The Hookup Plan by Farrah Rochon

I finally got around to the 3rd book and this serious and just like the first two. I was not disappointed. I love it. This book seemed a bit wilder than the first two but not in a bad way. Let me tell you about my least favorite trope: I don’t like enemies-to-lovers. But I am not sure this qualifies as enemies to lovers. More on that later…

This book focuses on successful pediatric surgeon London Kelley… She has concerns about working at a county hospital and it being sold to a private company. It is definitely fun when this is something is illuminated in all three books. Usually when this occurs it becomes less about the patients and more about making money. London is totally against it. The issue is the hospital is having trouble staying in the black. There is not way the hospital can keep functioning the way that it is going. A job like London’s, she is increasingly stressful.

According to her friends Samiah and Taylor, what London really needs is a casual hookup. A night of fun with no strings. This seems an interesting idea in theory… but we know that it is all in the execution. But don’t worry there is a high school reunion that will make things as clear as mud. Who should turn up at the reunion but Drew Sullivan, her archnemesis. Now here is where shit hits the fan. It is revealed to us that London felt like Drew upstaged her when he arrived at her high school. She had the run of the school and she was the smartest until Drew gave her a run for her money. Needless to say London decides since she can’t stand him anyway there is no reason that they both can’t get off.

What London doesn’t know is that Drew has always harbored a crush on her. Since high school, Drew has made a name for himself. He is the man with the money. He used their academic sparring as a way to keep her around. London thinks there’s no harm in a one-night stand with her high school nemesis since they’re not likely to see each other again any time soon. Drew can’t believe all his fantasies are coming true. However, London believes she will never see him again but he knows his company is, in fact, going to be working hand-in-hand with London’s for the next month – which means they’ll actually be seeing plenty of each other. Luckily… He was good at what he does.

While London is not happy with the withheld information she is intrigued at the idea of Drew’s company being brought in and what ideas his company might have to save the hospital. It was fun to see him stump her with his first idea. She doesn’t have all the answers but with Drew… That’s okay. What I found to be interesting is Drew’s assessment of how the men in the hospital characterize London. By all accounts, she is brilliant. But for some reason that rubs the men the wrong way. They label London as being antagonistic. (Read: Black, and Loud.) Drew can’t understand why if she is so brilliant why she rubs them the wrong way. I know the answer.

Both of these characters have issues stemming from parents in different ways. London has a less than stellar relationship with her father. There is something about me picking up stories with main characters that have less than stellar parents. London’s father is no different. He is a narcissist in the weirdest way. Her issues with Drew stem from the need to make her father proud. And she can see the same issues rearing their ugly heads in her younger siblings relationship with their father. There is definitely a trigger warning when it comes to her father. Thank God she learns she doesn’t need his approval. In Drew’s case, he was having trouble letting go of his mother’s demise. He was building his empire and didn’t realize his mother was as sick as she was. Both Drew and London help each other through the parental issues they have.

I love the story. Just like in the 2 stories before it in the series. There is a lot of friend time. I loved my friend group feeling seen in this series. Samiah, Taylor and London hold each other accountable. And they give real advice. It is Samiah and Taylor that try to find the issue that London is having with Drew. Why is it wrong to want him? They also helped her figure out what she ultimately wants to do with her life after residency. Drew lives in NYC. How will life work?

I loved everything about the series. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars. Definitely need to read more from Farrah. If you have read this series, let me know your thoughts.


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