care. Penny wants him to think of himself as a limited-edition collector’s toy. Sheldon realizes that because there are few of him that makes him more valuable. Sheldon still feels that Ramona is just a friendly colleague while Leonard and Penny need to see a marriage counselor about Leonard calling Amy up. (Thank Goodness… Penny and Bernadette are there because the guys are absolutely no help at all. Finally, Ramona brings lunch into Sheldon who tells her that that is very thoughtful. She says that it’s nothing since she likes to spend time with him. Sheldon then asks her directly if she has a romantic interest in him, and she asks what if she has? Sheldon starts to list the problems with this, namely that they are colleagues and he has a girlfriend when Ramona quickly kisses him looking for a reaction. A shocked Sheldon immediately excuses himself, gets into a taxi, goes to the airport, flies to New Jersey ending up at Amy’s apartment door. Amy is on her computer when Sheldon knocks in his distinctive way. Surprised she goes to door to find Sheldon on his knee with his grandmother’s engagement ring asking her to marry him. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp5dRbasEwM

  • The Proposal Proposal (Season 11, Episode 1) – When Sheldon keeps telling about Ramona kissing him… I wanted to slap him in the face… But it helped him realize that Amy was the one for him. Following a surprising kiss from Dr. Ramona Nowitzki, Sheldon hops on a plane and travels across the country to Princeton University to propose to Amy. Amy finds Sheldon on his knee and he asks her to marry him. Sheldon’s phone rings and he answers it to not be rude to the callers, Leonard and Penny. Amy wonders why he is answering his phone at that moment while the Hofstadter’s want to know where Sheldon has been. Sheldon explains about the kiss which shocks everyone, including Amy, and how that made Sheldon realize that Amy was the only woman he wanted to kiss for the rest of his life, which pleases her. (I have to say… his thought process is cute.) Penny is excited about them being engaged; however, Sheldon replies that she hasn’t yet answered the question. An irritated Amy tells Sheldon “Because you’re on the phone!” Sheldon realizes what he is doing and tells Leonard and Penny that he’ll call them back. After a brief pause, he immediately continues the call explaining that she said yes. First Sheldon calls his mother who is very happy for them. Sheldon explains how Ramona’s kiss made him realize that Amy was the only woman for him. Mary wonders that since two women wanted Sheldon, that maybe she had been praying too hard. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy31zrsjTvU) Back in Amy’s apartment, Sheldon is booking a plane back to Pasadena, as he only intended to come for the proposal. Amy wants him to stay a few days, which he agrees to after she suggests he can gets some clothes at a nearby comic book store. Amy is having dinner that night with two of her colleagues and she wants them to meet her fiancée. At dinner, Sheldon meets Amy’s colleagues as she gets goose bumps introducing her fiancé. They are excited to meet Sheldon, but only want to talk about Amy’s work. As usual Sheldon wants to talk about himself. They do ask about Sheldon’s military project, but he can’t discuss it since it’s classified. Returning to Amy’s apartment, Sheldon is complaining that her friends were rude because they only wanted to talk about her and not him. Amy doesn’t have a problem with them talking about her work and then challenges him that he isn’t always the smartest person in the room. And he might not be the smartest person in the apartment suggests Amy. At Princeton, Sheldon apologizes to Amy using the example of Iron Man appearing in a Captain America movie. He can make a movie cameo without being mad that it isn’t an Iron Man movie. Sheldon should have handled dinner in such a manner. Amy thanked him. Sheldon had acted like the Hulk, though Amy quickly cuts off his Avenger metaphors. After embracing, he agrees to go back to Pasadena so she can experience the spotlight for herself. Amy replies that he just wants to return where everyone makes a fuss over him. He replies that her colleagues are right and that she is brilliant. They kiss. Three months later the rest of the gang are excited to see Amy and gush over her engagement ring. Amy spies Ramona and goes over to talk to her. Raj fears that something bad is going to happen. Ramona is nervous as she greets Amy. Amy hugs her thanking her as a confused Ramona returns the hug. The guys are equally shocked.

  • The Matrimonial Metric (Season 11, Episode 12) – To discover who would be most qualified to be best man and maid of honor at their wedding, Sheldon and Amy subject their friends to a series of secret experiments. Driving over to Wolowitz’s, Amy asks Sheldon not to discuss their wedding plans since Amy hasn’t decided on a maid of honor. They decide on code words to use in case they want to direct the topic of discussion away from their wedding. Sheldon has catamaran while Amy chooses pretzels. Newsflash: Sheldon doesn’t remember what he is supposed to do when the code word is said. At Howard and Bernadette’s Howard and Raj are installing a baby gate while they are baby proofing his house. Howard tells Amy that Bernadette would be glad to be her maid of honor to return the favor. Amy then asks Sheldon to tell his pretzel story. Sheldon keeps messing it up and then tries to leave, but can’t because the front door was baby proofed. Amy walks into their apartment with an arm load of bridal magazines that Bernadette gave her making her maid of honor decision even harder. Sheldon’s mother wants Sheldon to use his brother George as his best man. Amy wants to know how to make these decisions without hurting her friends. Sheldon suggests that they take the emotional component out of the process and let their data make the decisions. Amy describes it as hurting each other’s friends without taking responsibility. “Me Likey,” she exclaims. They plan on breaking down the wedding party jobs into specific functions and test their friends as to who does them best. Later Penny walks in on Shamy to bring a sewing kit they asked for, very promptly getting high marks. They claim to need the kit since Sheldon split his paints bending over. Penny tells him he’ll be sore tomorrow as she leaves. Penny got fifteen points, while Bernadette is shipping them a sewing kit through Amazon. Then Sheldon suggests that they do not specify the roles by gender and test everyone for every job. So they might have a best woman and a gentleman of honor. Amy talks to Penny about her favorite aunt who Penny does seem to know about.  Amy tries to confide in a secret to Raj about Howard who will have nothing to do with it. Sheldon is bringing a meal to bedridden Bernadette and tells her a secret that she can’t tell anyone including Howard. Penny walks in on Leonard who is working on a brain teaser using a seating chart arrangement which he finds fun. Penny received the same puzzle from Amy and threw it away. Raj and Howard come in arguing about the same puzzle. Howard thinks that Shamy is acting strange, but Leonard thinks that they were always that way. Raj also had to drive Sheldon all the way to the Arcadia train store and he didn’t even go in. All four of them were given plastic rings that they were told to hold onto. Sheldon and Amy are tallying up results when the gang breaks in on them demanding to know if they are testing them to be in their wedding. “Yes/No!” Leonard tells him that he didn’t even want to be his best man. Howard admits that he figured out that they were being tested and he gets extra points for it. In the cafeteria, Leonard is still working on the seating puzzle. Sheldon comes over to apologize saying that he violated their trust. He tells them that Stuart is his best man and they are still all invited to the bachelor party at Costco. Leonard tells him that its his wedding and he should pick whoever he wants and not to worry about anyone else. Sheldon points out that he didn’t feel comfortable choosing from amongst his friends. He tells Penny about Sheldon’s apology and that he is now Sheldon’s best man. He adds that Amy is her best friend and that she’ll also get chosen. Penny objects that they aren’t twelve anymore even though they talk all the time, see each other all the time and Amy is always there for her—OMG, she realizes that Amy IS her best friend. Then she gets pissed that her best friend didn’t ask her to be her maid of honor. Howard is telling Amy that despite what was she did was wrong and cruel, Bernadette finds it oddly appealing. If Amy calls her, she’ll do be anything in the wedding party, maid of honor, hit woman…. Penny comes storming in saying that as her best friend she should be her maid of honor. Amy rushes over to hug Penny ecstatically shouting, “BESTIE!!” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zXFlyuuCDI) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64UotgQfSqI)

  • The Bow Tie Asymmetry (Season 11, Episode 24) – The Shamy Wedding…. I am here for it…. Maid-of-Honor Penny is organizing the hotel and transportation arrangements for the wedding guests. She remarks that their wedding day was a day that she never thought would happen. Both Sheldon and Amy have similar feelings. She rallies the troops, comparing their jobs to one of their comic book movies. Amy brings up a Lord of the Rings analogy, saying that someone has to go to places like Gondor, Mordor, and hold off the demon of shadow and flame. Said demon is assumed to be Amy’s mother. Sheldon thinks that that is appropriate since the Lord of the Rings trilogy involves a ring that binds you in servitude forever. Amy turns to Penny and she is touched that he said “forever”. In apartment 4B, Amy gets off the phone with Wil Wheaton who is excited about officiating their wedding. Sheldon keeps working on his bow tie trying to get it perfect.  Amy thinks that a little asymmetry looks good. In the Renaissance, the concept was known as “sprezzuatura”. Sheldon is more of an Age of Enlightenment person. Amy wonders if Sheldon has any pre-wedding jitters. Sheldon does not, even if he came back from the future to stop the wedding because their child was going to destroy humanity. Amy adds that even under those circumstances they had gotten married because Sheldon believes that time travel is a closed loop. Sheldon then tells her how much he loves her so damn much. (It is the way he says it…. So cute…) UGH AMY’S MOTHER!!!! She is a pain in the ass. Penny is bringing Amy’s parents and asks if Mr. Fowler was comfortable, sitting in the back. His wife says that he is fine, talking over him, before he can answer. She also complains that Amy didn’t pick them up, saying that, even though it is the day before the wedding, she just didn’t have enough time for her mother. She feels that Amy used to be a much more devoted daughter and now she is just waiting for her to die and get her china. Raj picked up Mary Cooper and her daughter Missy. Mary is very appreciative to Raj.  Penny enters uttering, “Oh my, God.” Next come in the Fowler’s. Mrs. Fowler calls Amy “Mama’s little girl” and can’t believe she is getting married. She adds that her husband can’t believe it either. Amy tells her father “hi” and asks how he is doing. Without a word Mr. Fowler indicates that he wants to hang himself. Back in apartment 4A, Mrs. Fowler mentions that Amy played Amelia Earhart in the eighth grade. At home, not in a school play with all those kids that take drugs and have intercourse. Penny raises her wine glass and Leonard fills it. Leonard mentions the Fun with Flags Internet show which embarrasses Amy. Her mother reminds Amy what men do with those online videos. Leonard is getting emotional helping his buddy get ready. Leonard is happy for Sheldon and that he will be officially and legally Amy’s problem. Sheldon adds that he will always be Leonard’s problem. Leonard hugs him as Mary Cooper comes in and asks for a moment with her son. They both agree that they wish that his dad could be there. She is proud of him. Sheldon thanks her for everything including his whole life. They hug and then his mother wants to straighten his tie. Sheldon wants it to be a little asymmetrical. Sheldon has a thought and leaves. As Amy is adjusting her veil, when Sheldon knocks and she tells him to come in. He thinks that Amy looks amazing. He then describes how her comments about imperfection in his bow tie makes him want to add the imperfections of the real world into his string theory calculations. Amy then calls his work super asymmetry and he likes that. He gets her lipstick and starts to work out the calculations on her stand-up mirror. Sheldon is hard at work talking about slightly asymmetrical knots when Leonard comes in to check on them. They tell Leonard that they are inventing super asymmetry. Leonard hasn’t heard of that and wants them to leave…until he gets into the discussions. Mrs. Fowler gets up to take Amy home because she is convinced that Sheldon stood her up. Penny tells her to sit back down because she knows that they love each other, and Sheldon wouldn’t hurt her. Mary tries to applaud Penny, who tells her to also sit down. Back in the bride’s room, Leonard checks Google and finds that no one has thought of their idea of super-asymmetry. They had a brand new idea. Penny comes in and asks what these lunatics are doing? She really shouldn’t shocked…. I wasn’t. What about the wedding? Sheldon agrees that they have their entire lives to work on science. Amy says, “Let’s get married.” Penny is pumped up and leaves to get the wedding started. The vows are too cute…. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4Z3i9OXAEA) and (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaDTQcBH4LI) So cute…. Did we think that Sheldon was ever going get married?

  • The Conjugal Configuration (Season 12, Episode 1) – This one was funnier than I thought it would be…. Lying in bed together, Sheldon leans over and tells Amy, “Good morning, wife.” Amy wakes, smiles and replies, “Good morning, husband.” Sheldon then suggests that they follow the tradition of hanging their sheets outside the window so that the “villagers” can see that they have consummated their marriage. Sheldon opens up the curtains revealing that the Coopers are visiting Legoland on their honeymoon. Then Sheldon offers Amy the breakfast he ordered from room service composed entirely of Lego bricks which causes Amy to laugh. (I really thought this was food. I should have known better.) After the gang is inside Leonard and Penny’s apartment, Mr. Fowler runs back into Apartment 4B. The Coopers are escorted into their hotel room in New York City where they are going to be very busy. The Harry Potter play parts one AND two, the Nikolas Tesla tour and, of course, coitus. Amy was happy to do it again until she sees that Sheldon has it on his schedule. At the moment they could steam their Harry Potter robes or “make vigorous socially sanctioned love”. Leonard and Penny sit down to see Raj appearance on the news, but Amy’s mother is pounding on the door across the hallway demanding that her husband let her in. The Hofstadters come out and ask her if everything is okay. She feels that Penny should worry more about her husband. Leonard doesn’t think that Mr. Fowler is in the Cooper apartment, though Mrs. Fowler looks at him with contempt. She calls Leonard naive and tells him that “Blondie” is going to chew him up and spit him out. She makes Leonard open up the door with his extra key and she begins to search for her husband. He’s not in the living area or the bedroom. She pulls aside the bathtub curtains and doesn’t find him in one end of the tub. He is hiding in the opposite end. Sheldon and Amy return from the theater wearing their robes. Sheldon likes live theater because it is so interactive. He yelled to Harry to look out and the actor looked right at him much to Amy’s embarrassment. Sheldon is ready to jump into bed again with Amy, but she wants to wait till the morning. Sheldon then goes over their schedule which disturbs Amy that their coitus can’t be more spontaneous. She wonders why the two of them can’t mix it up a bit. . And it bothers Sheldon that they might have sex at any time. Amy adds that they are not having it that night. (Sheldon is a strange duck…) In apartment 4B, Mrs. Fowler is lecturing her husband that he shouldn’t leave without a message or a note. Leonard thinks that she should let him talk once in a while. She asks her husband to say something and all he can do is shrug his shoulders. Entering their apartment, Leonard is feeling sorry for “the little guy”.  She doesn’t know what Mr. Fowler saw in his wife. Leonard smiles and says that some guys think strong women are sexy and that opposites attract. Penny gets offended that Leonard thinks that they are like the Fowlers and that she is like Amy’s mother and storms off. In New York City on the Tesla walking tour, Sheldon wants to correct the guide. Amy tells him to let it go. Sheldon thinks that something is bothering his wife. He asks if she is sexually frustrated. No just testy. Sheldon adds that she wouldn’t be if they adhered to their schedule. Amy replies that everyone is listening to them. Sheldon feels that that is because he is interesting unlike their guide. Amy walks away from him. The next morning at the Hofstadters, Leonard walks in and tells Penny, “Good morning, Sunshine.” Penny is still pissed. She is making expresso so she have the extra strength for ball busting all day. Penny explains that Leonard compared the two of them to the strangest couple they know and that includes the Coopers, the Wolowitzes and Raj and his dog. Leonard describes Mrs. Fowler as angry and vindictive while Penny is warm and loving and – quick to forgive, while Leonard can’t get away from sounding like her mousy husband. Penny is worried that they’ll be like that in thirty years. (I can see it…) Mrs. Fowler is now visiting Penny. Her husband is taking a break from their marriage and says that she is overbearing. Penny meekly says that she is just the right amount of bearing and that she is sure that Mr. Fowler will come back to her. Mrs. Fowler thinks that Penny is a good person and that she hopes that they can spend a lot of time together. Penny marches over to 4B and demands that Mr. Fowler go home because she doesn’t want to spend time with Mrs. Fowler. Finding Amy on a park bench, Sheldon delivers two hot dogs to her from a nearby street vendor that would normally disgusts Sheldon. She is not hungry. Sheldon does want to be a good husband to Amy. He knows that intimacy is part of that, but he wants it on his schedule so that he’ll remember to be intimate. Amy doesn’t want anyone other than Sheldon, but the idea of scheduling their coitus needs a compromise. Sheldon can schedule all the things he wants, just don’t tell Amy about it. That is fine with Sheldon. He plans on generating a random producing algorithm to make it look like their intimacy is spontaneous. The randomness is not really genuine because …”the true randomness of numbers is an unsolved problem in computer science” adds Amy. Wow! Sheldon then takes her back to the hotel so she can repeat that to him…naked. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_9BlhrgaEA)

  • The Imitation Perturbation (Season 12, Episode 6) – Halloween…. There is nothing dull about Halloween time… At Caltech as Sheldon walks down the corridor dressed as Doc Brown from the “Back to the Future” movies, Howard joins him dressed up as Sheldon complete with Flash shirt. Sheldon stares at him and then asks Howard if he did something to his hair. “Yes,” Howard replies as Sheldon walks off and Howard looks astonished. In the Caltech cafeteria, Leonard is Inspector Gadget complete with helicopter hat and Raj is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg or “Kooth Bader Ginsberg” as Raj wants to be called. Howard joins them dressed as Sheldon as Raj and Leonard laugh at him. “Hello,” exclaimed Howard and the clueless Sheldon. After Raj finds Howard guilty of “Killing it” with his costume, Howard then gives them interesting facts about the Supreme Court, the word irritable and the word etymology. The guys kid him about his spot and his bathroom schedule. Sheldon is still clueless until Leonard explains Howard’s costume. Sheldon doesn’t want them laughing at him. Without costume, Sheldon sulks at his desk while his wife Amy enters in the purple Clara Clayton dress from the third BTTF movie. Sheldon is no longer interested in costumes while Amy reminds him that she put on a corset for him though she prefers to breathe. Sheldon wonders if he tries to correct everyone and complains about everyone laughing at Howard as Sheldon. Sheldon feels that they laugh in a derisive way. Amy goes to the Wolowitzes and tries to get Bernadette to have Howard apologize. Bernie thought it was all in good fun. She reminds Amy that Sheldon called Halley “Winston Churchill” and always makes fun of Howard’s magic, job and his alma mater. She adds that Sheldon is the problem and that he should take it up with Howard. (Bernadette was pretty mean here… Yes, Sheldon is mean but so is Howard…. and doesn’t she also make fun of Howard’s magic…? I would not have gotten involved with the two of them being silly.) At the party, Raj shows up as the Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg and Anu is dressed as the U.S. Constitution. Anu quips that Raj is going to interpret her. Bernadette is Mary Poppins and Howard is Bert the chimney sweep. When he gets home is going to clean out Mary Poppins “chimney”. Sheldon and Amy show up dressed up as Howard and Bernadette. The Wolowitzes are gobsmacked. Bernadette demands to know what they are doing. Amy says that she is being unnecessarily hurtful in a very sweet voice. Sheldon claims not to understand because he went to MIT. Howard congratulates them and then asks them to go change. Amy says she can’t because she has such teeny tiny legs. Sheldon then pulls a quarter out of her nose. Howard and Bernadette are not speaking on the drive home. Bernadette was hurt and then asks Howard if her voice is that high pitched and annoying. Howard claims that her voice is melodious. Howard seems not as upset… He gets why the Shamy fought back and is willing to let it go… but Bernadette is not.) Sheldon and Amy are having lunch discussing how hurt Howard’s feelings had made Sheldon a better person. Howard comes over and asks them to apologize since Bernadette is very upset about their costumes. Amy would be glad to as soon as Bernadette apologizes for not getting Howard to apologize to Sheldon. Howard then cited Star Wars in the holo-chess scene where R2D2 is told to let the Wookie win. Bernadette is working in the kitchen while Sheldon enters. Howard let him in and then drove off. Sheldon tells her that he learned that her feelings are hurt. Amy is not the first person to kid her about her squeaky voice. She found it hard to be taken seriously when she was the smallest person in the room. Sheldon felt the same way in high school since he was small and only nine years old. In high school she was “Bernadette the marionette”. The other kids called him egghead. Bernie was made to breath helium and her voice was so high no one except the dog could hear her. They end up agreeing that they are more alike than they thought since they both took a lot of crap from people growing up. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWYgmPl7o64) and (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R04F0jDTTS0)

  • The Confirmation Polarization (Season 12, Episode 13) – Since Amy, Sheldon has had some personal growth. Here we can see it coming together on his own accord. (Leonard gets points with Sheldon too…) When Sheldon and Amy’s Super-Asymmetry theory is proven by two physicists, Dr. Pemberton and Dr. Campbell from Chicago, they’re thrilled, until they try to kick Amy off the Nobel prize nomination. As Dr. Cooper and Dr. Fowler present a new episode of “Fun with Flags” where they are accepting viewers’ emails, they receive an email from the Fermilab near Chicago. The email is about their research paper on super-asymmetry and that work by Fermi-Lab employees have confirmed their theory.  Sheldon and Amy burst in with their great news. First the gang think that they are still talking about sex. In President Siebert’s office he happily greets Dr. Fowler and Dr. Cooper and wants to hug them. He tells them that the Fermi-Lab confirmation data makes their work a possible Nobel Prize winning effort. Fermi-Lab is sending out their two colleagues, Drs. Pemberton and Campbell, to meet with them. Sheldon thinks it’s wonderful that they are coming to LA to meet him. Sheldon and Amy would be Caltech’s 39th and 40th Nobel Laureates. Sheldon and Amy are having lunch, while Amy comments that they are back in the room that they were married in. Sheldon thought that it was much more impressive when Mark Hamill was in it. The Fermi-Lab scientists are excited to meet Amy and Sheldon. Amy replies that she and Sheldon thought it might be decades before their theory was confirmed. The Fermi-Lab scientists are more excited about seeing an episode of the “Ellen” TV show. Amy wonders how they were able to design an experiment when the paper was only published a few months previously. The Fermi-Lab scientists’ confirmation was an accident since they were working with kaons for a long time and their data made no sense. Another colleague led them to the Cooper-Fowler paper which explained their data and proved the super-asymmetry theory. Instead of losing their jobs, they got a trip to LA. Also they don’t even understand the concept of super-asymmetry. Okay… I get that people stumble across a finding but these two don’t even understanding what they have found or confirmed. In the cafeteria,  Sheldon complains that Pemberton and Campbell and on a press tour taking credit for his and Amy’s work. Raj retorts that no one gets credit for finding something accidentally, though Howard mentions that Christopher Columbus was looking for India not America. Leonard adds that the Nobel Prize board sometimes gives out the award to the experimentalist over the theoreticians. The Nobel Prize for The Big Bang Theory went to the scientists who first thought their sensors needed cleaning until it was pointed out that they were picking up the background radiation from the big bang. It did not go to the ones who came up with the theory. (Super unfair.) Sheldon finds Pemberton and Campbell having dinner and confronts them about trying to steal his Nobel Prize. They tell Sheldon that super-asymmetry is the breakthrough that will give them all a Nobel Prize and that they have to work together. Since only three names can be on the Nobel Prize submission, Fermi-Lab is going to submit Sheldon, Pemberton and Campbell names and leave Amy out. The prize is for physics so they plan on leaving out the neuroscientist. Fermi-Lab is submitting those three names and they have the best chance if Caltech submits the same names. Sheldon leaves hoping that he is not the kind of guy that would sell out his partner/wife for a Nobel Prize. The fact that this is bothering Sheldon means that he is experiencing growth… In the past, he may have just gone with it and screwed over Amy… While having dinner, Amy keeps asking Sheldon what was on his mind since he is not eating and keep making clicking sounds with his tongue. He finally admits that Fermi-Lab wants to drop her name off the Nobel Prize submission and that if both organizations provide the same team, they have a much better chance of winning the award. After an initial, “Oh!”, she says that that makes sense. Sheldon still objects; however, Amy loves Sheldon and doesn’t want to be in the way of something that her husband really wants. Amy just wants Sheldon to be happy. That doesn’t sit well with Sheldon… So… he takes matters into his own hands. Usually that means disaster… but he does okay… Sheldon comes into the President’s office to discuss their Nobel Prize submission. Sheldon insists that Caltech include Amy in their submission or not bother writing one at all. Siebert says that that will start a fight with Fermi-Labs; however, he respects Sheldon’s decision and that Amy will be included. Sheldon is surprised, but Siebert tells him that he is there to serve their needs both academically and personally. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBcpL_vnOAA)

  • The Decision Reverberation (Season 12, Episode 20) – This is about Leonard standing up for himself. I had always thought Leonard should stand up for himself more… but I see a lot of his people pleasing in me. The gang is in apartment 4A discussing dinner and seeing the latest Avengers movie. Sheldon doesn’t want to eat at 10 PM which leads into a discussion of Hemingway’s dinner habits. The decision has to be made whether to see the film in 2D or 3D. Three-D makes Leonard queasy though he gives in to go with the crowd. Sheldon calls him a satisficer, though there is a question whether that is a word. It is pointed out that Leonard accepts what is satisfactory to everyone without even considering what would make him happy. After the movie Leonard is home with a headache having missed the last part of the movie due to his queasiness. According to Leonard, the group sat too close to the screen. Penny wants him to stand up for himself more. Amy comes up the stairs finding Leonard sitting on a step. Penny wants him to decide what they are doing that night without taking her feelings into consideration. Leonard admits that he was always a people-pleaser; however, he doesn’t want to pick something that she doesn’t want to do or he’ll disappoint her. Amy then reminds Leonard that he went after Penny because he wanted her despite what others wanted including Penny. Leonard then charges into his apartment determined to do something that doesn’t take Penny’s feelings into consideration at all. What he wants is sex! And then afterwards they are going to watch “Star Trek: Discovery”. Penny doesn’t think he sets a very high bar since he wants sex with his wife, though she is game. Getting dinner ready, Sheldon thinks that the Chinese food smells funny. It’s barbeque because that what the new Leonard wanted. Sheldon claims to be flexible until Leonard claims the right to sit in Sheldon’s Spot on the couch. Sheldon blames Penny and then goes to his place in a huff. Both Leonard and Penny agree that watching Sheldon leave was more exciting that the sex they had just had. Finally!….. Driving Sheldon to work leads the new Leonard to take a different route. Leonard wants to be the principle investigator on a plasma physics study and he was determined to have the university fund it. If the university doesn’t accept his proposal, he plans to look elsewhere. He also tells Sheldon that he didn’t expect Sheldon’s support because Sheldon doesn’t want anyone to do better than him. Amy is again walking up the stairs and finds Sheldon sitting on a step. Sheldon asks Amy how to determine of his actions are for a noble reason or a selfish reason. Amy suggests that he adds the final comment, “That’ll show ‘em,” and see how it sounds. Sheldon doesn’t want Leonard to demand a new job because he doesn’t think that he’ll succeed. Amy adds that since he is worried about his friend, it shows that he cares. Leonard shows Penny the proposal that he put together, which Penny thinks looks great. She hasn’t even read it. Penny can tell by the weight of the science-y heft of the paper that it’s great. Sheldon comes in and tells Leonard that he doesn’t think that he should demand that the university fund his project while threatening to leave. Penny is shocked that he is willing to quit. Leonard counters that there are plenty of other universities in the world. Penny felt that he should run it by her before he is planning on quitting his job. (Which I think is reasonable since he complained about the same thing in a previous season… and also they are married.) Leonard still thinks that he has a strong proposal. Unfortunately President Siebert turns him down. Leonard returns home and Penny asks him how it went. Leonard claims that it went great. He didn’t get the project. Leonard did threaten to quit, but after leaving the President’s office, Siebert told him that he didn’t want to lose Leonard and that he offered him a co-lead on another project. Penny is happy for him and wants to celebrate. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soWzF7KknQg)

  • The Plagiarism Schism (Season 12, Episode 21) – How interesting that the person who helps Sheldon is Barry Kripke. President Siebert is hosting a luncheon for the two feuding parties in the Super-Asymmetry Nobel Prize competition. Amy apologizes for her outburst calling the others frauds, but Dr. Pemberton and Dr. Campbell still think that the Coopers are mean and insecure. They also claim that Sheldon and Amy think that they are going to win the Nobel Prize. President Siebert tells all of them that if they don’t stop the in-fighting the Nobel committee will chose some other discovery. As Pemberton and Campbell leave, they run into Barry Kripke who went to school with Pemberton. Kripke gives him a friendly greeting, but tells the Coopers that he hates him after he sits down at their table. Kripke calls Pemberton a grade “A” weasel who turns other people’s ideas into his own. He plagiarized his thesis. Amy calls that a serious charge; however, Barry is willing to make some calls to get some proof. He doesn’t want Pemberton to win, though he is not happy with Sheldon winning either. Sheldon and Amy join the dinner gang in Apartment 4A and they propose their ethical question whether to expose Pemberton or not. First Howard wonders if he is the target. Howard and Penny think they should keep it to themselves. Leonard and Bernadette feels that Amy should expose him even if it ruins his career. Raj explains that they feel that they want to win, but they don’t feel it’s the honorable thing to do and that is why they haven’t done it yet. Sheldon and Amy head to bed discussing the subject and convince themselves that they are really good people and they don’t want to do it. Howard and Bernadette head to bed with Bernadette still saying that their friends should do what they have to do to win. As the Hofstadters get in bed, Penny is proud that the Coopers are taking the high road, but Leonard doesn’t want them to lose to the frauds. Leonard is willing to do it just so Sheldon and Amy can win. He is willing to get his hands dirty which is something Penny has never seen him do. Neither of them plan to tell Sheldon or Amy. Leonard gets the incriminating information from Kripke and runs into Amy looking very guilty. Amy is having wine with Penny telling her that Leonard was acting funny or even guilty. Then Penny starts acting in a similar manner. Penny confesses which bothers Amy because now she is implicated in the action. At dinner Sheldon is complimenting Amy on how round her meatballs in the spaghetti are while Amy has very little to say. She asks him whether he would want to know about something that is ethically shady that is being done on his behalf. He has to know. They go to confront Leonard who claims that he (Sheldon) is not doing anything wrong. They still don’t want Leonard doing it. Amy doesn’t want Leonard to compromise himself ethically, while Sheldon doesn’t want him to make them look bad. The Coopers invite their rivals to lunch with them expecting another apology. Instead Sheldon hands over the evidence on Pemberton’s plagiarism. Pemberton first accuses them of blackmail. Amy says that it’s the opposite. Campbell asks if the plagiarism is true. Yes. Then Campbell realizes that this could also ruin his career and he admits that he has been sleeping with Pemberton’s wife, Linda. Pemberton throws a drink into Campbell’s face which causes a brawl on the floor. AND he used Sheldon’s ice tea! While Sheldon and Amy are having lunch together in his office the next day, Dr. Campbell stumbles into their office drunk. Campbell published the plagiarism evidence getting both him and Pemberton fired from Fermilab (and also ending Pemberton’s scientific career and getting him disqualified from Nobel Prize consideration), though Campbell was no longer seeing Linda. He tries to weasel his way onto their team, but Amy pushes him out of the office, while Sheldon couldn’t see what Linda saw in either of them. (And I have to agree with Sheldon again… That is two for everyone still reading and counting.) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVbKMIAiwFc)

  • The Change Constant (Season 12, Episode 23) – Sheldon and Amy wait to hear the big news… Do they get a Nobel or not? Early in the morning Leonard, Penny and Amy are falling asleep while Sheldon sings about the half-life of radium waiting to hear if they had won the Nobel Prize. Penny and Amy jump up to make coffee. Sheldon doesn’t need any since the anticipation is enough drug for his brain to produce endorphins. Amy corrects him that its dopamines, but she realized that he’s been up all night. Then Sheldon falls asleep. Leonard gets excited because Sheldon had told them to slap him if he did fall asleep. Leonard feels that he’s paid enough dues with Sheldon to get the honor. Before he has a chance, the phone wakes Sheldon up. It’s only Kripke tricking them into thinking he is the Nobel committee. The phone rings again, but its only Howard and Bernadette checking in on them. Sheldon suggests that they play a number guessing game, when Amy’s phone rings. She quietly answers it, thanks them and then quietly tells everyone that that they won. Penny and Leonard gets excited. Amy asks if Sheldon believes it, so Sheldon says that he could be dreaming. Leonard slaps him, and then Sheldon shouts that they won the Nobel Prize and all four make an excited embrace. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac5SuWUzTkg) Coming down the stairs, Sheldon and Amy discuss winning as Sheldon gets congratulatory texts from his Meemaw, his mother, Missy, George and both of his brother’s ex-wives. Amy gets a text from CVS and from her father, who also sends one to Sheldon. Sheldon tells Amy that their names will be linked forever. Amy reminds him that they are already married. Sheldon explains that that is a piece of paper and the Nobel is a piece of paper and a medal. Again they feel their lives will never be the same, however; Sheldon said that they’ll still go to work and put their pants on one leg at a time. He is proven wrong when a large group of reporters are waiting for them outside of the building. Sheldon is spooked and runs away. At the Caltech cafeteria, the guys are asking Leonard about how he struck Sheldon. President Siebert joins them and he wants their friends to describe the new superstars of physics as “quirky”. Howard jokes that they shouldn’t call them “Mr. and Mrs. Wackadoodle.” The President calls him a bitter and envious little man. The Coopers enter the cafeteria and are applauded though Sheldon quickly leaves. And the President leads the guys in describing his behavior as “quirky”. Raj passes by the ladies’ room and hears Amy crying. He checks in on her and she tells him that she looks so terrible in the photos posted on the Internet. She realizes that it is stupid and shallow, but doesn’t like looking so frumpy. Raj calls her a beautiful woman and if she doesn’t like it, she can make some changes. New clothes and a new haircut. Amy thinks that that sounds expensive, but Raj reminds her that she is getting a substantial cash prize with the Nobel. Raj is going to help her, so they head off to Beverly Hills. (Interesting enough… Amy has never cared about how she looked… but I get that can be a mask… Sheldon and Leonard are having tea together as Sheldon laments all the changes that make him feel unmoored from reality. What kind of tea goes with that mood? Leonard suggests Earl Grey tea, but they don’t have any. Sheldon has wanted a Nobel Prize all his life, but never really thought about the consequences. Raj comes in wanting to show Penny his latest creation, the new and improved Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler. Amy in a classy sleeveless dress and coat wearing larger glasses and a shorter styled haircut looking very happy. Leonard thinks that she looks amazing, but Sheldon prefers the old Amy. Amy looks disappointed as Sheldon runs out with Leonard following. Out in the hallway Leonard calls him rude. Sheldon explains that Amy was the one thing he could count on that didn’t change. Sheldon claims that that is the last straw as the elevator doors open and out walks Penny. “Can you believe it? They finally fixed the elevator!” Sheldon calls it a nightmare and runs down the steps. In the lobby he is surprised as he finds Penny waiting for him. She took the elevator down and she says it is really fast. Sheldon wants to be alone, but he doesn’t mind Penny providing transportation. Back in Apartment 4A, Amy says that she should have seen this coming. Amy realizes she has had a big day and should be able to enjoy it without worrying about how it affects Sheldon. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyKn03tIDXo) Penny is having a drink at the Cheesecake Factory with Sheldon who is complaining about all the changes which include Amy.  Penny then tells him that he’s the only person in the world who could win a Nobel Prize and still be upset about it. She reminds him how much he has changed having friends, being married, living in a new apartment, wearing a baseball cap and having had sex almost as many times as Penny has fingers. Sheldon adds that Penny is also married with a successful career and she no longer dresses like she is trying to attract sailors on the wharf. Penny concludes that since changes keep occurring, then the fact that things change is a constant. Sheldon interprets that as that the inevitability of change might be a universal constant. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8my2ZIaKQg) Still back in Apartment 4A, Amy likes how her hair looks. All of them are going to stop tip-toeing around Sheldon just so he won’t get upset. They feel like they were being enablers.  Then Leonard mentions the DNA model that has been there since Leonard moved into the apartment, which Sheldon forbade anyone to touch. Amy suggests that he put it in the closet. Leonard agrees, but as he tries to move it, hundreds of balls (atoms) fall off of it. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmpePYKIr2E) Penny and Sheldon enter the lobby as Sheldon heads up the stairs. Penny asks Sheldon if he wants to try the elevator. Sheldon mentions that it did work when he moved into the building. The repaired elevator is a return to the status quo. Penny just pushes him into the elevator.

  • The Stockholm Syndrome (Season 12, Episode 24) – Series finale… I was quite sad. Two months after receiving Sheldon and Amy’s Nobel Prize news, Sheldon and Leonard are seen repairing the DNA model. Leonard actually found it enjoyable. Sheldon constructed the model as a genetic code for an advanced race of human beings. Penny and Amy come back from the tailor’s with the dresses they’re going to wear to the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden. Amy’s dress had to be let in and Penny’s had to be let out, which delighted Amy. Penny thanked her friends for the clothes and the airline tickets. Amy explained that it was so important for their friends to share the moment with them. The Coopers go back to Apartment 4B so Amy can show him the dress and Sheldon can practice his speech. As soon as Sheldon and Amy leave, Leonard asks Penny if Amy suspected anything on why she needed her dress let out. No. She is expecting. Leonard is thrilled though Penny hasn’t yet wrapped her head around it. Leonard feels wrapped.  Penny quips that if they had wrapped something else, they wouldn’t be in this situation. Also, she is not yet ready to tell her friends. Amy is in her dress and tops it off with her tiara. Sheldon begins reading his speech very fast to get it under 90 minutes. Amy suggests cutting the story of his childhood, even though he put it in to relate to everyone. He also lists lots of people who said that he’d never win a Nobel. He figured that they would rue the day and he wants to make sure that they are filled with rue. Amy feels that the Nobel Prize should he accepted with humility; however, Sheldon thinks that humility is for all those other Nobel Prizes categories peace, chemistry, literature and not the one for physics, which displeases Amy. On the plane, Sheldon is worried that she has a stomach bug, but Amy figures that it’s just air sick. Penny comes back out and then runs back in. Sheldon goes to Leonard to complain about Penny and that he doesn’t want to get sick on the greatest day of his life. Leonard assures Sheldon that he won’t get what she has. Then Penny shows up and tells him that she is really pregnant as Leonard breaks into a big smile. Sheldon is happy that he won’t get sick and shocks them by just leaving. He goes back and tells Amy that Penny is just pregnant, who is also flabbergasted. A peeved Leonard goes back to Sheldon complaining that the woman who has loved and cared for him for twelve years says that she is pregnant and all he cares about is not getting sick. Sheldon just takes it as a recap of what just happened. Meanwhile, Amy isn’t happy that Penny didn’t tell her best friend, namely herself. Bernadette stops by, finds out and calls that news fantastic while still being furious about being kept in the dark about it. First, Amy reminds her that she said she didn’t want kids. Back with Sheldon, Leonard thinks that congratulations are in order. Sheldon reminds him that Penny didn’t want any kids. Leonard explains that it happened anyway, and that they didn’t want to upstage their day in Stockholm. Sheldon reacts that this is the Nobel Prize and any idiot can have a baby, using Howard as an example. Angered, Leonard calls him a selfish jerk and to hell with him and his Nobel. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89O1Ce4CJ94) In Penny’s hotel room, she is eating everything, including pickled herring. Leonard is complaining that after all these years, Sheldon would for once consider other people’s feelings. Someone is at the door and Penny hopes that it’s her salted cod. Instead, it’s Sheldon, who apologizes and congratulates them on the baby news. Howard joins them and says that they are thinking of heading home since he and Bernie are having a meltdown about their kids. Sheldon selfishly tells him to keep it together for his big day, which leads to Howard making up his mind and choosing to leave. Leonard and Penny are also heading home because of Sheldon’s behavior if Penny can get pickled herring on the plane. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2gqYeSTzIc) All dressed for the ceremony, Sheldon thinks that their friends are being incredibly selfish. Amy sarcastically tells him that he would be the authority on that subject. Amy says the Nobel is never more important than their friends, who Sheldon says is abandoning them. Amy angrily yells they’re all leaving because he broke their hearts even if Sheldon didn’t mean it. The only reason they tolerate him is because they are friends and they know he isn’t aware of what he is doing. Amy reluctantly admits that it is also true for her sometimes. Sheldon starts thinking about what his wife said. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfs7BU0QAz8) Penny is still sick from all the food she ate. She is in no shape to head home and they both want to be there for Sheldon and Amy. Penny says that no matter how thoughtless and selfish he is, she still loves Sheldon. Howard called and said that they are staying too. Her parents came over and took over for Stuart and Denise. At the Nobel Prize ceremony, both Sheldon and Amy are presented their medals on stage, with the whole gang watching. In her acceptance speech, Amy says what an honor it is to get the Nobel Prize and tells young girls everywhere who are interested in science to go for it, as it is the greatest job in the world. Sheldon doesn’t hear her and is still thinking. After Amy gets his attention, he steps up and mentions his very long self-centered speech, but then puts it aside, causing the gang to cheer. After momentarily looking surprised, Sheldon continues and says what an honor it is and that he wouldn’t be there without the most important people in his life: his family and his friends. He was under the misconception that his accomplishments were his alone, but he came to realize that he had been encouraged, sustained, inspired, and tolerated by both his wife and the greatest group of friends anyone ever had. Sheldon wraps up his speech by apologizing to his friends for not being the friend that they deserved, but that in his own way, he loves them all, including his wife. Sheldon thanks everyone and gives Amy a kiss as the audience applauds. The last scene has everyone back at the apartment after the ceremony, eating take-out food as always and enjoying each other’s company. Sheldon and Amy are still wearing their Nobel medals, while Leonard and Penny kiss as Leonard places his hand on Penny’s stomach. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvNVJ4RY7Sg) Sheldon’s growth is slow… but not drastically different which I enjoyed.

Now that is a lot of moments. Good times for the past 12 years. Now I mentioned that there were a lot of things that I didn’t like about the show. The main thing is how they handled Raj’s story. Now, there are people that are going to say that everyone doesn’t end up with a relationship… but in 12 years… he couldn’t meet anyone? Howard, of all characters, was the first to get married… (Thank Goodness… It made him much more bearable…. I am not sure I could have stood him otherwise. We all know a guy like Howard. I was satisfied when Penny punched him in the face though.) Even Sheldon… got a girlfriend… even if he stumbled through it. But Raj is too broken to meet someone?? I call bullshit. And yes, he said and did odd things… even rude things… but they all did…. and all the rest have gotten married. They took a great character… a POC, and made him a hanger on to everyone else’s relationship… Even what they tried to do in the 12th season… which I liked… they tanked. It was sad really. Raj deserved more than to try and help be Howard’s other wife… Stuart manages to get a girlfriend… and move in with her… and he was a character that digressed as the series went on. Howard constantly poking fun of his interests also annoyed me…. (Keep in mind that I know people like Howard… so that is why he got under my skin so easily.) You like magic… just sit down. Raj was just the character that was never allowed to have anything good happen to him in his personal life. SMH. Sadly, I expected it… It was a great show but they really dropped the ball on this. Not to mention the number of racist stuff that is said to him… SMH.

Anyways… I still loved the show… and I rewatch it from time to time for a laugh. There are a few people that the characters remind me of. It is sad to see it go. But it was never going to last forever. I’ll just leave some gifs as a remembrance.

He scared the shit out of me…. Bazinga!
Look at my favorite, slightly lopsided bromance.
“We are here to apologize to Koothrappali, not kill Batman.”

If you have thoughts or comments…. definitely drop them below.


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