Gearanime Strikes Again

So… I ordered several pairs of shoes from gearanime before. But somewhere in my mind I thought it was a fluke. I have a love for themed clothes and this is no different. (It is probably why people think that I am younger than I am.) I loved what I got the first time… So I tried it again. I write this blog because not enough people know about gearanime… Sadly there are a lot of knockoff sites. Many people think that it is a scam. I bit the bullet the last time. This time I knew what I was getting. Go see the last post about Gearanime.

So this time around, I stayed away from the skateboard shoes. I knew what worked last time and I jumped in there adding things to my cart willy nilly. Gearanime for their part have added knew shows on the list to choose from. I was like a kid in the candy store. So let’s get to my haul this time.

  1. Vinsmoke Sanji Raid Suit Sneakers – I have a love for Sanji and his raid suit and here is where I get to show it off. It looks just like the picture. I will say… they should invest in sending shoes in more than one box and cramming all of the shoes that I ordered in the same box and creasing the toes.

  2. Sanji Sneakers Custom One Piece Shoes – Sanji is back in a number a little more subdued. I just needed some black and whites. I will probably get a lot more use out of these since I don’t wear a lot of yellow.

  3. Roy Mustang Sneakers – Roy Mustang is another favorite. My last haul with Gear anime… I thought about the Roy Mustang Skateboard shoes… but there was too much white there. Gearanime stepped up their game and added some high tops, in blue… My favorite color.

  4. BNHA Three Musketeers Sneakers – I couldn’t choose between the guys on MHA so I got a shoe with them all. Black is fitting and it matches most of my shirts. (I really need to branch out and do more than black lol. ) These were the most impacted by the packaging. The was a lot of bending and creasing in the toe line. But I was able to take care of that.

  5. Izuku Midoriya Musketeers Sneakers Air – I thought it was time to get a different type of sneaker. I haven’t sneakers like these in a while. The came in a separate box and it made all of the difference when it came to feeling cramped and creased. Again looks just like it was advertised. I obviously have a thing for hightops lol

  6. Shoto Todoroki Musketeers Sneakers – I have been meaning to get some Todoroki sneakers. So I got some more of the same style and I was not disappointed.

So not a bad haul. But there are things that you need to remember when ordering from gearanime. 1. Measure your feet and use the size chart. There will be NO refunds if you get the size wrong. So it is very important that you use their resources for finding sizes. 2. I have a narrow foot… and these shoes fit fine for me. That is something to take into consideration. These sneakers are also pretty flat. They are durable but if you looking for arch support then these aren’t for you.

So I am happy with my purchases. Definitely try out gearanime if you have the chance. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Nice blog! Shoes are 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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