See NC by Train

So it is hockey season. And Leah and I want to be out here in these hockey streets. But when traveling… most of the same things come up. Where are we going? What are we doing? How are we getting there…? We aren’t driving right? (Absolutely not.) I am at the age where if you want me to be somewhere out of state…. the best way is to figure out how we are getting around that doesn’t involve driving.

I hate the driving in new places. I abhor holding people up because I don’t know where I am going. (And that is going to happen anyway since I am going to be trying to find certain things.) I hate traffic… I have been ruined by Atlanta Traffic. I hate looking for places to park… wondering if my car is going to safe where I left it. (I actually had my car broken into while parked at work one time… Story about that another time.) I hate paying to park. Walking is just so much easier to me.

So since hockey season has started… and the nearest hockey team plays in Raleigh… And we (Leah and I) have a few games to get to. Can’t miss when Zibanejad and the boys come to town. But how to get there? Enter NC by Train.

He looks like he feels how I feel sitting in traffic. IT IS AWFUL.

Granted… NC does not have traffic as bad as that n ATL but I am not for it at all. So thank goodness there is a rail system that hits most of the major cities in NC. ( NC By Train provides eight daily passenger trains that stop at 16 stations across North Carolina – including nine in the busy I-85/40 corridor between Charlotte and Raleigh.

The Stations include:

  • Burlington
  • Cary
  • Charlotte
  • Durham
  • Fayetteville
  • Gastonia
  • Greensboro
  • Hamlet
  • High Point
  • Kannapolis
  • Raliegh
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Salisbury
  • Selma
  • Southern Pines
  • Wilson

I don’t know… I am a bit disappointed that this train does not go to Asheville. I feel like that is a fail. But, nevertheless, the train is the answer to my prayers. I can see Leah and I heading to the Carolina Hurricanes games. And it is cheap too. I think for us to get there… I looks like it will $27 a person. You know… ROUNDTRIP… Yall… And I don’t have to park my damn car!! Say Less.

So they offer a football train… to bring people into Charlotte to see the Panthers play which I know is super helpful to Panthers fans. It looks like it is only for certain games of the season… So check the listings before heading out. (

I do want to ask why there is no hockey train… Why not do a hockey sesh to Raleigh? Support the Canes? IDK. That is just me.

Anyways NC By Rail offers Share Fare… which helps you get a discount the more people you bring with you.

They also have a multi ride discount. Commuters and passengers who travel frequently between paired cities within North Carolina can take advantage of an NC By Train multi-ride pass, good for 10 one-way trips, at a discounted rate per trip. ​

So if you are here… or you come to visit. Try taking in a ride across the state. Those who have done this… let me know about your experience.


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