Never Have I Ever (Netflix Series)

So Leah strikes again. I really need to stop asking her for recommendations because I get hooked on the show and she never finishes. The loser. (Love you! Mean it!) LOL. She did the same thing to me with One Tree Hill and Big Bang Theory. So you know it is to be expected. She told me it was written/created by Mindy Kaling… and that was really all I needed. Good times. Who didn’t love The Mindy Project. If you didn’t, then this post really isn’t for you….

So I love YA drama. My high school life was pretty boring.

Never Have I Ever is a coming-of-age comedy-drama television series starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. Though it takes place in the San Fernando Valley, the show has been reported to be loosely based on Kaling’s childhood experiences in the Boston area. It premiered on Netflix in 2020… and helped hold my attention during the pandemic. But I mean… I legit watched all 10 episodes of season 1 in one sitting. They are only 30 minutes. GOSH!!! The story centers around Devi Vishwakumar, a 15-year-old from Los Angeles. After her father, Mohan, dies suddenly, Devi loses the sensation in her legs. This happens due to the psychological trauma of the event and she is unable to walk for three months. However, one day she miraculously recovers and stands on her legs, in an attempt to see her crush Paxton Hall-Yoshida. After having a socially horrible freshman year, she wishes to change her social status, but friends, family, and feelings do not make it easy for her.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season holds an approval rating of 95% based on 59 reviews, with an average rating of 7.80/10 while the second season holds a 94% based on 30 reviews and an average rating of 8.30/10, with the third season having a rating of 95% and an average rating of 8.70/10 based on 20 reviews. Mic drop Kaling. So needless to say… Leah knows how to pick a show. So let me drop some of my favorite or OMGOSH moments from these 3 seasons… Let’s get into it. As always spoilers ahead….

  • Devi’s Father Dies – So maybe I didn’t know what the show was about to begin with. But let me tell you I was UNPREPARED!!! I mean I was a whole 2 minutes into the show. When they say suddenly… that is an understatement. It doesn’t help that Devi’s parents are having an argument about her just before his death occurs. Her mother doesn’t seem to get her… And her father was understanding and the bridge between the two. His death is huge and both Devi and her mother have a long road ahead of them.

  • When Devi proposes hooking up with Paxton. ARGH!!! What was she thinking??? Actually… It isn’t far fetched but still. I knew I was in for a chaotic season when it started out like this. And then Paxton is just like… Sure okay. Sir what? The whole exchange is cringeworthy. I had to pause several times just to get through this. Paxton is super silent through most of her blabbering… I couldn’t handle it.
  • Devi’s Mom decides not to sell the Scooter – I understand as an adult dealing with the loss of a loved one… It is complicated and has many layers. That being said… 16 year old me would have reacted like Devi. It is hard to get rid of my own stuff and I can’t even fathom giving away things that belong to a gone loved one. As an adult, I don’t think Devi understands how hard it is for her mother has well. I was glad she decided not to sell. I am glad that she decided to relive old memories by taking the two-wheeler out for a spin.

  • Paxton and his little sister – Devi accidentally stumbles onto Paxton sister… who for some reason he wants to keep hidden away. That reason is revealed pretty quickly. His sister has been being picked on even though she is awesome… and to make matters worse she is picked on by even people they called friends. I mean people are stupid. What can you do? I’ll tell you what you can’t do… Tell your sister never to interact with people. Calm down overprotective daddy. My favorite is that she usually tells him about himself which is great.

  • Coyotes –  In her father’s old garden, Devi sees a coyote who picks her father’s tennis ball up, leading her to believe that it is her father’s reincarnation. Devi attends a party where she sees Paxton flirting with Zoe and gets drunk in response. Intoxicated, Devi sees a coyote outside and talks to it, believing it is her dad but gets attacked on her arm. (Dad wouldn’t do that.) You can’t help but feel bad for Devi here. Paxton takes her to the hospital. Later, he affirms their relationship’s platonic nature and starts following her on social media. 

  • College Admissions – Goodness Gracious… I loved this scene… Maybe a bit too much. At a Ganesh Puja celebration held at the high school, Devi’s mother Nalini asks Devi to smooth-talk Ron, a college admissions advisor. He is there because he is married to someone they know… But like… I really wondered why someone would be married to him. Ron asks Devi to use her father’s death and her temporary paralysis as a story to get into college to stand out, but she refuses. I loved the way she tells him about himself. What a bum.
  • Model UN – Devi joins Model UN to escape Nalini’s punishment and fuels the lie that she and Paxton are sleeping together; another girl on the bus overhears her and spreads the rumor. She and nemesis Ben join forces to get the members alcohol. And they seem to be bonding… Do I like Ben? Do I hate him? Who knows honestly. The next day, Devi turns against him in UN for accidentally spreading the rumor to the other members, and gets them to stand alongside her. 

  • Ben All Alone – Many of the scenes in the show are super cringeworthy. While Ben seemed to be just a jerk… there are more layers to him… and everyone. Ben is a perfectionist who cares a lot about school and his grades. Ben, Shira and his father have a Clippers game planned, but the day of the game at school Shira tells him that she forgot and made other plans. Walking through the halls he sees Trent and Marcus and asks them if they want to go with him and his father, but they don’t accept the ticket, because they don’t want to go with him. Home sitting at the door waiting for his father he gets a text from him saying that he’s not going to make it to the game. He was surprisingly sad after the text. Because his father cancelled, he gives the tickets to Patty to take her sons. Goodness… I know that feeling. Things go from cringe to sketchy. TheRealPickleRick69 asks him on Reddit to join him at North End Pizza. When he enters North End Pizza he sees a grown up man, who he thought was going to be younger. Sitting at the table he tells Rick that the setup feels sort of sketchy to him and was going to leave, after Rick tells him that he has no one to talk to about his cartoons. Ben is strangely moved by Rick telling him his story and sits back down. Taking a pizza to eat, he tells Ben that the pizza is hot and to blow slower and slower on it. Realizing that something is wrong, Ben leaves. (I was screaming… RUN BEN! RUN!) SN: Do not meet random strangers on the internet.

  • Kamala’s Arranged Marriage – Kamala… She has to be my favorite character. Devi is not all that nice to her. It is probably jealousy. Kamala is Devi’s cousin who moved in with them a little while after Mohan’s death. She’s doing her PhD at Caltech and is incredibly smart but is mostly known for her stunning looks over everything else. She is brilliant. But her family wants to move here into a marriage. She is secretly dating a man… which she doesn’t share with her family because he is Asian. I was so pulling for them… But alas. She breaks up with her secret boyfriend to honor her parents’ wishes and have her marriage fixed.She ends up having to meet the family before meeting the man. And it feels stressful just watching it. It’s almost like a job interview where Kamala needs to show that she can be a traditional housewife who knows her way around the kitchen and can take care of the household. (What is the man supposed to do?) Kamala is brought face to face with another woman who was shunned by her community for marrying for love outside her community, and even the woman tells her it’s a bad idea to do things out of love. Kamala’s suitor is a smart, modern man named Prashant, and the more she gets to know him, the more she warms up to the idea of an arranged marriage.

  • Nalini wants to move back to India – Can you really blame her? Her husband passed away suddenly. Her rocky relationship with her daughter has become more rocky. She needs help from her family. Devi doesn’t want to go! Shocking. (16 year old me did not want to move either. ) Devi moves out and in with Ben… (WHERE ARE BEN’S PARENTS???)  Nalini visits her on Mohan’s birthday and asks her to spread her father’s ashes with her, but she refuses, thinking it is a ploy to move her. Ben, concerned at her actions, urges Fabiola and Eleanor to help Devi and they reconcile their friendship. (Devi wasn’t the best of friends… She is dealing with trauma but she is more interested in Paxton than her friends. Teenagers need to work on being great… hormones and brains not fully developed and all that.) Devi is encouraged to go to Malibu, but she has no means of transportation, so Ben drives her. At the beach, Devi encounters John McEnroe who helps her find her family. Devi, Nalini, and Kamala spread Mohan’s ashes and she agrees to move back in with them. This seen made me cry… Like mother and daughter need a break… and to mourn.

The way season ended had my feeling some type of way. Ben and Devi… Paxton and Devi… WHAT WILL HAPPEN?? Luckily for me… I didn’t have to wait long. Season 2 hit shortly after… and I had to prepare myself for the cringe. But I jumped right into it and spent my day with Devi and her family. The drama did not dial down. So let’s get to Season 2.

  • The Ben/Devi/Paxton – Season 1 ended with Ben and Devi kissing and this one starts with Paxton showing up at her house afterwards. (It’s raining men.) However, no one in this situation is mature. So DRAMA. They agree to have a date at his house which leaves Devi indecisive about whether to date him or Ben. (Because his dates all involve his friend Trent.) At Eleanor and Fabiola’s behest she decides to break up with Ben but fails to do so and ends up dating him. However, she decides not to date Paxton after their first date goes awry. Despite this, she gets back together with him, meaning Devi is dating Ben and Paxton at the same time. (THIS IS A BAD IDEA. Her friends do tell her this.)

  • It All Falls Down – I said this was a bad idea. I SAID THAT DIDN’T I??? SN: Devi doesn’t listen to me or anyone. Devi plans to throw the ultimate party and invites only Paxton because of his fake ID, so he can bring alcohol. Eleanor accidentally invites Ben too, and they both find out that Devi is dating both of them. Paxton angrily leaves, and Devi follows him into the street, where Paxton gets hit by a car. (You should have heard the way Leah screamed… Because she really didn’t see that coming. I won’t talk about how I violently jumped. One of the things that floats through my mind… (Devi ran after Paxton… To explain… She didn’t stay with Ben. And that is not going to bode well.) The way I cringe when Devi says “If I were a guy… You guys would be praising me.” (On some level… That may be true. But it doesn’t mean that it gives anyone a pass or isn’t shitty.)

  • Nalini wants to move – Whilst planning to move to back to India, Nalini tries to sell her patient roster to Dr. Chris Jackson, a prominent but arrogant dermatologist. However, she coldly gets rebuffed. Nalini still wants to move with Devi to India, as she doesn’t feel at home in California feeling she needs family support. She heads home to visit and her parents seem to have a lot going on and have no interest in helping her when she gets back if she she does come back. Mohan’s mother tells her there is no reason to return. Instead she brings her mother-in-law Nirmala to her house as she believes her mother-in-law should be where Mohan lived, whilst also believing she could offer the family the love and support they needed to go through tough times. I agree that she feels alone and I thought this was a great move.
  • Poor Kamala – But as a woman we have all been there. I would like to pretend that isn’t the case but obvs…. Kamala gets the opportunity to work under a very accomplished member of Cal-tech but instead, she has to deal with his assistant Evan. Evan doesn’t take her seriously at work and makes her do all the grunt work. He is a sexist tool. When she brings up these issues with Prashant, he tells her to just keep her head down and work through it until they get tired and stop. This pattern is seen recurringly throughout the season where Kamala is not being respected by her bosses and when she tells her Prashant, he brushes it off as not that big of a deal. UGH….

  • FALLOUT – Things land where they may. After the chaotic party, both Paxton and Ben avoid Devi. (I mean… We knew this was coming.) Paxton is shown with a broken arm, preventing him from participating in sports, which ends his entrance into college with a swimming scholarship. I mean… He needs to have actually been doing schoolwork. It is not that he isn’t smart… He just doesn’t try. We all know a person like that. For revenge, he makes Devi do all of his homework (AND SHE AGREED!!!… I WAS SO FURIOUS….) until his sister and a visit to his grandfather convinces him to stop acting coldly towards her. He then reconciles with Devi. Devi then tutors him, and Paxton passes an exam in the process. 

  • Eleanor’s Abusive Boyfriend – OMG. Eleanor… Run away. He is not dreamy… He is a jerk. Period. But it is an interesting glimpse at how easy it is for anyone to fall into this trap. Eleanor dated Oliver until she kissed her childhood crush and classmate, Malcolm. Not the best… I am not sure Eleanor gave the relationship a chance… But I didn’t feel like they meshed well. So Malcolm it was… But Malcolm wore thin on me quickly. Malcom has shown signs of being a toxic, controlling boyfriend. He is arrogant and narcissistic. He is a manipulative guy because he gaslights Eleanor into thinking that her friends were consistently trying to break him and Eleanor up. In actuality… He was a controlling jerk. Devi alongside Fabiola find out that Malcolm is cheating on Eleanor and stage an intervention for her. However, Eleanor gets back with him and scorns her friends after Malcolm makes an excuse. (She made a lot of excuses for him.) He breaks up with Eleanor just because his arrogance got damaged by Fabiola and Devi’s suspicions, telling her it happened due to her friends’ “toxic feminism.” She was better off… And the tool broke up with her in a text message.

  • Why can’t Devi be great????– There is a new girl in school… another Indian girl who Devi perceives to be everything she is not… Cooler, prettier and everyone likes her… No one thinks new girl is crazy. Things get smoothed over after they have a sleepover, and Devi and Aneesa get acquainted. They sneak out in the night where they meet up with a few boys including Ben and Malcolm, Eleanor’s crush. Devi gets a nose ring on a dare by Ben, who gets a tattoo, only later revealing that it isn’t real, in revenge. The next morning when Nalini discovers Devi’s nose ring, Aneesa covers for her. (It almost lulled me into a false sense of security. Like… Okay she needs a new friend. This is good. NOOOOOOO!!!!) Jealousy does rear its ugly head. To boost her PE grade back to an A, Devi is forced to run a 24 hour relay. Devi realizes Ben and Aneesa will be together the entire time. Paranoid, she constantly tries to separate them by forcing the other to run the relay lap. (She could have spent her time apologizing to Ben… Or understanding that since she messed up their relationship that Ben is allowed to move on but alas teenagers grow and learn.) After she sees them going into Trent’s tent assuming they will have sex, Devi spreads a rumor that Aneesa has anorexia. (Why Ma’am?) After seeing a distraught Aneesa and finding that she in fact does have anorexia and that she transferred to Sherman Oaks High School because of being humiliated for it, Devi leaves the relay feeling guilty about her actions but doesn’t confess to anyone. After spreading the rumor about Aneesa’s anorexia, Devi desperately hopes not to get caught. However, when Aneesa reports the rumor to the principal, she and Devi are enlisted to investigate who spread the rumor. Devi frames Zoe and Shira for spreading the rumor but later confesses out of guilt and consequently gets suspended the next morning at school.

  • Kamala fights back. – She has been struggling to be taken seriously at her workplace. She first thinks that by going out after work with her coworkers that it will smooth things over. It was enraging to watch some her have to navigate these things just to be taken seriously in a field where she is smarter than the male counterparts in charge. Kamala finds out that Evan has plagiarized her discovery and has credited everybody on his new article draft except for her. (So much for getting along with coworkers.) Using advice she received from Devi and Setseg, a fellow scientist, Kamala puts her name on the article and stands up to Evan who can’t do anything but stand there like a bumbling idiot. It was glorious. I was in the feels.

  • Paxton has a glow up. An angry Paxton tells Devi that he failed his quiz and that she should’ve been there to help him. Enraged, Devi tells him that he needs to be a better student. (Sir!!! WHAT??? I WANT YOU TO BE GREAT!!! GO FORTH…) Listen… I get that she hurt him and should apologize… SHE SHOULD NOT BE DOING YOUR HOMEWORK. Alas… He seems to get his butt in gear. Paxton helps debate whether or not Daisy Buchanan was responsible for the murder of Jay Gatsby. He is on the winning team… But he feels inferior to Ben who has wonderful orator skills. (Who’s shocked? Not me.) Like we all see why Ben was the other guy for her. Paxton, taking Devi’s advice about not relying on her for good grades, brings his grandfather to explain his experiences in Japanese internment camps, for his extra credit assignment in Facing History. (I loved this… and his relationship with his grandfather. Apparently, his grandfather refused to talk about it to anyone. But he agrees to help Paxton out.) That night, he sneaks into Devi’s room to make out with her, but calls her “pal” the next day. UGH… 2 steps forward and 1 step back… They are trying to kill me.

  • Aneesa and Ben – Now look… I get that Ben wants to move on… and that he may be into Aneesa… However… I am not sure that sitting in your ex flings house flirting with your new crush (her friend) is appropriate. Devi gave permission… and I don’t feel like Aneesa needed her permission but the PDA on my couch seems like a lot. We are supposed to be working on a project. Maybe you can wait to suck face until you leave my house. 2 points for Nirmala though.
  • Nalini and her love hate relationship with her rival – I was all for it. But I knew it was going to be difficult for both her and Devi. It is hard to move on especially after losing someone close to you. Her interests comes in the the form of fellow dermatologist Dr. Chris Jackson. Dr. Jackson has his own product line, he does a lot of cosmetic work, and his office looks like a spa, whereas Nalini thinks that’s undignified for a medical office. I sympathize with Nalini. While I do not have any children to look out for, I figured that Nalini doesn’t have a lot of adult dating experience. (I understand girl.) I think her and Mohan have been together since they were young so this thing with Dr. Jackson is super new. Dr. Jackson puts her into his mailing list much to her annoyance. She continues to be rivals with Dr. Jackson, until they attend the retirement party to her professor’s party, where she learns he is a good person. Nalini becomes good friends with Dr. Jackson, soon after she asks parenting advice from him after she learns how Devi bullied Aneesa. Chris’ advice works bringing Devi and Nalini closer than ever, as Devi considers her a hero now. However, when Devi figures out that her mother may be seeing someone…..she reacts badly. SMH. (Devi… let your mother be great.) She breaks soon after seeing how Devi didn’t accept them and how she couldn’t move on from Mohan so soon. I wanted something great for Nalini but maybe it is too soon. The fallout with Devi is large and dramatic. I should have been prepared. That night, Devi takes Kamala to his house to spy on Nalini and Chris but gets caught. Nalini scolds Devi and returns home with them. After Nalini breaks up with Chris later, Devi berates her for her actions. However Nirmala slaps her and tells her that it is her mom’s decision. Afterwards, Devi comes to terms with her feelings and is diagnosed with psychosomatic weakness. by Dr. Ryan. Nirmala helps Devi and Nalini reconcile and the two watch a videotape of a pregnant Nalini with Mohan deciding what Devi’s name will be. 

  • Paxton… I just want a DAXTON endgame!!! – However, Paxton (and all of the teenagers… have made me a little annoyed…. And it is mostly because I am unsure of how I would react in the same situation…) Unsure of her relationship status with Paxton after being called “pal”, Devi asks for Eleanor and Fabiola’s advice. With their recommendation, she asks Paxton to the winter dance but gets rejected. When Devi has an emotional breakdown, Ben, who saw Paxton’s rejection, consoles her. Paxton doesn’t want people to know that he still wants her after she cheated on him… But I mean shit or get off the pot. With Ben’s, Fabiola’s and Eleanor’s encouragement, Devi breaks up with Paxton. After Trent asks Eleanor to dance, a lonely Devi decides to leave but Paxton shows up to win her back. (He hits her with his car…. I mean that happened too much in this season. Can people not drive?).  tells Devi he’s there as her boyfriend. They reconcile and dance in front of an astonished crowd. When Ben reacts negatively, Eleanor apologizes for convincing Devi to date Paxton and assures that her feelings for him were real, to his dismay. 

Season 2 ended with my OTP… I loved it. Poor Ben though. He looked so distraught. Also there was Kamala Runaway Briding it. I knew there was going to be fallout from that and I could not wait to see it. So I was hellbent on seeing Season 3. Apparently, I don’t use Netflix enough BECAUSE I TOTALLY MISSED IT. But I sat down and caught the 10 episodes in 1 day.

But anyway let’s jump into season 3.

  • Kamala’s fallout – So Prashant is sitting at dinner with his family. Nalini and Nirmala are there. Kamala is not. She got overwhelmed and ran off and ended up with Devi’s teacher, Manish singing karaoke. Fast Forward to dealing with her family. Prashant decides it is best for them to break up, much to Devi’s grandmother’s dismay. Nirmala first uses the silent treatment on Kalama. Nalini has to step in to try and smooth things over. But Nirmala is firm in that Kalama has embarrassed her and the family. She urges Kamala to speak to Prashant and try to win him back… but he isn’t trying to hear it. (I can dig it. I understands her reservations but says that e is ready for marriage and wants a wife that is ready as well. Shoutout to Kamala for letting him know that his work advice was trash.) They agree that breaking up was the best thing to do. Sorry Nirmala.
  • The Devi/Paxton Thing – Since this is high school, Devi and Paxton are the talk of the town. But it doesn’t take long for Devi to get her own head. Some times we are our own worst enemies. It doesn’t help that there is a rumor that Paxton is only with her because she puts out. Typical high school. But Devi can’t shake the feeling. Given the advice by Dr. Ryan, Devi realizes that being in a relationship will not solve all her problems. After a confrontation with Zoe, she realizes that Paxton might not stay in a relationship with her if she doesn’t have sex with him. After a conversation with Kamala, she realizes she is not ready to lose her virginity and Paxton supports her as well. Contrary to what people think… He is not all sex all the time. But she really should have spoken up sooner.

  • Devi and the Troll – Thank Goodness social media became a thing after I got out of school. It was hard enough for me as it is. Devi discovers that she has a troll who warns her about Paxton’s intentions. Paxton doesn’t seem too fazed about it. He claims he ignored the trolls that try to talk to him about Devi. (O_o what?) Devi continues to get messages from her anonymous troll. After some digging, she realizes her troll is one of Paxton’s exes from the orchestra club. Hayley warns Devi to get out before Paxton hurts her. Hayley claims they were friends from an early age… but once they had sex… He stopped talking to her. (Goodness gracious. I just want Paxton to be great. Devi brings up to Paxton that he needs to apologize to Hayley. After some back and forth… he decides to do so…. Which leads to an apology tour where all the girls he has wronged before want an apology from him. Hayley and Paxton rekindle their friendship… and everyone seems happy again.

  • Nalini gets a “Friend” – This one hit close to home because I have been in a situation where people appear to be friends but they really just like feeling superior for whatever reason. Nirmala hosts a party to find a new fiancé for Kamala. During the party, Nalini makes acquaintances with a nutritionist named Rhyah while Kamala decides to date Manish, to Nirmala’s disappointment. Things seem to start off well. But you can see Rhyah’s smugness early on. I really hoped it was nothing but more on that later.

  • Valentine’s Day– Man did I hate Valentine’s day. It was because I was always the odd person out. So I get how Devi is feeling. But hey she has a new beau…. and I been there too. Because now you with someone and it is hard to believe it… But I was shouting at the screen… Like BE HAPPY DEVI!!! On Valentine’s Day, a compatibility test reveals that Devi is compatible with Eric while Paxton is compatible with Haley, doubling Devi’s jealousy towards her. Later, Devi and Eleanor have dates with Paxton and Trent respectively for Valentine’s Day, but their perception of their boyfriends is damaged. Devi can’t get out of her own head… Due to her growing paranoia about the compatibility test, Paxton breaks up with Devi while Eleanor and Trent repair their relationship after revealing their insecurities to each other. I got Devi and Paxton for a total of about 5 episodes across all 3 seasons. Paxton saying he can’t love her until she loved herself dug deep in me. (

  •  Post Break Up /Enter Des– We have all been there… And some of us had a hard time bouncing back. Devi in her case is pushing through… Seven months after breaking up with Devi, Paxton has a new girlfriend named Phoebe, surprising her by the fast relationship. Trent asks Eleanor and Paxton to throw a birthday party for him and invite the entire school, but Devi declines an invite using her mother’s Navaratri celebration as an excuse. Paxton thinks she’s avoiding dealing with the break up… (And I was more than a little annoyed about that. Like I do have a life outside of you and I have other things going on. It has been almost a year. To assume that I am hung up on you… a bit big headed.) After Nalini learns from Rhyah that her son, Nirdesh “Des”, does not have any friends, she asks Devi to accompany him to Trent’s party to her dismay (Gotta love your parents voluntelling you to do something.) but she finds herself attracted to him after meeting him. (Take that Paxton!!!) I like Des telling her about herself to begin with but also offering to help her. (Paxton is that you I see jealous in the background?).

  • Ben has a breakdown – I was wondering when this was coming. It seems as though with no parent watching him… Ben spiraled out of control. (Andy Samberg is back.) Hoping to attend Columbia University to make his father proud, Ben ignores advice from Patty and Principal Grubbs about not working too hard. He was taking WAY TOO MANY CLASSES… and not eating properly. This is why kids need adults in their lives. Devi warns that he needs to slow down. But alas he has to be rushed to the hospital by none other than Paxton. He starts experiencing occupational burnout and feeling pain, the latter of which is caused by fecal impaction. The two actually bond… Ben has to have surgery to remove the impaction and with no adults around Paxton gets to serve as his over 18 bud. Ben helps Paxton on his college essay, the quality of which, impresses Principal Grubbs. Trent, noticing Paxton’s happiness, subsequently thanks Ben. After the experience, Ben takes the advice given and decides to work in moderation while improving his relationship with his father, who tells him that he is proud of him.

  • Kamala moves out – This was hasty and not the best decision. I wanted there to be understanding between her and her grandmother but Nirmala hates Manish. And he doesn’t win any points by not knowing anything about his family. Nirmala hosted a party to find a new fiancé for Kamala and when Kamala brings Manish… Nirmala is less than impressed. Particularly because he is “just a high school teacher”, doesn’t have any knowledge of his culture and seems like a giant kid. Kamala gets tired of trying to smooth things out between the two. Kamala struggles with Nirmala to gain the latter’s acceptance of her relationship with Manish.  Kamala moves into her own apartment but finds that she dislikes it. However, she stays after receiving encouragement from Nalini. (It is an apartment complex for child actors and their parents. The landlord is skeevy… and she gave him ALL HER MONEY??? What in the world?!!!) Later, Nirmala explains to Kamala that her disapproval of her relationship stems from her fear that Manish will be irresponsible just like her late husband. She wants Kamala not to have to do everything like she had to do. However, when Manish scolds Devi for cheating but decides not tell Principal Grubbs, that gains him Nirmala’s admiration.

  • The Devi / Des – Des seemed okay to me to begin with but there was something about him I couldn’t put my finger on. They seem to hit it off at the party… but several weeks after Trent’s party, Devi awaits for Des to reply to her text but he does not reply. Believing that her flirting skills are rusty, Devi attends a charity event hosted by the school’s drama club, hoping to improve. (That sounds as awkward and cringey as it is. Maybe it is more cringey.) Meanwhile, using advice that Ben gave her, Devi embarks on a relationship with Des after having dinner with him and Rhyah. (Sometimes people show you who they are… and you need to believe them but I am sure I would have dated him too.) They run around behind their mother’s backs. It is a shared experience for them. During a date with Des, Devi finds out at their schools’ respective debate teams will soon be competing against each other. Desperate for her team to win, Devi disposes of Des’ notes during a fire drill, allowing Sherman Oaks to win the competition. It did seem like his school was cheating and for some reason that was allowed. Des seems okay with the fact that she sunk to subterfuge to win. Later, Devi decides to send Nalini, Kamala and Nirmala away to watch Shen Yun so she can host a game night between her and Des’ friends to get closer to him. (She plans to get away with Des and have romantic enquirer.) However, the game night goes awry when Des’ friend Parker, begins demanding alcohol, forcing Des to leave until Paxton and Trent arrive with liquor. (Like really dude?) Despite this, Devi finds Parker damaging her father’s favorite tennis racket in the garage. (Who comes to someone’s house and starts breaking stuff up… no matter what his excuse is? His parents are getting a divorce and I know how difficult that can be… but still.) In her bedroom, Paxton consoles her but Des walks in on them and leaves with his friends, believing Devi is cheating on him. After seeking advice from Dr. Ryan, Devi’s repairs the tennis racket and searches for a place to hang it in honor of her father. She later reconciles with Des and they begin making out in his bedroom but Rhyah walks in on them. Rhyah, Nalini, Des and Devi have an open conversation about the relationship between the latter. To everyone’s surprise, Nalini allows Devi and Des to date as she considers him to be from a “respectable family”. You can tell… that Rhyah is not feeling it. She thinks her and her son are better than Nalini and Devi. (Insert Eyeroll.) Des and Devi are excited they don’t have to sneak around anymore and accompany Devi to her first band concert since her father passed away. (This information is lost on Devi until she sees a hallucination of her father in the crowd.) She has an anxiety attack which leaves her stuck on the bathroom floor. Rhyah finds her there and talks her through it like she cares… but later she tells Des to break up with Devi because she thinks Devi is a nut job. Des ghosts her again instead of just saying he wants to break up… (Because he doesn’t really want to but is a jellyfish.) Devi does find him and forces the truth out of him… and he gets an iced coffee shower for his troubles which Rhyah witnesses. She brings Devi to Nalini but after learning about Rhyah’s true feelings, Nalini terminates their friendship. Good Riddance Particularly to the fake friend. Des didn’t stand a chance.

  • Paxton finishes high school / Devi contemplates her next move – a dismayed Trent believes that his relationship with Paxton will end to due the latter’s acceptance of an offer to attend Arizona State University. However, with Eleanor’s help, he realizes that Paxton will always be his friend and reconciles with him. Devi is accepted into Shrubland, a school for competitive students due to being “academically gifted.” Her senior year could be great but I understand not wanting to be away from the familiar. After much hesitation and a tour of the school, she decides to go.  Disheartened, Ben convinces her to not attend which Devi misinterprets it as jealousy. After attending Paxton’s graduation, she realizes that she doesn’t need to travel far to fit in as she already does. After a heart-to-heart conversation with her mother, they both agree not to attend Shrubland. In this finale, Devi looks happy and like she has finally figured out that there are people in her corner that genuinely care about her. And she is starting to love herself. Ben and Devi who earlier talked about “1 free boink coupon” on their deathbed. At the end of the show Devi pops up at Ben’s home, handing him her boink coupon and the pair wordlessly understanding the proposition .

So these teenagers are pretty dramatic lives and it takes a lot out of me. But I have enjoyed watching the show flesh out these characters. I look forward to season 4… I wonder how things will be tied up for these characters.

  • What becomes of Ben and Devi’s relationship? What happened behind the closed doors?
  • How big of a role will Paxton play in season 4 now that he has graduated? How is he dealing with college life?
  • What is next in store for Manish and Kamala? Will there be a push for her to get married again in season 4?
  • Will Nalini get a real friend to hang out with? (I think she deserves it.) Will she revisit a romantic relationship? If so, how will Devi handle this?

I’ll need some serious closure on this. I am counting on you, Mindy Kaling. I am sure that she will figure out a way to give me the answers I need. I am doubting that Devi could end up with one of the boys… College is a transitional phase in life. The girls may be separating and I am preparing myself for that… But I am sure I will be in my feels when it happens. Anyway…. That is all.


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