North End Farmer’s Market

I have been looking to do any and everything since I moved to North Carolina. I drove past a large farmer’s market and I was determined to circle back and look around. It is part of my new for 22 clause. (Thanks to Ron Johnson.) So I decided to head out there this past weekend and look around. I am glad that I did. I was able to grab my camera and get some great shots of the artwork they have out there. Check out the website (

This was pretty cool. This was just walking into the place.

Thank goodness there was enough parking. I arrived shortly after it opened and I am sure that maybe I should have waited a little later. There was a lot that was not yet opened. So if I had waited a little longer there would have been more opened to the public but I enjoyed stretching my legs. So enjoy some time to get some of the snapshots I got while there.

I find myself wondering how these artists get to work on these walls. I also wonder how they decide what the finished product s going to be. Just questions that float though my mind.

It was easy to navigate but the website has a map that you can use… And there is a directory when you get in with all the shop.

This one was bright. I enjoyed it.

There is a lot of eateries and places to get alcohol and coffee from what I saw walking around. None of them were opened but I am putting it on my list of things to try.

Be Kind. Always remember.

I am so proud of the shots I am taking on this camera… It was definitely fun learning which lenses do what. Good times.

Statements are being made. I enjoyed this a lot

Flight of the Bumblebee
Apparently… It does.

They actually have a playground for the kids which I think is a great addition.

I will have to come back and find out what is behind these doors. I will drag Leah along.

Not sure what to make of this one.
I wonder if this is someone the artist knows.

Seems cool to be up somewhere in the city. Good times and great artwork.

This was such a large space and it was fun to try to hunt down the graffiti (Street Art.)

I was enjoying this too much.

What do you see here?

I had to switch lenses at some point lol. That was fun. But definitely worth it.

This one seemed fun and colorful. The faces are so full of expressions.

This one seems chaotic.

You guys should tell me what you see in this one above. I want to hear from you.

I want to call this “Giving Hands”

Definitely needed a better lens for more pictures.

This is pretty cool. The colors mix together.

Hmmm interesting.

I thought this was pretty cool. Would have liked more color.

A boy and his dog.

It reminds me of those movies with real people interacting with animated characters. I liked it.

Loving the crown and color.

This one I found funny.

It looked like they were setting up to play a set so this was where I could get the mural before they finished. But I know a place to go if I want to hear a live band. (Two Thumbs up.)

This one is my absolute favorite.

Do good… Be Good.

I learned something here.

So it was fun to look around. Next time I will go a bit later when more shops are open to get a better look at the layout. I will drag both my sister and Leah. It was a nice quiet day and a fun way to spend time. I recommend it to anyone looking to pass the time.

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